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In 1987, while I was finishing my Masters degree, a faculty member shared with me how he reads a book and saves time. I do twenty pages a day, five days a week, which allows me to read at least two books a month. When starting a book, read the front matter thoroughly—the introduction, preface, foreword, table of contents.
I have made up a set of note-taking symbols I can use to save space and time when I   write down my own thoughts in the margins. I have found the more I talk about the ideas in a book, the more I am able to keep them in my own mind. I have found great books are full of ways for me to change the way I live, lead and communicate.  So, I will transfer the great stuff (action items) to my “to do” list or to  a piece I am writing. Tim, thank you for these tips on not only reading more, but getting more from what we read! This past year, I followed the lead of one of our clients, Adam Faurot of Titus Sports in Tallahassee, FL who used it to tackle a special reading project, reading the Bible.
Being able to break a large goal down into manageable, daily chunks is an invaluable skill. If you're like most of our readers, you're committed to preparing the emerging generation for real-life opportunities and challenges. Hello, there!We are building a free shopping app that will help you get discounts on the products you like. Mike: Agreed, but wouldn’t an attractive person find an equally attractive person average?

Mike: Neanderthals need love too, I guess, but I joking aside I think the right side faces are average looking.
Good books can come from all sorts of places so I thought I’d share some of the ways I find the next books for my to-read list. When I first got back into reading lots only one source of these worked, the classics but I found as I read more and talked to others about what I was reading they started talking to me about similar books they’d read. If Goodreads fails me (which is rare) there’s also a lot of facebook groups that try and connect authors and readers together to help them find each other and help them find books as well as many pages which share ebook links daily of their recommendations. This will inform me about their perspective and their heart and their intent on writing the book.
Once you are very familiar with the author’s thinking, read the first two and the last two pages of each chapter.
I will use stars, triangles, dots, question marks, or even a ballot box if the content requires a decision or action. I like the David Mays idea – I think the highlight feature in Kindle or iBooks would make that process a lot faster!
Congrats being able to read through the entire Bible – that’s definitely an accomplishment!
But the truth is, you struggle with understanding why today's young adults think and act the way they do. You will be able to request a discount for any product you like, whether you found it online or in your feed added by another user. Books other people have read and raved about, old classics I was told about long ago and am only now getting around to reading and finally Amazon’s recommendations themselves.

It also helps you find books by the same author as you’ve already read and even get into contact with those authors too. Each January, I take a day to completely get away and decide what my plan for personal growth is; then I choose books that are suitable to be part of that plan. It allows us to hold each other accountable for our growth, our reading, our health, our work, etc. Each book flows from the author’s character and since you’ll be spending some time with her or him—it’s good to know them. Our Growing Leaders team has a book club, where team members take turns sharing brief reports on what they’ve read the last month. I can imagine doing it manually would be time-consuming but a great way to have all the best content available for review later. That's exactly why I wrote our new ebook, 7 Generation Z Statistics Every Adult Should Know.There's only one way to get it—by subscribing to our free email newsletter. All information should be titled (you may use more than one title and file it in more than one place). Thanks for sharing the idea about keeping your book reviews on your Kindle – that’s a great way to have the info handy whenever you want to share it with someone else!
There’s always a thread somewhere with authors offering free ebooks in exchange for your honest review.

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