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Kids book reviews, including book reviews of chapter books, novels, picture books, and non-fiction from famous children’s literature authors. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The San-Francisco-based scheme to create a huge searchable catalogue of information about every book in the world already has more than 23 million books in its system and draws information from 19 major libraries. In her last book, the short story collection Perfect Lives (2010), Polly Samson channelled a sort of bourgeois blues, taking the detail of middle-class life as her subject for scrutiny. Roger Priddy's passion for educating children through fun, informative and engaging books has led him to create some of publishing's most enduring and successful non-fiction early learning books. Few people are willing to admit they used a ghost-writer, cloaking their admissions in terms such as “I had help” or “[ghost-writer’s name]’s assistance was greatly appreciated” in interviews or even the book’s acknowledgement.
It’s easy to see why so many people are confounded and put off by the admittance of someone like Zoella using a ghost-writer. Zoella wasn’t offered a staggering advance by Penguin because her story was so awe-inspiring that it just had to be published: she got that money by being wildly popular and almost guaranteeing sales.
I keep going back to a quote from a leaked internal memo by former Disney CEO Michael Eisner –   “We have no obligation to make history.
HarperCollins Publishers announced today the inking of a new two book deal with best-selling author of the Divergent series, Veronica Roth. In her new novel, we first encounter Julian in a state of profound grief for both his lover, Julia, and their daughter, Mira. Roger lives in London and has three children, who have been the inspiration behind many of his best publishing ideas. Zoella] did not write the book Girl Online on her own“, with the name Siobhan Curham essentially confirmed as the real writer of the novel, much has been made about the act of ghost-writing and what it entails.

Ghost-writers themselves are also quiet about their involvement in the process, primarily due to contract stipulations. It requires the writer to go mostly uncredited and ignored as they take on the unique voice of another person (especially important for celebrity autobiographies) and write, often very quickly, a coherent and readable 300 or so pages that is a believable product of the named author. We like the myth of the starving artist who’s so driven by the love of their craft that they slave away for many years perfecting the story that’s been in their head forever. There are few things in publishing that are certain hits but celebrities and memoirs are more secure bets than others. She talks YA at The Book Lantern and has been known to talk theatre for The Skinny & Female Arts. We have fun with what we do but we also believe in the power of substantial criticism and serious discussion of the media we consume.Sometimes we write 3000 word essays on the metaphors behind a centuries old novel you may not have heard of.
It’s not a dark secret of publishing but it’s still something shrouded in secrecy to the casual reader. The idea of the million selling literary juggernaut is an increasing rarity so it’s no wonder that brand names are filling up the shelves.
Other times we make lists that are 50% pictures of pretty people with copious use of exclamation points. Most people are aware of their existence but are unsure of just how commonly used they are.
For others, the process is more upfront, with the ghost credited on the cover as a co-writer. To make money is our only objective.” It’s a bleak view of the world but let’s be honest here, it’s more truth than anything else, and it applies to publishing. They may have even read a novel written by someone different from the named author and not even know it.

James Patterson’s work is noted for this, along with many celebrity autobiographies and long-runring children’s series such as the Hardy Boys.
It’s wonderful when seeking profit creates something of artistic merit but it’s not the primary projective of Penguin or any other publisher currently plundering the world of celebrity for the next big book deal.
Katie Price is one of the few people who is entirely transparent about the process, admitting she possess neither the skills nor patience to write her own novels.
It’s the same reason why Twilight and 1 Direction fan-fiction is now fair game, and why the market is seemingly flooded with novels that are carbon copies of the same nine wildly popular novels.
Ultimately, 78,000 copies sold in one week will speak louder to Penguin than the disappointment and outrage of her fans. Ghost-writers aren’t the pariahs of publishing, but perhaps a little more transparency would ease the ambiguity for some readers. Julian puts himself under the microscope when, stoned in their college digs, he offers a sample to his friend Karl, a medical student who is researching motility in human sperm. Its characters take long soaks in the bath, tussle between the sheets, and loll in hammocks. This is a book to relax into, without worrying too much about whether the protagonists look like real people, or just look like the characters in novels.

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