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Here is a collection of some of the best survival horror games we have chosen for you, which are sure to give you goosebumps as you play them. In this is the first pick on our list of survival games, you will be playing the role of Alan Wake whose is a famous psychological thriller author suffering from writer’s block.
However Alan soon discovers that the town is plagued by an evil element known as the Darkness which possesses people and turns them into the Taken, in other words, murderous evil beings. You can also use other equipment to fight enemies such as searchlights, flare guns and flash bangs.
One thing you will have to keep in mind while playing is the sanity indicator, which causes Daniel to pass out if it gets empty, making him an easy target for the monsters. Siren: Blood Curse is another one of the most sought after titles we have come across, as it definitely fits this theme with its dark misty scenario and frightening sound effects. Pistols, shovels and other weapons will be made available for use against these creatures later on as you progress. It is the second part of the Dead Space series published by Electronic Arts, where you will be playing the role of Isaac Clarke. If you're the top dog amongst your friends in gritty zombie survivors take on DayZ and give yourself a real challenge.
An unknown infection has wiped out most of the world's population, but luckily for you, you're one of the survivors.
DayZ has a bunch of planned features such as vehicles, user mods, updated graphics, and wild life.
The original System Shock was released back in 1994 and was continued was continued five years later by the iconic System Shock 2. For years, fans of Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft universe have craved a film adaptation. If you are in tune with the PC gaming community, you have most likely heard of Twitch, a broadcasting service by which people livestream popular video games. Here it is: an overview of the hardest-hitting, fastest, angriest action games available for FREE on your PC! The Metal Gear Solid series has been an open-world staple for gamers ever since it’s initial launch in 1998. Today there are so many options for how to get your game fix, but being a PC gamer is the most satisfying.
The Culling is a new indie Early Access game on Steam, made by the creators of Lichdom: Battlemage. Whether you’re running from zombies, cannibals, or drugged-up Englishmen, all these games have one thing in common at their core: the struggle to survive in a world that wants to kill you.
Of course, State of Decay has become something of a mainstay in the years following its release. You must build and defend a base, collect resources such as food, water and medicine, and ultimately, wage gory, fluid-splattered war against hordes of the undead.
In 2015, the Year One Survival Edition was released, which is now the only version available to purchase.

Their creepy story-lines as well as graphics and eerie scenarios and background music will definitely make your hair stand on end.
He and his wife decide to go on a vacation to a town called Bright Falls in an attempt to cure this ailment. So now Wake has to fight these evil forces in order to locate his wife who has mysteriously disappeared. Here you will be playing the role of a young man named Daniel who suddenly wakes up one day in a dark castle, with no memory of his previous life, except for his name. Sanity reduces by staying in the dark too long and it also starts playing tricks with Daniel’s mind by causing hallucinations and forcing him to hear creepy noises. One key element which you can use is the ‘Sight Jack’ feature which allows seeing the area from the eyes of another person which helps you figure out hints for your next move. Here, you will have to take on a whole new army of Necromorphs which has invaded the space station city of Sprawl, situated above Saturn’s largest moon Titan. You can upgrade your suit and weapons at automated stores found in various locations on the Sprawl and purchase new schematics. In this one, Leon Kennedy returns as a Government agent who has been sent on a mission to rescue the President’s daughter Ashley, who has been kidnapped and taken to an evil village which is populated by fierce hostile villagers led by a sinister chief named Bitores Mendez. The horrific creatures and adrenaline pumping action surely won’t disappoint any fan of this genre. Keep in mind that this game is currently in early access alpha and with their purchase of the game players will be actively supporting DayZ's development.
If you feel up to the challenge, take a stab at DayZ and see where this hellscape will leave you.
Lovecraft first created the Cthulhu mythos, nobody, not even him, could predict how much of a popular icon it would become. Since then, the franchise has been evolving while still staying true to what made it great in the first place. Here are 5 games that can go toe-to-toe with Mortal Kombat in a blood-off (it’s like a dance-off with more red liquids involved). It’s fun, it’s accessible yet deep, and it stars many of PC gaming’s most important characters of the last two decades.
This may have occured at the authors request, or it may have occured because it violated the sites Terms of Use. That’s a long time for video games, I wonder how it’s managed to age so- OH GOD, ZOMBIES, ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE.
You play as the leader of a small group of survivors, who have inexplicably managed to get this far into the almighty zombie apocalypse without going the way of the rest of humanity.
The new version received mixed reviews from old fans, due to a lack of innovation, but those new to the game will likely find it more than acceptable. One important aspect is the discovery of manuscript pages from Alan’s new novel titled Departure (which he has no memory of writing), that helps you progress and keeps updating you on the challenges ahead.
He soon finds a note in his pocket telling him to kill a Baron named Alexander who is in the inner sanctum of the castle, while being stalked by some mysterious shadowy presence.

The indicator can be restored by lighting candlesticks or lamps and staying in this light for a while.
Here you have to play in a spooky looking Hanuda Village in Japan, where sacrificial ritual take place, which turn people into undead Shibito. But now, along with your Resource integration gear suit, you will also be equipped with new tools and weapons which allow you to strategically severe the limbs of Necromorphs. Dead Space 2 also has a multiplayer feature where you have to fight swarms of Necromorphs at certain sites along with other players and dismember them.
Weapons and clothing are fully customizable and such objects can be scavenged throughout the environment, providing various amounts of protection against other survivors, the infected, and environment. There’s been plenty of speculation about whether or not EA will be releasing a Dead Space 4. As someone who wasn’t a fan of Lichdom, I say The Culling is a well-executed, enjoyable slaughterfest. Explore, Ransack and Learn to survive in this wilderness survival and hunting simulator for PC.
If this is a mistake and you are the author and would like it re-activated, please contact us with the details.We recommend you return to the news list and browse the links from there. So build your campfire, sit with us and take a look at the 11 survival games we think you should be playing in 2016.
They cannot die through your gun’s bullets alone, as they are covered by a shield of darkness. So your main objective is finding out what this haunting presence is and also to ultimately locate and kill Baron Alexander. You will definitely find your heart pounding as you run from these monsters charging towards you at surprising speeds once you have been spotted by them. Each of your player’s characters have different missions and tasks which you must complete in order to proceed to the next mission.
Aiming your weapon at more vital body parts such as the chest will deal more damage and a head-shot from a rifle kills enemies instantly.
Players can work solo or team up with others and take on the game how they wish: saving humanity or wreaking havoc of everything in your path. You first have to dispel the shield through the use of light from high powered torches, which will then make them vulnerable to your bullets.
You will have to journey throughout the castle to find the inner sanctum and dodge any gruesome-looking monsters that emerge from the dark by fleeing from them (as weapons are not available for you to use against them).
Your character must focus on stealth in order to avoid Shibito who are found in patrolling the village or you can also hide from your enemies until they pass by. But be careful to keep changing your batteries from time to time so that the light from your torch never runs out.

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