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Benjamin Martin is speaking to a crowd at a Rally in town, trying to rouse support for the American cause.
Ben: I say if the elite who live on that island across the ocean want our money, they can come and take it from us by force.
Ben:  Well, I wasn’t talking about the Indian folk, we actually still have to conquer some of you guys and then assimilate whoever is left.  But we’ll be happy to take some of your women!  Now, everybody else, are you with me?  FREEDOM FOR ALL!!!!

Business man near the front: Actually, I read in the newspaper that the ‘Revolutionary Way’ only has a thirty percent approval rating and that seventy percent of the nation doesn’t want to sever ties with Great Britain. Ben (waving his musket in the air): Who cares about the majority?  What matters is what the landed gentry want.  We have the money, and we have the guns, so who’s gonna stand up to my musket?
When George Washington fought for freedom, he fought for the freedom to own and whip men like this.
Now lets go out there and stop those autocratic Englishmen from taxing your very own dictatorial rulers!

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