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Whether you are prepping for the zombie apocalypse or the aftermath of a hurricane, self-defense is an important aspect of surviving any disaster.  Everyone has their preference as to what qualifies as the best survival weapon. Though handguns and shotguns are also to be considered, a rifle will give you the most versatility for handling a variety of post-disaster needs from hunting to perimeter security.  However, the options and varieties when it comes to choosing a survival rifle are nearly endless and even the most avid shooters and preppers struggle to choose a favorite. Ultimately, the choice comes down to your own personal preferences and needs, as there is no such thing as the perfect survival rifle. In addition to its sheer stopping power, the rifle classic employs a classic walnut and stainless steel design that’s both aesthetically pleasing and practical for battling against corrosion in rough weather.  The rifle starts at about $650, a reasonable price to pay for a rifle that’s guaranteed to put food on the table and stop enemies in their tracks when the going gets rough.
The selections above were chosen for their popularity, versatility, affordability, and ability to be handled by shooters of all levels.  The choice comes down to you, but in the end the best survival rifle is the one you have with you, the one you have ammo for, and the one you’re trained to shoot effectively. This entry was posted in Survival and tagged caliber, carbine, disaster, enemy, need, one, power, rifles, self-defense, shooting, SHTF, stockpile, survival, territory, top 6, yourself by Cody Griffin. Owning a gun, or a variety of guns, is not only your right, but is a core element to ultimate personal protection and a practical tool for rural survival living. I recently received an email from Kent, a reader in Alaska, who already lives a lifestyle where hunting, fishing, gathering, gardening, canning, etc., is common and simply part of his and his wifea€™s current way of life.
While fancy semi-automatic weapons with large clips may be popular survival weapons in the movies, simple bolt- or lever-action rifles, pump shotguns, and the ever-reliable revolver are far less likely to jam, misfire, or break. Based on reading lots of opinion prior to posting this, it seemed to me that the following 4 guns were often near the top of the list with regards to tools for survival. About Those Wire Cutters – Louie Gohmert, Ralph Hall Have a Pair What Are We Leaving Our Children? Here is one of the sweetest little guns that I have seen in a long while, the Chiappa Little Badger.
In any true survival scenario stealth would be a key factor, giving away your bug-out location would be a big time no-no. The oldest and by far the most interesting of the three is the Henry Repeating Arms AR-7 Survival rifle.
The safety is mounted at the right rear of the receiver and is easy to manipulate, and the magazine release is located at the front of the oversize trigger guard. The beauty of the AR-7 is that the barrel and receiver, along with magazines, are stored in the buttstock—with the buttpad serving to secure all the components. Before I began formal testing for this article, my church’s youth group put on its annual range day where we shoot .22s. I checked the AR-7’s accuracy from the bench with Wolf Match Gold, Remington Golden Bullet, Federal Value Pack and Aguila SE Subsonic, loads that were used for all three guns. To check the AR-7’s consistency, I fired another five-shot group using the Wolf load—removing and reinstalling the barrel between each shot. The AR-7 acquired a poor reputation during the years it was produced by Charter Arms, so I decided to put more rounds through it than the other rifles—about 1,500 rounds in total.
At first glance the Takedown looks a bit strange because of the noticeable gap between the stock and the fore-end.
The Ruger was more comfortable to shoot than the AR-7 because it has a nicer trigger, and groups were also easier to shoot with the Ruger.
Usually viewed as a children’s training rifle, the Crickett is a small single-shot bolt-action rifle. In this case he removed the factory stock and fabricated a new one using a simple piece of PVC pipe.
The result is simple yet effective with a 12.5-inch length of pull and 31-inch overall length. This Crickett, a bolt action with a manually cocked striker, was customized with a PVC tube stock.
The Jaderborg Crickett is a fun little gun to shoot and capable of putting meat in the pot. History has proven the rifle to be the best all-purpose firearm to face a variety of combat and self-defense scenarios.

Below we will feature a handful of rifles that are commonly considered to be among the best all-purpose firearms to have on hand when SHTF. M1 Carbine – Though it hasn’t seen active duty in combat since Vietnam, the M1 Carbine was for years considered to be one of the best combat rifles in the world.  Designed as a more compact and lightweighted version of the M1 Garand, a WWII infantry staple, the M1 Carbine was an incredibly versatile rifle that had high effect and tremendous accuracy, especially at mid-range. From there you can customize and accessorize your Ruger to suit your specific survival needs.
Marlin 1985 GS – If you want a compact rifle with big stopping power that will take down nearly any type of game in any kind of whether, look no further than the lever-action Marlin 1985 GS.  Despite the appearance of a menacing big-game hunter, which is indeed, the 1985 GS only measures 37-inches overall and weighs just 7-pounds. Wranglerstar makes the argument that they are and I have to agree, they are all excellent choices. Gun ownership compliments the lifestyle of those who live a life of self sufficiency… Although there are some who are wary of guns, and there are parts of the world where gun ownership is outright banned, owning a gun is really just like owning a tool to compliment all the other tools that you have in your a€?kita€™. He brought up the notion of how firearms are integral to rural survival living and listed some practical recommendations including the four survival guns he would choose. Glock 19 (9mm) handgun, Caliber is extremely common and ammunition will be easiest to obtain. Remington 870 (12 gauge) shotgun, Highly customizable and well respected reliable pump action shotgun. Light, easy to carry and economical, they excel at harvesting small game and can get the job done on larger stuff if you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a sample of the Marlin, so I replaced it with something out of my own collection, a custom-stocked Crickett bolt action.
A classic design from the fertile mind of Eugene Stoner, it dates all the way back to 1958. After ArmaLite sold the design, it was produced by a number of companies before Henry acquired it. Insert the receiver into the cutout in the stock and twist the captured retaining bolt (finger tight will do).
The bright orange front sight is adjustable for windage, and the rear sight is an aperture that is adjustable for elevation. Magazines were easy to load, inserted with a simple upward push and locked securely in place.
Out of those, I had a dozen failures to eject with Aguila’s Super SE Subsonic, but all the rifles had issues with that load. To take down the gun, slightly retract the bolt and push forward on the barrel release lever located underneath the fore-end while twisting the barrel assembly clockwise.
The shift was small but noticeable—although I don’t think you would see the same shift if only the iron sights were used. Just as with the AR-7, this load didn’t quite have enough oomph to provide reliable operation. A simple design, the Crickett has garnered a cult following among backpackers, hikers and preppers looking for an ultralight and foolproof .22 rifle they can customize. After inserting a round into the chamber and closing the bolt, the striker must be manually cocked before shooting. It was then slightly customized by friend and colleague Todd Jaderborg, who writes for Be Ready!
The PVC pipe stock had a wooden dowel epoxied into one end, which was then inletted for the rifle’s action. The design greatly reduces the length when disassembled, and the tube offers storage for ammo. I’m small-framed, so the gun’s diminutive size and short length of pull is not an issue for me.
Don’t just buy any load and expect it to function perfectly while providing sufficient accuracy. I know this subject will have a lot of different opinions and I would like to hear yours.A So check out his video below and let me know what you think.

It is good for small game, adequate for home defense and medium game, and in a pinch one could take a deer or even a moose with a well-placed shot.
Food Stamps, Obama Phones, Waste Fraud and Illegals Not a Problem I want an extra paid vacation … what is unclean about not giving Harry Reid everything he wants? So when I decided to review three different rifles chambered in .22 LR and geared toward survival use, I was interested to see not only how they would perform, but also how they would stack up against each other.
The AR-7 carved a niche for itself and was commercially successful, and 57 years later it not only remains in production but also continues to be a practical piece.
Next retract the bolt slightly and insert the barrel into the receiver while aligning the pin in the barrel with the corresponding cutout in the receiver.
But it quickly won me over with its light weight, quick handling, monotonous reliability and decent accuracy. I was surprised when the AR-7 came out on top, and I know at least one parent later purchased one. As seen in the accompanying chart, Aguila’s SE Subsonic posted the tightest five-shot group in the AR-7—0.60 inch—and the best average.
If you don’t like the factory look, there are a number of accessories available for it, including different barrels, stocks, magazines and more.
I fired a five-shot group using Wolf’s Match Gold load while removing and reinstalling the barrel between shots. The standard model comes with a short 12-inch length of pull, a 16.1-inch barrel and a 30-inch overall length.
I shot the same loads through the rifle to check accuracy, and the best single group went to the Federal 36-grain hollowpoint at 0.70 inch with the factory aperture iron sights. But I have to say if my life were on the line and I needed my .22 for defense, I would greatly prefer a semiautomatic. The simple blowback action utilizes a fairly heavy bolt assembly to feed rounds, and the bolt handle slides into the bolt to reduce width for storage. The AR-7 is not a match gun, and it will never win any awards for its fine lines, but it’s just as capable of putting meat in the pot today as when it was designed 57 years ago. As the name suggests, this model differs from the original by incorporating an easily removed barrel assembly.
Practical accuracy was quite good, but the rifle proved a bit finicky at extraction and ejection. And while the .22 LR is a marvelous little cartridge capable of doing impressive feats, you need to place your shot exactly.
Inside was a black synthetic stock, and stored inside this sealed and water-resistant container was a 16.1-inch barrel, the receiver and two eight-round magazines.
The standard sights are a bit small and hard to see for my middle-age eyes, so I mounted an old Nikon 1.5-6X scope for testing.
Plus, by removing one screw, the barreled action is easily separated from the stock to greatly reduce the length for storage. The Wolf and Federal loads functioned flawlessly, but the Remington and Aguila loads occasionally failed to extract. This dramatically reduces the length for storage, and the Takedown has become popular with those who appreciate its ability to be split in half and stored neatly away. The 20-inch barreled action and slightly short stock can then be tucked away in a pouch until needed.

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