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This pock Guide has 384 pages of how to survive in the wild in any climate on land or at sea.
This 5" x 3" book covers First Aid, Plants for Food, Building Shelter, Hunting and Trapping, Disaster Preparedness and many other topics.
A United States Navy SEAL is expected to be able to handle himself in pretty much any situation.
In the book, Mann goes over a wide range of topics, from training camp to disaster management, and everything in between. The Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide provides the essential knowledge that hikers, campers, canoeists, hunters, anglers, and anyone who spends time in the outdoors needs to deal with short-term survival situations. If you don't like your knife for any reason, you may return it to us within 30 days for a full refund. A STEP-BY-STEP, DON'T-OVERLOOK-ANYTHING WORKBOOK OF DIY PROJECTS THAT PREPARE HOME AND FAMILY FOR ANY LIFE-THREATENING CATASTROPHEThe preparation you make for a hurricane, earthquake or other short-term disaster will not keep you alive in the event of widespread social collapse caused by pandemic, failure of the grid or other long-term crises. The Prepper's Long-Term Survival Guide by Jim Cobb is a book that I greatly anticipated reading.In reading this book, I love the way that each chapter begins with the concept that the reader is currently dealing with a long term situation that coincides with the theme of the chapter. Most of that battle-hardened skill can’t be learned from reading a book, but whatever little you can learn from a book might be helpful. This handy guidebook will give you the knowledge to make it through any outdoor adventure, planned or unplanned.

Government pamphlets and other prepping books tell you how to hold out through an emergency until services are restored.
That opening in each chapter helps with the mindset needed to deal with the information that follows.Chapter 1 begins with some events from history and then lays out several probable, potential scenarios that could occur in modern times from pandemics to economic collapse.
With that in mind, there’s the new US Navy SEAL Survival Handbook by SEAL Team Six member Don Mann. Maybe you’ll find yourself in a tough situation somewhere down the road, and some piece of information from this book will help you get out of it.
The case is cogently laid out that whatever your concern, that right now is the time to plan for whatever it is that concerns you.Chapter 2 deals with the topic of water.
The human body can survive roughly three days without water after which our bodies start to shut down. From water procurement to filtration and proper storage, this chapter deals with all of the aspects of this precious resource.Chapter 3 talks about food and what types of food to store.
While this book is not the place for in-depth conversations about hunting, fishing and trapping, those topics are also touched on and provide some food for thought. Food preservation techniques are also talked about, including how to make a small root cellar-like storage area to keep food cool. The chapter ends with the topic of cooking and includes a section on making a simple solar oven.Chapter 4 is the medical chapter.

It talks about training and medicine and includes a comprehensive listing of a medical bag. It wraps up with some great information of common natural remedies.Chapter 5 goes into hygiene which is an oft overlooked area of prepping.
This chapter speaks about topics from proper human waste disposal to bathing to garbage disposal. While not too pleasant, it is an important area for which to prepare.Chapter 6 discusses clothing and the proper items needed for the tasks that will most probably be done in a post-collapse environment. Tools for basic repairs, tools for gardens and tools for various jobs around the house and property are covered. Overlooked topics such as protective safety gear and communications are also discussed.Chapter 9 deals with a topic that I admittedly have not heard a lot about when reading or talking about preparedness… entertainment. A lot of people think that the lone-wolf approach to survival is the way to go, but this drastically overlooks the necessity of having others and the diversity of skills and resources that that brings. This chapter also covers very practical ways for dealing with refugees.Chapter 12 ends the book on a high note, that is the hope that being prepared can provide.

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