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It is essential to teach children about their religion and culture at a very young age so that they can have faith in God as they grow up into responsible citizens.
These coloring pages come in a wide range of variety, featuring different subjects like pictures of the Holy Bible, small children praying or reading The Bible and pictures of Jesus Christ. Hey LoomLove, I desighned this real cool braclet, and i want to show it to ya’ll but I don’t know how, is there anyway I can? I love your design, but I dont have a monster tail loom.Do you know how to do it on a normal loom? Just a suggestion for you guys to put a monster tail section for your website it would be awesome!????

The Holy Bible is one such subject for kid’s coloring pages that celebrates the life of Jesus Christ and teaches about the Christian religion. The free online activity sheets also feature illustrations of notable events and stories from Bible such as birth of Jesus Christ, Noah’s Ark, Jonah and the Whale and Daniel in the lion’s den. Gifting your kids with Bible coloring sheets is a great way of teaching them about the importance of mercy, forgiveness and self sacrifice. The Bible coloring pages can help your kids learn to read as well as they often feature small sentences and words form the Holy Bible. On the RL (rainbow loom) u have 2 take out the middle row and take out the middle base plate.

This website offers a collection of some exiting, fun and educative Bible coloring pages for you to choose from. Pick any of these easily-printable coloring sheets to let your kids have an excellent fun-learning experience.

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