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Whether you’re stranded in the wilderness, down behind enemy lines, caught in a natural disaster, or just out for an overnight camping trip with your family… a good survival knife can tip the scales in your favor and turn a potential disaster into a memorable adventure.
This blade is one of the most popular, military spec survival knives in recent history that’s available to the general public. Gerber Legendary Blades has been designing innovative knives since the 1930s and is based in Portland, Oregon where they also manufacture many of their knives… including the LMF II.
Although this knife my be a little much for casual, everyday carry in a non-survival situation… you’ll be really glad you have this beefy knife if disaster or emergency ever strikes.
Drop point blades tend to be very strong across the entire length of the knife, including the point. The LMF II survival knife also has a large flat surface area on it’s spine for mallet-assisted bushcraft. The blade is made out of 420HC stainless steel which is a good all around steel that is very resistance to rust, and is extremely tough… making it a good tool for chopping, slicing, hammering, prying and digging.
This steel is wear resistant and very good, but not great, at retaining an edge with heavy use. Fortunately, Gerber integrated a sharpener into the sheath to help you stay on top of keeping the knife sharp.
The blade is coated in black oxide for a low visual signature and additional corrosion resistance.
I get a lot of comments in my reviews from people who just don’t like serrated blades… mostly because they find them hard to sharpen when dulled. You need a diamond sharpening rod like the one found on the Smith’s Pocket Pal or the Bear Grylls knife sharpener. The handle of the Gerber LMF II survival knife is very grippy and has a rubberized feel… unlike the SOG knives that have a harder composite handle. Toward the butt-end of the handle… the grip curves out nearly a half inch to cushion pounding and prevent slippage.
This butt end flair also makes chopping with the LMF II knife easy because you can comfortably wrap your thumb and forefinger around the bottom of the handle to make a natural chopping motion to chop small trees and shape wood. Quite honestly, I was surprised at how easily the Gerber LMF II knife pierced through the car window. The Gerber LMF II knife is a unique, three quarter tang construction… because the knife was originally designed as an aircrew survival knife. One requirement of the knife design was to insulate the handle to prevent aircrew from being shocked if they intentionally or accidentally cut through live wires while freeing themselves from their aircraft. Gerber developed a tough, nylon substrate injection molding process that locks both blade and butt cap together, while electrically isolating the butt cup from the blade. This LMF II survival knife has proven to be a durable performer for several years now and has been extensively used tested by troops in the field, which should settle the argument as to whether the LMF II’s three quarter tang construction is tough enough to survive in a real-world military environment or not. For added comfort for any skeptics that are left out there… Gerber stands behind the craftsmanship of the LMF II knife with a Lifetime Warranted. The Gerber LMF II survival knife is firmly held in it’s sheath using an friction lock system. The low profile handle is held tight against the sheath with two straps that secure with snaps.
The sheath has an integrated V type sharpener that is accessible by releasing a few sheath straps… and is handy for keeping your blade sharp in the field.
The LMF II Survival and ASEK models ship with a high quality safety knife and strap cutter that comes in a nice MOLLE compatible sheath. And in our opinion, this knife design deserves the best steel possible (although we realize that this would immediately hike the price point up considerably).
The LMF II was originally designed using 154CM stainless, which is used in the Gerber Silver Trident and several of Gerber’s other top military and tactical knives. The best pricing that I have found for the LMF II knife online is around $70 for the Gerber LMF II Infantry and Survival.

For your convenience I have provide links to the Gerber LMF II survival knife and the other knives and gear that I’ve mentioned, throughout this review. The LMF II is a great knife for camping, hunting, hiking, backpacking, back county adventures, military operations, disaster preparedness and for anyone who wants a troop tested, proven knife that is designed for the widest variety of emergency and survival scenarios. If you want a very capable, versatile and less expensive survival knife for camping, hiking and general preparedness… check out the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife, which now comes in a non-serrated version. Both the Gerber Prodigy and the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife have design features that were borrowed from the Gerber LMF II ASEK. This being said, the Gerber LMF II survival knife is a rugged, reliable and versatile survival knife that is designed for the widest range of potential survival situations.
I hope this review has been helpful to you and has brought you a step closer to discovering the gear you need, to be prepared for any future: emergency, crisis or survival situation that may come your way. Can the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife be placed into the Gerber LMF II Knife Sheath, and does the LMF II have a striker pad for fire starting like the BG ultimate knife?
Thoughtful use will do a lot more for edge retention than a few more points on the Rockwell scale will, any day. Question: Would you consider this more being a survival knife or could this also be qualified as a Tactical knife? I was all set to buy one of these until I saw the part in the video where I found out the blade and butt are not connected and is not a full tang knife. As a Navy Hospital Corpsman I can say it was always handy and held an edge well in the field.
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GoPro?s Hero 3 and 3+ Black Edition cameras are fantastic pieces of kit, and now the company has released some slick new accessories. I am a writer, so I can definitely appreciate this beautiful and beautifully set writer’s cabin. This Writers Cabin is located in False Bay and boasts a 500 square foot plan that features high end materials and beautiful sculpted decor. The only differences in the various models and SKUs are the knife handle and sheath colors… and the accessories that ship with each model. Usually a few strokes is all it takes to restore a banged up serration to full cutting power. The leg straps are about an inch and a half thick and include a section of elastic to keep the sheath tight against the leg. Owners of this knife seem to run the gamet from first time knife owners to active military.
Many say this is the best knife they have ever owned and love the versatile, thick strong blade. Some feel it is a bit heavy for carrying all day but understand that the weight of the Gerber LMF II survival knife is a tradeoff for a blade of this caliber. 420 HC is a good steel for blade retention and a GREAT steel for general purpose strength and durability… but it’s not the best steel.

To make the LMF II more affordable for you and I, Gerber eventually settled on 420 HC stainless.
The ASEK may cost you a little more, if you can find one and is usually only available to credentialed military or tactical personnel. Since it is a smaller blade is does wiggle around in the sheath a bit and the handle straps are a bit looser… but it does fit. Also if I was to buy a BG fire striker which one fits more securely in the LMF II Sheath, the longer or shorter one?
Its called Camillus Les Stroud series, could you give it a review if you have some spare time? Simple answer to your question is that the blade is going to resist corrosion because it is considered stainless steel, plus it is coated, so with care, you should have limited risk of corrosion. Please Consider Partnering with Us to Keep Our FAMILY FRIENDLY Videos (and Website Content) Coming YOUR Way.
This kind of knife is more practical because one knife can be used for any different tasks.
So when the time came to create a gift list for guys, the staff at Men’s Gear were thrilled to feature some cool items. The Dual Hero System ($199) is a specially made case that holds two Hero 3+ Black Edition snappers at once, giving the user the ability to capture video and photography at once. I am writing from my home office, screaming kids in the other room, phone ringing all the time, and the Xbox waiting for me in the corner. To keep your cabin safe when you are not looking for some “me time” there are wire and hydraulic winched shutters that close around the cabin to make a wooden protective shell. Yes, sharpens easily with good edge retention, but I can tell you from experience that it may not survive some of the uses the LMF-II was envisioned for. 12C27 was comparable in toughness (durability in rough use) and hardness (edge retention) to 440A and was a very good steel choice by Gerber.
I’d also prefer a better grade steel like the VG-1 San Mai on my Cold Steel SRK or S30V like my Gerber Mark 1. You can buy best tactical knife which is the best knife both for a defensive tool and also for a kitchen course. For instance, best survival knife is used for hunting which is the right knife type which you can use if you want to go hunting. The blade is sharp with measurement 3.75 inches and made of stainless steel 440 which is high-quality. The blade is made of stainless steel which has a measurement of 6.25 inches and completed with saw teeth on back. It is also possible to record two simultaneous films and create a 3D post production around them, which is why the kit comes with two pairs of 3D glasses.
Sometimes it would be nice to just get away from it all, and the clean and rustic landscape of the San Juan Islands in Washington fit the bill nicely.
Moreover, the blade has features of jet-black which are designed stylish metal fence and its handgrip is well-proportioned so it provides secure hold and stealth look. Furthermore, this knife weights 5 ounces and if it is closed, its measurement becomes 5 inches so it can fit in a pocket or it can be kept in a belt clip at your side. Moreover, the handle is 4.6 inches and is provided with a thumb knob, index flipper and liner lock. However, now we can use the Waxed Canvas Utility Roll ($28), a roll that lets you carry your essentials around whatever the circumstance. Each roll is handmade and constructed out of Martexin waxed fabric and treated leather, giving you a durable and discreet carrying solution.

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