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The 1892 rifle, descendant of the Henry and 1866 rifles, was made from 1892 until 1941 and total production was in excess of one million pieces.
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Sign Up for the Zombies Playground mailing list to receive discounts, exclusive offers, and breaking news. You are given the opportunity to select a couple of big ticket items to prepare you for the oncoming hordes. Oh and the way , zombies would never take over because all the rednecks would be there to stop them from taking over the world but more importantly from taking over Nashville and Alanta Motor Speedway. Shane replied to Pale Horse's discussion General Election 2016 in the group The Great Debate"He makes mistakes for sure, but lately they've all been manufactured by the media. Sir replied to Pale Horse's discussion General Election 2016 in the group The Great Debate"Trump survives his gaffes, or whatever they are. A couple of weeks ago a couple of my buddies and I get a hog out of a local river bottom.  One person of our group was carrying an AR-15, I was carrying my Remington 1911 R1. While we were packing the hog out, I kept wondering how well the 223 Remington would do on wild hogs?  I know the 223 Remington is effective, but how effective is it on hogs?  Hogs have a thick fat layer, how would that fat layer affect bullet performance?
Lets say that some kind of SHTF situation happens, you and a couple of your buddies go on a hog hunt, what rifles would you pick?  Would you pick a semi-auto in 223 Remington or 7.62X39, lever action or bolt action? The above video makes a good argument for the Ruger Mini-14 and AR-15 platform for hunting after SHTF – low recoil, fast followup shots, effective on hog and deer sized game.
Neither a lever action or a bolt action rifle would have allowed follow up shots like what a rifle chambered in the low recoil 223 Remington allowed. Where the hunter can only see 50 yards, and only has time for one shot, then maybe a liver action or bolt action will will serve the purpose.

223 Remington – Flat shooting, light recoil, cost effective, popular, chambered in a wide range of rifles, widely available.
One of the factors that help survivalist pick a SHTF survival rifle, is if the rifle is military grade.  Its difficult to get more military grade then some of the AR-15s on the market. Over the past few years the cost of 280 Remington ammunition has has risen in price to where its cost prohibitive to stockpile ammunition.   Who really wants to stockpile ammunition for SHTF, when the ammo cost more then $25 for 20 rounds? The cost of 270 and 280 is one reason why I bought a rifle in 308 Winchester.  The cost of 270 and 280 has become cost prohibitive for the survivalist. 30-30 Winchester – Besides being loaded in a lever action, and no military grade rifles are chambered for it, the 30-30 is an excellent hog rifle.
Something that adds to 30-30 is the compact form of the lever action, and anywhere from 150 – 170 grain bullet. Why has the 30-30 maintained its popularity for over a hundred years?  Because its effective.  A light compact rifle, low recoil, reliability of both the 30-30 cartridge and the rifle, makes for a well rounded package. Something else going for the 30-30, ammunition can be found just about anywhere, and with over 100 years of rifles being manufactured, just about any pawn shop or gun store is going to have a 30-30 in stock.
Winchester lever action rifles maintain a certain level of value and the lever action style rifle is easy to recognize. For a long term SHTF situation, its going to be difficult to beat a good quality bolt action rifle, such as a Mossberg ATR or Remington model 700. Opening weekend of deer season here in southeast Texas, my dad had a boar hog come out of the woods and walk close to the feeder.  A single round from my dads Remington 740 Woodsmaster in 30-06 Springfield dropped the hog where it stood.
The problem with the 30-06, its the largest caliber that most people can shoot without developing trigger flinch.  My brother with his Remington 750 Woodsmaster says the recoil is a little too much for his taste. If you can stand the recoil, the 30-06 Springfield is probably the best cartridge for the long term SHTF survival situation.  What other caliber can you hunt deer and hogs with in the southern part of the USA, then go to Colorado, New Mexico, or Canada and hunt larger game?
For hunting hogs after SHTF, we are probably looking at three factors – reliability of the cartridge, reliability of the firearm, and how portable the rifle is. Kevin Felts was born and raised in southeast Texas, graduated from Bridge City high school Bridge City Texas, and attended Lamar College in Port Arthur Texas. Hobbies include fishing, hiking, hunting, blogging, sharing his politically incorrect opinion, video blogging on youtube, survivalism and spending time with his family.
In short, we like it, an excellent weapon that provides you with 14+1 rounds of 12 gauge shotgun fun.
The biggest attraction to the KSG besides it’s bullpup design is the fact that it holds 14 rounds in two 7 round tubes built into the gun. It makes an excellent home defense weapon, and law enforcement agencies love it as well due to it’s short bullpup design.
The other downside to the KSG (besides in most states you have to plug it to hunt with it) is that we found the grip needed to be more aggressive, but that is easily fixed with some grip tape on the charging pump.

The Kel-Tec KSG also does not come with any sights, so you will need to purchase your own aftermarket, but with a picatinny rail going down half the length of the gun, you shouldn’t have any issues. Overall we are happy with the KSG, we will be putting some grip tape on it to get extra grip on it. Many variations and calibers were introduced over the course of the 50 years production, but the basic design was largely unaltered and the fact that many are still in use today as hunting rifles bears testimony to the reliability and longevity of the gun. To arrange a Saturday delivery please contact our customer service department before ordering as this option has an additional cost and cannot be purchased through our online shopping cart. My vehicle is a 1967 International scout with a diesel engine, a cow catcher for a bumper, run flat tires, and metal slats welded over all the windows to allow visibility but keep zombies from breaking the glass and getting in. The person to populate the earth with would be Kate Mara, and the person to watch my back would be Angelina Jolie because you need someone hot and psycho. Bob Marley-"three little birds" Stressing out during a Zombie out break is going to get you killed. The recoil is a little more then the AR-15 and 223 Remington, but then again, with the 7.62X39, you are slinging 124 grains of lead downrange. We went through everything from bogs with knee deep water, to brush so dense I could barely see 8 feet in front of me.  In that type of setting, one of the last things I needed to worry about was dropping my firearm in the mud and it not working when I needed it. We got to take our Kel-Tec KSG to the range the other day for some sighting in, and skeet shooting to break it in.
This allows you easy access to switch between different types of ammo (buckshot vs slugs) with a flip of the lever and a pump of the shotgun. The first is just simply reloading it… the tubes are built into the body of the KSG and cannot be swapped out without disassembling the gun.
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Combine that with the ability to change ammo types, and you have nearly the perfect shotgun that is still legal length. As anyone can guess it takes a good amount of time to reload the KSG, as it holds 7 rounds in each tube. However a combat reload is a bit more difficult due to the bullpup design, as you will need to roll it over and put the rounds in the butt of the rifle.

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