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Keeping yourself alive in the outdoors is mostly a matter of putting to work what’s between your ears, and sometimes reaching down deep to get out of a tough situation. Water Purifier MSR MIOX This compact, lightweight device is the best I’ve found for killing organic waterborne contaminants. Signal Device Power Flare About the size and shape of a hockey puck, this unit will flash its brilliant red LEDs for up to 100 hours.
Knife Gerber LMF II Tactical Knife With its 5-inch Sandvik Steel blade, this is a survival knife on steroids.
Fire Starter Brunton Helios Stormproof Lighter Windproof in 80 mph storms, the refillable butane lighter is armor-clad for ruggedness and can be worn on a lanyard so cold, fumbling fingers won’t lose it. Clothing ex officio Buzz Off This line of clothing is pretreated with a benign (to humans) repellent that drives away mosquitoes, flies, gnats and ticks. Backpack Columbia Ridge Runner When you need to make your escape, the Ridge Runner is a good way to carry your gear.
First-Aid Kit Adventure Medical Backcountry Kit This kit has everything from bandages to a scalpel to a top-notch emergency medical book, and there’s enough to treat up to 10 people on a 21-day trip. Keeping yourself alive in the outdoors is mostly a matter of putting to work what's between your ears, and sometimes reaching down deep to get out of a tough situation. Fire will be your source of heat and also your means of cooking your food if you’re stranded. The two most common reasons people need survival gear is because they’re lost or injured, so pack a small first-aid kit. An absolute must in survival gear, parachute cord—also known as paracord—is a lightweight cord (really a bunch of cords).
When surviving in the wild, the last thing you need is getting sick from drinking contaminated water. You can’t pack enough food with you to survive weeks lost in the wilderness, but even a small stash of food can help. Hopefully, you’ll never need to use your wilderness survival gear, but it’s always best to err on the side of caution and be prepared in case you do get lost. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Multipurpose Folding Knife with Screwdriver in Handle, outdoor tools.Easy to carry and use.
SteriPEN Adventurer Opti Water is one of the most essential elements of survival, especially when you’re hiking mile after mile through hot weather or high altitude.

Eton Scorpion A survival multi-tool for the digital age, the Eton Scorpion keeps you on top of weather forecasts and alerts with its NOAA weather radio. Prime with a quarter teaspoon of untreated water, add salt to a special compartment, push a button to send an electric charge and you get a cocktail that is deadly to virus, bacteria,. It can be switched off to preserve battery power and can be programmed with a variety of flash sequences, including SOS. The broad spine can be hammered against when cutting or splitting wood, and an aggressively serrated section of blade works well for sawing.
It features heavy-duty in-line skate wheels with sealed bearings, so you don’t have to shoulder it when hauling gun or rod cases. Making sure you have the right survival gear will increase your chances of getting out alive should the worst happen. That’s enough to earn its place in your bag, but it also includes an LED flashlight, bottle opener, and hand-crank charger for powering the radio, flashlight and external devices. Here is a roundup of equipment, new this year, that you’ll want to have with you if things run amok. The pack is shaped like, and functions as, a 5,500-cubic-inch backpack with comfortably padded shoulder straps and a hip belt for life on the trail. Here is a roundup of equipment, new this year, that you'll want to have with you if things run amok. Before you set out on a hike, particularly one far from civilization, make sure you have the best gear for deep wilderness survival. Look for a knife with one solid, fixed blade, so the metal extends all the way through the handle. The solar panels on top provide a less-aerobic way of keeping the internal battery charged. The handle is configured so it can be lashed to a pole when you want to use the knife as a spear, and the comfortable, non-slip grip fills the hand.
One foolproof method is a flint and steel because it isn’t affected by moisture like matches doesn’t require fuel like a lighter.
Uses are pretty much limitless, but you’ll find it invaluable when building shelters or hunting. Or you can pack something to use for boiling water over a fire—another great way to purify it. Please reply back as I’m trying to create my own personal site and would love to learn where you got this from or just what the theme is called.

Unlike some other products, it kills all three major nasties — bacteria, protozoa and viruses. During non-survival camp-outs, the Scorpion doubles as a speaker thanks to its audio input.
These small, thin reflective blankets can really save your life if the weather gets too cold. The smaller interior strands can be used for a variety of survival tasks, such as building snares or even for starting a fire. In addition to writing this blog Paul owns and runs Frontier Bushcraft, a wilderness bushcraft school, offering bushcraft courses and wilderness expeditions.Latest posts by Paul Kirtley (see all) Do Tarps Keep You Dry In The Rain? The two items that I’d add to a lightweight kit-list like this would be a whistle & light source. I carry a Fox40 whistle (very loud & no moving parts) and a tiny LED key-ring type torch on a lanyard around my neck.
I have to say I attended a Campcraft course with Paul a few years back now and have never looked back , as far as axe use is concerned.
I should probably take a look at that and organise it a bit.If I am flying then I leave behind the pocket knife (for the most part I try to travel with only carry-on luggage, unless I am doing something outdoorsey when all the sharps go in the hold), leaving me with my lighter and house keys as my only tools.
I wasn’t thinking of getting a new sheath, and contacted Ben Orford at www dot benorford dot com. I like your list, but in my cuts and scrapes would have to add some small needle point tweezers for removing splinters. I always carry a credit card sized piece of BCB tinder card, it only takes a piece the size of a postage stamp to start a fire with a single spark from a fire steel! For cutting I use a diamond steel and give the blade a couple of strokes each time I use it and my trusty laplander for heavier cutting.
I also carry as much 3mm paracord as I can can carry conveniently, usually about 20m.I know many of these items can be omitted, but they are so much more effective.
Fortunately I have never been in a true survival situation so I practice using natural tinder etc.

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