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Looking for a deal on a pack, flashlight, headlamp, or clothing for your Get Home Bag or BOB?
This article shows you how to build a quality Get Home Bag on a budget, using only ONE source for all the gear in the list for quick and easy shopping.
Hi Blockheads!I have no started to play survival part of Minecraft instead of only building and this is the first house I came up with which isnt a dirtblock but still a nice house which is easy to gather materials for.
Yeah, sure dude just sent one to [email protected] but there is some waiting time now but I have added alot of houses over the last week which will soon be shown.

Very nice, I like the front water feature very much and the Sunken house feel is also very cool! The list includes knives, multi-tools, axes, shelter, emergency food, water filtration, and more! All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.
For those who havent seen alot of new projects on here, check out my youtube channel since there is alot of stuff that has been going on which isnt here yet.

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