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So, I’ve put together this guide to help you choose the best survival knife for your kit. I’ve always liked knives, even before I received my very first Swiss Army Knife when I was a kid.
Fixed Blade: Folding knives are very useful tools, but the things that make them convenient also make them unacceptable as survival knives. Full Tang: With a full tang knife, the steel from the blade continues all the way through the handle.
Comfortable, Non-Slip Grip: Survival knives were never intended to win a beauty contest, and the goal is to have a knife that fits your hand and will not turn in it while you are making kindling or hacking down evergreen boughs to line your shelter. Because they are made of two or more pieces there is a higher risk of breakage than with a fixed blade.

Ensure that your knife flares out a little at the back and has a good finger guard, to help stop your hand from slipping during use. The blade also has to be thick enough to stand up to heavy use which means you are going to be looking for a knife with a blade up to a quarter of an inch in thickness. You want good steel that is not too hard, as this can make you blade brittle and difficult to keep an edge.
Not only because you’ve spent good money on it, but also because you want the knife to perform at its best should you ever need it in a real survival situation. Do you have any tips on how to sharpen a knife when you are out in the wild and dont have a sharpening tool with you? However, a couple of classic ways to sharpen a knife in the field are with a leather belt or a river rock.

Most folding knives have short, thin blades in comparison to a top quality survival knife which makes them less durable under heavy use.
Don’t get confused by hollow core survival knives, that convenient compartment for fishing line creates a partial tang knife that is not much better than a folder. When assessing your edge, look for an angle that you can maintain with a decent stone or steel.

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