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Noah obeyed God by building the Ark, and he trusted God even while the rest of the world was rebelling against their Creator. As we look at our Western culture today, Christians see many similarities to the wicked days of Noah. Wickedness is increasing as people ignore the things of God and abandon His original created purpose for marriage.
Millions of human beings are being murdered in their mothers’ wombs – and it is legal to do so.
People increasingly worship nature rather than the God who created the world, just as described in Romans 1:18-23. Atheists are becoming increasingly aggressive and intolerant as they mock Christians and try to demonize those who adhere to the Christian faith. Members in our churches, including many Christian leaders, are compromising God’s Word in various areas and watering down its authority.
The government-run education system has eliminated the Bible, prayer, creation and the Creator God from the classroom. In fact, Romans 1 accurately describes our modern world, which is becoming more like Noah’s generation every day.
Ken Ham is the founder and president of Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum, and the soon-to-open Ark Encounter (July 7).

Last night, I finished reading Fight The Right: A Manual for Surviving the Coming Conservative Apocalypse, by Warren Kinsella.
As you can probably tell, it was written years before Canada’s new Prime Minister, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, won a landslide victory this fall. If the opposite is true of a Liberal, Trudeau thoroughly conveyed that message of positive progress and welcoming change, promising the legalization of weed and a whole new electoral system. Even better, as a relatively young candidate at only 43, Trudeau symbolized the message of change he wanted to get across. Much as the Conservatives tried to define him as a pot loving, irresponsible hoodlum, just not ready to be in charge, they were late to the party. Kinsella argues that time and again, politicians fail to get out the youth vote, making young people a huge, untapped proportion of the electorate. Not only that, but Trudeau openly embraced social media, frequently sharing what he was doing and hoping to achieve on Facebook and Twitter. But whatever the Liberals did, whether the picture they painted was true or not, it worked for them and today I’m looking forward to what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau does next.
Noah built the Ark just as God commanded, and then by faith he and his family went through the one door of the Ark to be saved from God’s watery judgment on a sinful world.
In America alone, around 58 million children since 1973 have been killed by abortion, making the Holocaust pale in comparison. Meanwhile, legislators and judges protect anyone who teaches the anti-God religion of evolution.

We need to take advantage of every opportunity to share the Gospel, warning people to repent before it’s too late.
After 10 years of Harper’s scandal ridden government, some would argue it was no longer possible to see the Conservatives as bastions of morality.
Young voters could put you in power, he says, if only you’d give them a reason to bother.
He ran his entire campaign based on the premise that he was meeting and listening to Canadians, young and old, from east to west, finding out what was important to them and committing to doing something about it.
Nativity scenes, crosses and Ten Commandments displays have all but been removed from public places. As in the days of Noah, the time will come when God closes the door of salvation and brings judgment to deal with mankind’s rebellion. As a result, God is withdrawing the restraining influence of the Holy Spirit on these rebellious countries, including the U.S. Many voters would have been through the same experience and probably understood his words and feelings at a gut level.

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