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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Roadtech M3 Metric Tool Kit from CruzTOOLS has everything you need for basic roadside repair on your metric moto. The mechanics grade tools come in a handy roll up pouch that fits easily into your tank bag, saddlebag or fork bag. Chain Lubricant - After a muddy or wet weather riding, it is good to have some oil on the chain for smoother riding.
This Pocket Rescue Tool is simplest, most-effective way to be prepared for emergency situations. Wait till you have to handle a loose chain and grease all over your fingers and you have no place to wash it off. For bike tubes using Schrader valve, you need to unscrew the valve to let the air out of the tube.

I only use it when I am at a petrol kiosk to pump up air in my tires or worst if my handheld pump fails. This pack is not waterproof so after a wet weather ride, it is best to remove all item and let it dry. If you are going for long distance travel or off-road and to prevent loosing a bolt, use Loctite 243.
Each tool offers a variety of tools for anything you could possibly think of and a section of nylon cord wrapped around it for emergency use. In my experience from off-road motorbikes and biking, I soon realised what is really necessary to have a complete minimalist Bike Survival tools. You will need a special tool such as Park Tools Derailleur Adjustment Gauge and nobody carries such tool on a trip. Alone the Aero Wedge Pack weighs 140g and most of the weight is on the multi-tool, I might replace the Alien DX for Hexus and have all the tools stored in a small bag to reduce the weight.

It also features a laser etch of the morse code of SOS and HELP in case you need to signal for rescue. Usually I do not over-tighten the pedal, just hand tight and with a knock on the spanner, it should be able to come loose.
This big bottle 50ml can last for years so if you want to get one, there is a small 10ml bottle.
Each PRT also includes a waterproof carrying case with a double-sealing closure and a durable nylon neck lanyard.

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