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Cryptozoology reports of a huge tiger living in the frozen wilderness of Alaska have been around for years. The Siberian Tiger (panther tigris altaica), also known as the Amur tiger, is well known to science. The Siberian tigers live primarily in Eastern Russia with some making their way into China and North Korea.
In the early 90s, scientists were able to tag and monitor eleven tigers for a year and a half.
Another interesting fact that science tells us: where tigers are present, wolf numbers drop dramatically.
Anyway, the male can weigh between 450 – 675 pounds while the females weigh between 200 – 350 pounds.
These animals have a winter coat and a summer coat, so there are color variations according to season. In a book review called Tiger Tales, Eric Morrison quotes author Alexander Dolitsky as saying, “The significance of the tiger to the cultures of the Russian Far East is comparable to the importance that many animals have in the cultures of the indigenous people of Alaska and the Arctic regions. If you ever take a cruise along the Inside Passage of Alaska, you may be surprised to see how much of a Russian influence is in the area. I wonder if knowing about a tiger that lives in the snowbound forests of Siberia may make one think that it probably lives in Alaska as well. Interestingly, the fossil tigers found in Beringia were the same size as modern day tigers. Based on my research, it seems unlikely that there are surviving tigers in Alaska today mainly because their favorite food source is missing (red deer) and the presence of wolves who tend to avoid areas with tigers. That said, Alaska is so huge, vast, and unexplored, who can really say what’s lurking in all the hidden places of that landscape? 1) The Amur leopard shares a region with the Siberian tiger in Northeast Asia (around the Russia-China-Korea border) today. Through further investigation I have determined that the story is probably made up, I can find no reference to the white death other than the show Alaska monsters. There have been tigers in north America, saber tooth was one; there was even an American lion. However, I’m not sure this would be happening in Alaska due to the sparse human population and the terrible weather. Well until the 1900s or beginning of 1900 the siberian tiger was found all over Siberia until the arctic ocean shorelines.
CryptoVille: Bigfoot, Aliens, Mysterious Creatures, and more!Massive Unknown Creature Near Antarctica – Kraken or Crackpot? Slim Thug also speaks on his new book How To Survive in A Recession and discusses how he felt about Trae The Truth’s lawsuit against radio station The Box in Houston, while Marcus Manchild discusses what he is bringing to the new Houston scene. Hip-Hop Wired delivers daily hip-hop music news, videos and streaming tracks from your favorite rap artists, plus the latest political and fashion news—including the hottest sneakers to hit the street. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing a few survival tips with you, some do’s and don’ts and of course, the equipment you’ll need to get your hands on if you want a little comfort during worlds end. Obviously, as far as accessibility this is a little high-end and most likely something you’d only pick up a few years into the apocalypse, after the millionaire first owner made the fatal error of not killing his wife as she got bitten – or something along those lines.

If you can get your hands on one of these you’ll still need to live a relatively planned and structured life.
You’ll be safe in this vehicle on land as well, providing you don’t drive over mines, into things, etc. The beauty of this base is that you can be completely invisible to those flesh eating killers while chilling off the coast of Mauritius, checking out the reef life while sipping on a cocktail with that hot local chick you rescued – you obviously had to get her naked to check for bites etc. Provided you can get a detailed enough map of the ocean floor you can go anywhere in the world – avoiding continental shelf drops is a must. The Soap Girls Have Attained Miley Cyrus Level CrazyA Supercut Of Hollywood Backsides ReferencesBoston Terrier Vs.
One of the interesting things about these tigers is that they live in harsh Northern climates. Living in such harsh and cold conditions helps them to avoid humanity who tend to visit those areas far less frequently than other places.
What they found was the tigers far and away preferred to follow the red deer around, and didn’t pay much attention to wild pigs, elk, moose, or bear. It is a courageous character, so you will find the tiger character in the mythology and the legends and folktales of these people that see the tiger with admiration.
As we all know, many creatures crossed the land bridge from Russia to Alaska a long time ago.
Plus I think their bone structure is different in some way, not the least of which is the absence of those fangs. Since the tiger was able to cross over into Alaska, do you think that the leopard may have also lived alongside it in Alaska? The show itself has been exposed as an over the top docudrama with actors portraying the main characters.
Then factor in the little we know of the Alaskan wilderness and the whole topic is fraught with possibilities, at least in my mind. That’s an excellent point which may account for some instances of these animals appearing in the wild. I live in Alaska and ive heard alot of stories from elder Tlingits and Athabaskins about tigers in our woods. If there’s a movie, series or book that involves people having to survive the near end of the world I’m all over it like a Flat’s gangster on a tik bulb.
In order to maintain a safe base, mobile or not, it is vitally important to preserve the integrity of the team.
It doesn’t float so you’ll need to purge every so often to recycle your air supply and, of course, stay sane.
You could sit above the water level and catch a few rays for a few hours a day without worrying too much about zombies – they can’t swim, but can wade across shallow waters. You never need to be in a rush to get away so crashing shouldn’t even be an option – if you do you’re an idiot. CryptoVille investigates this monster-sized mystery and grabs this cryptid tiger by the tale, I mean tail!
There have been some cases when tigers turned into maneaters, but if memory serves, I think that was in India.

That said, another study, per Wiki, found that when all sizes of prey animals are in the area, the tigers will go after the largest among them. In fact no deer live in Alaska with the exception of a few along the Southern region, south of Juneau. Nowadays tigers are lucky to survive into adulthood for very long because hunters are still trying to kill them.
So it leaves me wondering if this admiration for the tiger has just overflowed into the psyche of the Alaskan people via the Russian influence. This wonderful discovery led to the knowledge that tigers at least got as far as the Eastern Bering land bridge (Beringia as science calls it) during the Wisconsin glacial period (85,000 – 11,000 years ago). Do you think that its possible that this cat from Alaska wasn’t a tiger at all, but a closely related cat species instead? Give me a little time to look into it and I’ll get back to you, or perhaps write another post about it.
I’m interested in stories of dire wolves, I have a theory they interbred with regular wolves when around.
As a result of the many hours I’ve put my, quite frankly, incredibly intelligent and freakishly awesome mind to task on the subject I have a solution to just about anything. I’d suggest you identify a large costal bank that extends far out to sea – you do not want to pop up right next to a town and attract attention.
The reason being you never need to outrun zombies, you can just cruise along until you hit the nearest body of water then drive straight in. Love that they are strong female characters, Australian content and actual history woven in to the stories.
Tigers have been known to kill and eat adult moose as well as bears weighing in excess of 990 lbs (450 kg). The question arises because apparently it’s hard to tell the difference between a modern lion skeleton and that of a tiger, much less those of ancient fossilized lions and tigers. I believe modern wolves still carry recessive genes of dire wolves, occasionally one is born with those genes dominate. But, as you can see, you can just pop the viewing decks up for that spot of afternoon reading sun in the living room. Herrington quotes another scientist (Hopkins from a report issued in 1982) who thought the tundra may have included some areas that were wooded.
After the movie AnnaSophia Robb and Bethany Hamilton went to a lot of Hollywood events together. Events like the Academy of Country music Awards, the Teen Choice awards, and the premiere of Soul Surfer.

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