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From a candid chronicle of his student days, going through the sniper course himself, to his hair-raising close calls with Taliban and al Qaeda forces in the northern Afghanistan wilderness, to his vivid account of designing new sniper standards and training some of the most accomplished snipers of the twenty-first century, Webb provides a rare look at the making of the Special Operations warriors who are at the forefront of today’s military.
Explosive, revealing, and intelligent, The Making of a Navy SEAL provides a uniquely personal glimpse into one of the most challenging and secretive military training courses in the world. USA TODAY is now using Facebook Comments on our stories and blog posts to provide an enhanced user experience. Download Free Movies, Games, TV Shows, Applications, Ebooks, Tutorials, Magazines, Music and More from Freshwap.

From his grueling years of training in Naval Special Operations to his combat tours in the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan, The Making of a Navy SEAL provides a rare and riveting look at the inner workings of the U.S. Luttrell credits Webb’s training with his own survival during the ill-fated 2005 Operation Redwing in Afghanistan.
You'll learn to think like a SEAL and how to:Improvise weapons from everyday items Pack a go bag Treat injuries Survive extreme climates Survive a pandemic From random shootings to deadly wildfires to terrorist attacks, the reality is that modern life is unpredictable and dangerous. Wasdin and Stephen Templin, published last May, two weeks after bin Laden's death, rose to No.

SEAL Target Geronimo: The Inside Story of the Mission to Kill Osama bin Laden by Chuck Pfarrer, published in November, hit No.

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