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I am convinced the secret to the successful Christian life is a daily walk with God.  We know Church, Christian fellowship, good Christian music, good Christian books and Christian media are great, but a daily quiet time (a daily consistent reading of the Bible and prayer) will transform your life. I would like for you to join me this year in a daily quiet time as we challenge hundreds of students, parents and leaders to participate.  My goal is to challenge 1400 by 2014 to be a part of our Teen Quest quiet time challenge. Before we move on to the tutorial I would like to recommend you also take a look at my article on how to make a paracord handle wrap.
The reason I like this wrap is that it looks attractive and it is quick release, making it a nice survival wrap.
Firstly, take a piece of cord and fold it so the folded end is as long as your handle is (see the tutorial below).
To finish this project I also highly recommend shrinking the wrap in hot water and then rubbing wax onto it to make it more resistant to wear and sweat, as well as providing a better grip.
I promised a *spoiler-filled follow-up to the video review for The Hunger Games, as the ideas of identity and substitution can’t be fully discussed without wrestling key elements of the plot for the first film and entire trilogy. However, someone else in the series does sacrifice quite a bit, for a character whose worthiness may be considered questionable. Conversely, the humble Peeta, supplier of bread and life, is not someone Katniss respects at first.
Although his name sounds like a kind of bread and thus serve as a metaphor in one sense for the answer to Katniss’ ultimate hunger (beyond mere survival. Although not perfect, (as no human parallel can be) Peeta is the Christ-like figure in The Hunger Games, taking Katniss’ single act of loving substitution for a sibling to an even godlier parallel, demonstrating a long-suffering persistence for someone less deserving. My initial devotion to him manifest as simple necessity (as outward appearance) at best a tactical desire to escape the arena of hell, but lacking any genuine inward affection for the one who first loved me.
Eventually, realizing how much he sacrificed for me, Christ’s long-suffering brought me to humbled and willing relationship. It’s no surprise then, that our most popular fictions like The Hunger Games are the ones singing it back to God in close approximation. For an audio presentation on the film captured live at a film showing discussing these and even more themes, click here.
Game of Thrones depicts a cutthroat world driven by brutal self-interest and unabashed greed. Viewers of the Game of Thrones series will recognize the White Walkers who haunt the frozen north as windigo. The rather pathetic and incapable Samwell may seem an improbable character for such an act. Thought about in this way, the series is everywhere about the contest between self-interest and fellow-feeling, between individualism and collectivity, between hoarding and sharing.

Once you start to notice it, disability is everywhere in Game of Thrones, from Bran’s lame legs to Sandor Clegane’s scarred face to the amputations suffered by Jaime and Theon.
Game of Thrones looks like medieval fantasy on the outside, but on the inside it just might be a hardcore realist depiction of our own neofeudal present. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Forget digging holes or gathering materials for that all important trip to the end, this Diamond Steve just wants to sit at your desk.
The harsh world has built into her a notion of self-reliance, and a lot of mistrust (and much of this is sadly warranted). The show also boasts a growing number of disabled figures whose missing limbs and diminished abilities remind viewers of the violence it takes to get what you want. Tribes like the Cree and Ojibwe who inhabit the continent’s subarctic region traditionally experienced brutally cold and inhospitable winters, when the lack of game and other food sources led to starvation and death. If these are the icy figures implied in the title to Martin’s original book series The Song of Ice and Fire, then dragons are their fiery counterparts. But Samwell is perhaps the show’s most resolutely selfless character, who slowly gains a kind of virtuous nobility by continually choosing others (loyal friends, abused women, helpless babies) over himself.
Jaime’s evolving story suggests that it may be possible to travel from the former to the latter, but that the only route out of ice is through fire. In the end, these experiences of disability demand a collaborative redistribution that is critical to counteracting the ruthless competition, self-indulgent excess, and gluttonous greed that otherwise drives Westeros. If so, then the best antidote it has to offer to our own coming winter is a vision of community as an assemblage of partial selves, who depend on each other because they have to. You’ve made me think of how much the various patriarchs (or patriarchs-in-training) function as windingo. Steve is an 8 bit character in the virtual world of Minecraft where everything is about building and fighting off the evil mobs. The officially licensed vinyl figure stands at approximately 15cm tall and comes fully kitted in diamond armour along with the essential diamond sword.
Because it is made from a single cord, you can pull the cord directly from a hank or spool.
I suspect this is one reason Katniss Everdeen is such a relatable character to men and women, as we all tend to look inward and rely solely on ourselves, rather than God or anyone else, a cocktail of understandable past hurt, shaken with fear, but mixed with a self-destructive shot of pride.
He claims to have loved her since she was a child, and continues to desire relationship despite her flaws. Intentional or subconscious, it’s curious that Collins chose a word we would associate with both firm foundation and sustenance for our body.

But by the end of season three, disability begins to look like an unexpected resource for reforming a selfish world. Windigo are individuals who respond to such desperate circumstances by choosing to eat human flesh to stave off their own deaths.
Indeed, Cree and Ojibwe stories insist that the only way to kill a windigo is with fire, since its heart of ice can only be melted and destroyed by pouring fire down its throat.
It is Samwell, more than Jon Snow (or even Daenerys, the mother of dragons), who is the antithesis to Joffrey, the ruthless child-king everyone loves to hate. The simpleminded Hodor physically carries Bran on his back, while they are led topographically by the wilding Osha and spiritually by the seer Jojen Reed. They not only privilege individual over community they swallow the community as part of their royal egos. Although Diamond Steve sounds like some sort of rapper, it is actually our favourite 2D character in powerful diamond armour.
His head can fully rotate, with poseable arms and just enough leg movement to be able to make him walk. Peeta is grieved that her affections at first are simply for her own survival, actions for necessity, for results instead of relationship. Like Mockingjays responding to a masterful tune, our lives and love mimic the ultimate love song of our Creator and Lord. Having turned to cannibalism, they become gigantically tall and yet indescribably thin ice skeletons plagued by an eternally insatiable hunger and a relentless impulse to consume. The only White Walker death we’ve seen in the series is when Samwell stabs one with a piece of dragon glass he finds in the snow.
Joffrey’s cold-hearted selfishness is the internal version of the condition embodied externally by the cannibalistic ice zombies. This group is a ragtag bunch of misfits who create collectively what each might be missing individually.
In other words, windigo are those who choose the individual over the group, and short-term satisfaction over long-term survival. They represent, at least so far, the best alternative Game of Thrones has to offer to the windigo selfishness that haunts life within the castle as much as it does beyond the wall. In the later books he is tempted and tortured severely, and the character we know is even psychologically slaughtered, but Peeta’s love and character ultimately rise again to become the foundation Katniss will eventually build her life, home and hope upon.

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