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Flint Knapping KnifeThis craft has always interested me as I have pursued Primitive Living Skills, but it also has modern-day applications such as in a disaster situation in which you may need to make tools in order to stay alive. Yes, I know Native American Indians who use modern tools like butane lighters, and, why not use the best tool available to you? Do you have survival skills?!I'm always looking for new survival skills to try and feature in a blog. One of the modern materials that we have in abundance is glass, which can be formed into a cutting tool or weapon.

But the important thing is that they are not solely reliant on them in order to create a fire. I would encourage you to attend a Pow Wow in your area to learn more about their cultural ways and survival techniques. I was particularly interested in flint knapping, which is the art of making arrowheads, spearheads, knives and sharp edged tools out of silica based stone.
He began teaching me about flint knapping by explaining the materials and tools of the craft.

He had some works-in-progress that he used to illustrate the strategy of forming and on which he demonstrated various tools like billets and pressure points used to make both coarse and fine chips.

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