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After reading the instructions, it’s time to line up your thoughts to make an effective essay that will get you that scholarship. When you get a general idea of the essay contents, you can now make an outline of specific details that will be included in your composition.
Paying attention to details or instructions is actually part of writing the essay for a scholarship application. Although it is important that you include your achievements as this will help your scholarship application, however you only need to do this if you are asked to do so. To ensure that you are submitting an essay that will get you the scholarship, have an expert check your work. The third paragraph should speak of your future goals and your vision after pursuing a college degree.
End your essay by stating reasons why you are the best candidate to be chosen for the scholarship. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. Essay example that we will get the scholarship to organize your thoughts, make an outline, discuss every topic base on example. The style of a resume is in fact the primary which may force prospective employer to read your resume.
Learning an Aboriginal language has so many advantages that you could write a book about it. People have asked me the question: “You have talked about the importance of (learning) language, but is this possible considering the diversity and variability of the Aboriginal languages across Australia?
Yes, it is true there are many languages, and sometimes there can be several in the one community or region. The fact is, if we are going to communicate effectively then we need to be able to speak to people in a language they understand. I was forced to learn language when I arrived in Arnhem Land 40 years ago and I believe it should still be the policy today.
All Australians should learn an Aboriginal language, because as soon as you do, you also start to learn something about the Original Australian culture and worldview.
Attempting to learn also shows the people that you are different from most other dominant culture people. Learning their language also gives you a great opportunity to empower Aboriginal people because you can become the student asking them to help you learn.
Lastly, when you know one of the Original Australian languages, you will find when you go to other Aboriginal language regions, you will then pick up their language much more quickly because of the corporate knowledge you have learnt from your first experience. For details about the official language centres around the country visit the Our Languages website. There are also many other organisations out there doing work in different language regions. Born in Orange NSW and trained as a fitter and turner, Richard went to Arnhem Land in 1973 for one year voluntary work.
He runs ‘Bridging the Gap’ seminars and training workshops, and speaks at conferences and events.
Would want to learn a indigenous language myself, but living in Switzerland that would be quite difficult I guess.
If you visit the site, open up one of the modules and put your cursor over the top of the words. This is a site we are hoping to develop in to a whole online school for Yolngu people if we can get some backers. My mother and I teach interested people how to read, write and speak our language – Guugu Yimithirr belonging to the Hope Vale people. A Documentory exploring social and cultural injustice in Aboriginal communities, through the mouths of men & women from North East Arnhem Land, Australia. Students who spend more time reading and communicating, and less time thinking about grammar, feel more confident about English in the long run. This entry was posted in Grammar & Vocabulary, Skills and tagged English Grammar, English Study Skills, Study English in Vietnam by Hal. The main thing is, keep using English in ways you find fun, and your grammar will naturally improve, along with all your skills. I defitnitely agree with the ideas mentioned above and enjoy reading them thanks for your posts. About Language Link VietnamLanguage Link Vietnam (LLV) was established in 1996 – becoming a 100% foreign owned company in 2002. Your solid professionalism, natural confidence, accurate intuition, gifted communication skills, penetrating vision, supportive guidance, sense of humor, and inspired ability to seamlessly weave together the threads of various wisdom traditions and offer a consistent and reliable truth make your services unmatched in my experience.
You might actually get the feeling of doing the same thing over and over like answering the same question for the nth number of times. Make sure that every topic asked in the essay questions is discussed in the whole composition.
Even if you are in college, you are not expected to use highfaluting words, but rather make your sentences simple and clear.
An editor or a previous professor can help you improve and validate how excellent or poor your essay is.
This section includes more detail and usually the start of elaboration for every point or question. Goals have to be specific, and should reflect an action plan after your college graduation. It can be stressful and puts on a lot of pressure, especially when your future depends on this essay for a scholarship grant.

So always choose the best resume style for the years 2011 – 2012 while submitting your application for a job. Sadly, because of the way the dominant culture views Aboriginal languages, many of them are dying out and we are losing powerful academic concepts from Aboriginal languages that have never  been recorded. A fact not lost on the European Economic Community (EEC). Under the rules of the EEC doctors are not allowed to go and work in another county in Europe unless they can speak the language of the host country. In fact it was the one thing that has kept me here; once I knew a little bit of the language my relationships developed so fast with the people that I could not leave. Just the other day a medical doctor asked me could I explain in Yol?u Matha (the language of Yol?u people) what cancer was?
You will be seen as taking the peoples language and culture seriously and they will respond to you in a much more positive way. And along the way you will also probably teach them more English than the people who make no attempt to learning their language. You will also learn how hard it is to learn a language. When the English speaker asks for help it immediately empowers Aboriginal people, placing them in the role of teacher – something that does not happen very often. This can occur even if you are just visiting for a few days, or even just hours, you will be picking up their language.
Some include NGOs like Aboriginal Resource and Development Services (ARDS), Summer Institute of Linguistics, the Australian Society for Indigenous Languages and also some universities like Charles Darwin University. Since reading this advice originally in Richards book I have made a more serious endeavour to learn Djambupunu.
It is still a bit crude but is another example of how the people’s language can be used to teach English in a highly active and efficient way once the material is developed. I also believe there r 2 types of people, those who leave behind nothing and those that leave behind cultural heritage. I think he went there in the early 60s and surveyed many languages but spent only a short time with each group. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
When reviewing your writing, it is useful to look for errors: subject-verb agreement, word forms, prepositions, etc.
The more you read, the more the basic structures of the language get repeated in your brain.
Also, if you get any chance to speak with people in English, this practice will also develop your skills.
They give short explanations of most grammar points, followed by games and activities that will help you practice. I have started reading your blog for a few days and found that your writings are interesting and useful for learners who study English as a second language as me I’m eager to read upcoming posts Keep up your good work! He was very personable and I love that he openly welcomes extra counseling after the event.
From the thousands of college applicants aiming for a scholarship, how will you make your essay application stand out? No matter how similar college applications are, you have to read and understand the instructions well.
Have a sort of survey from resources that will help you fill in the contents of your essay. Having an outline is very helpful to keep your essay consistent and focused on a particular topic. Remember that you only have one chance of writing an essay that will make a lasting impression on your college application.
No matter how technical your vocabulary is but poor grammar is an indication of a lousy essay.
Do not forget to note your appreciation for the readers of your essay for taking the time to read your essay. Learning an Aboriginal language is one of the most useful tools you can use to help close the gap, but people often have many questions about why it is important and how to go about it. For many, this Aboriginal English has a grammar structure like their original Aboriginal languages that they cannot speak any more, so it is quite different to mainstream English. My response was, “No problem”, as I had done it over the phone for a female Yol?u patient just last week.
Even if you are working with Aboriginal people who speak an Aboriginal English, you need to learn some of their language if you want to have better communication. This might stop you joining the course of mainstream English speakers out there that tell Aboriginal people all the time that they, “should just learn English”. This has massive psychological benefits for people who usually have dominant culture people telling them how to suck eggs. This can give you a richer and more rewarding experience in a short time than if you had been there for years without learning the language.
I love the connection with little children that is possible with even a few words and sentences in their language.
The material also has a long life span and same material can be accessed by thousands of people at will. She mentioned her Gran talking about a man collecting a wide range of languages, taping them on an old reel to reel and then transferring to written form. Thank u so much for being my beacon of faith, as a Koori woman who is the first generation to be free from forced removal, slavery and abuse.
Tests appear to show whether students are learning, and they rank students in order, from best to worst. I’m not against anything that improves your confidence, but the result of confidence should be that you use the language more.

You say, “Last week I go Lenin Park.” The person you’re speaking with answers, “Oh, last week you went to Lenin Park!” You’ve just gotten a free grammar lesson! Some students worry so much, they never open their mouths…and this guarantees they will never learn. I have been teaching English since 1991 and working with educational technology since 1996.
With comfortable and well-equipped classrooms, modern resource centres, and a state-of-the-art IT system, the centres meet the daily requirements of over 8,000 learners of every age and background.
There are millions of essay examples over the internet but, you need to come up with an essay that will get you that scholarship.
If you want to land on a good school for college with a scholarship, everything starts with reading and comprehending the instructions. It is difficult to start writing an essay,  but with organized ideas, you can do it efficiently and effectively. However there are other groups of Aboriginal people in “isolated” areas that still speak and think in one of the Original Australian languages, and generally these Aboriginal people often understand several Aboriginal languages.
But in Australia people come to work in Aboriginal communities with no such requirement, where English and the Original Australian languages have no commonality whatsoever.
From the people’s point of view you cross the line from being just one of the dominant culture mass out there imposing an imported European language and culture on them to someone that is interested in them. You might even join us to push for good English learning programs and material for Aboriginal people to learn English efficiently and effectively. You will be told things that you would not otherwise hear, because you are now one of the small team of people who attempt to relate to the people on their terms. I will be advocating for Yolgnu to teach health practitioners a word a day at our morning meetings.
As this resource is online individuals can work whenever they have a chance, at their own pace and according to their level of prior English language knowledge. She thought he was a surveyor and that he was going to provide the languages to the National Library but this didn’t happen. This is an area of interest for me, as to try and work out the best way to support this group of students. When you study grammar, you avoid communicating with another person, and this is why some people may know all the rules of a language…but still cannot speak it. Just be aware that knowing about a language is not the same as knowing how to use the language.
But this should be a small part of your study program; reading and communicating come first. I am the Blended Learning Program Manager at Language Link Vietnam and the Webmaster for this blog. She did not understand what cancer was, what the DNA testing was about, or what the treatment options were and how they might work or not. You don’t have to become an expert – very few English speaking people become truly proficient.
Even Aboriginal people who speak a form of Aboriginal English need well-constructed, open access, English learning programs. They will also find you can communicate better with them even if you cannot speak their language because you are beginning to see things from the perspective of an original Australian culture.
I have clarity, vision, a renewed strength and fire in my belly, thanks to reading of your journey. These people often have a common language that is understood across a large language region. So we waste opportunities for good or better communication to occur and then  blame Aboriginal people for things not working. And because there is a lot of confusion about this whole subject within her language group she was even being given misleading information by other Yol?u.
But it would be great if more English first language people would learn an Aboriginal language adding to the skill pool in that particular language region. I wondered with your experience in this field in the 70’s whether you may have know who this person was.
I refuse to be assimilated and believe the key to ending disadvantage n improving outcomes for everyone is through our culture. She was ready to go home and die. After a 20 minute conversation she had a clear picture right down to the DNA level. Her gran and pop were the last speakers of their dialect and she wanted to revive it for her children. I call us guardians of the old, those who treasure the essence of all that was before we all got so lost. We have no problem going down to a deep biomedical level in the original Australian languages. They are very powerful communication tools that are just being brushed aside because of what I believe is a neo-colonial mindset that is still very strong in modern day Australia.

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