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Business Communication: Basic Concepts and Skills deals with the basic concepts and practices of communication and their applications in the business world today. South Asia Books is representing most of the major Indian publishers, including Motilal, DK, Manohar, Abhinav, Vikas, Eastern Book Linkers, Rawat, and Satguru. South Asia Books, located at Columbia, Missouri - mid-way between St Louis and Kansas City, USA, has since its start in 1969 evolved from a supplier of rare volumes from India and Pakistan to the major supplier for India related monographs for bookstores, wholesalers, libraries, and individuals.
South Asia Books is known to be the best collection of books on South Asia available outside of the region itself! South Asia Books adds approximately 1,000 new titles annually, representing most of the major Indian publishers, including Motilal, DK, Manohar, Abhinav, Vikas, Eastern Book Linkers, Rawat, and Satguru.
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Effective Communication is an essential element in any type of human organizations, whether a family, business, political, religious or social.
Laxmi Publications is a privately held publishing company and is one of the leading publishers of Engineering, Computers, College, School (CBSE Board) and Children books in India and abroad.

The present-day global market demands employment-ready graduates with good communication skills. Its stock includes thousands of titles available for sale, plus thousands of other used and single title books, including a large selection of art history and language related texts. Integrity of open and dynamic communication can make all the difference in survival and growth of business organizations. It has following subsidiaries and imprints through which it caters to different niches of educational and professional books market.
Exciting new student resources, including a subscription to the Merriam Webster Collegiate website and an enhanced CD-ROM, allow students to practice and master concepts in fun and interesting ways. The book will help prepare students to meet this important requirement for jobs in the corporate world by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and technical know-how. Human Capital Index (HCI) provides a fairly comprehensive bench-marking tool for organizations to assess their best practices, including effective communication.
BBC attends to the dynamic, fast-paced, and ever-changing means by which business communication occurs by being the most technologically current and pedagogically effective books in the field.

India ranks high in HCI, yet it is well known that many organizations suffer because of lack of communication or bad communication.
This book 'Business Communication Skills' explains the fundamentals of effective communication in a simple manner.
It has exercises at the end of every chapter that reinforce the most important points taken up in it and also simple classroom activities to help initiate active learning based on real-life situations. 1 The Nature and Process of Communication 2 Types of Communication Section II: What Makes Communication Effective? S & Y BUSINESS STREET LLP is incorporated pursuant to section 12(1) of the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008.

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