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These are all very important questions to answer, plus a few more, before you can begin to talk about motivation.
Motivation, the long-lasting kind, comes from inside.  Sure, your coach’s and teammates can get you temporarily pumped-up, but long sustaining motivation comes from the inside.
Without motivation most athletes end up having “permanent potential.” That is, they never truly reach peak performance. Motivation is not about telling what you are going to do.  Motivation is about doing something and then telling what you did. Now, let’s say in example 1 you passed on the invitation and stayed in and got the required sleep, nutriment and hydration to perform your best at practice.  You have now taken the path to peak performance. You see when you’re motivated to achieve peak athletic performance you practice something you’re not good at, instead of something you’re already mastered.
You have to WANT it!  You MUST have an emotional compelling reason to make to sacrifice worth it. There were two warring tribes in the Andes, one that lived in the lowlands and the other high in the mountains.
Even so, they sent out their best party of fighting men to climb the mountain and bring the baby home. Feeling hopeless and helpless, the lowlander men decided that the cause was lost, and they prepared to return to their village below.
As they were packing their gear for the descent, they saw the baby’s mother walking toward them. Your big why has to be your “baby!” This will motivate you to push yourself far beyond what the average person would do.
Make this big why specific as possible and positive.  This is basically the SMARTER goal format I have disused numerous times.
He sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to squeeze its body through the tiny hole. The man continued to watch it, expecting that any minute the wings would enlarge and expand enough to support the body.

In fact the butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around and was never able to fly. The restricting cocoon and the struggle required by the butterfly to get through the opening was a way of forcing the fluid from the body into the wings so that it would be ready for flight once that was achieved.
It’s exactly what your adversaries or competitors hope you will do, and there’s always a legitimate excuse.
Remember that your resources are always far deeper and far greater than you ever imagine them to be. Everything you do today, every decision you make, every thought you have, every action you engage in, has some kind of consequence somewhere in your future. Start today in developing your mental strength for peak athletic performance by picking up a copy of “Mental Strength Training for Athletes” by going HERE.
For the rest of this article I am going to focus on a few of the more effective ways to help teach kids how to improve their mental toughness, reduce anxiety, increase self-confidence, and inevitably perform well under pressure based on sport psychology theories and findings.  These suggestions are built upon the assumption that all parents and coaches want kids to learn these things, yet sometimes struggle with the best ways to teach kids how.
When it comes to helping young athletes perform as they know they can in pressure situations, it’s always good to actually practice pressure situations whenever possible!
Shape sport skill acquisition with hearty praise and a lot of positive reinforcement.  Punishment, or doling out penalties for poor play, is never recommended. Young athletes really can improve their mental toughness and learn how to play better in the clutch, but this requires savvy parenting and coaching that incorporates real game-like situations, positive reinforcement, and rewards for effort.  When coaches and parents buy-in to this approach, only then will the kids they coach and parent increase their self-confidence, and as a result reach their full athletic potential.
He would like to have both Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo and Defensive Steve Spagnuolo back, but that will be the decision of the new head coach. McAdoo was not brought to the Giants with the idea that he would definitely be the next head coach. QB Eli Manning’s comfort level with the current offense will be a factor but not the overriding factor in coaching decisions. The Giants would be willing to trade draft picks for the right coach if the asking price was reasonable. Mara would like Tom Coughlin to brainstorm about what kind of role he might serve with the Giants moving forward.

The Giants had three bad drafts, partly due to injury but also simply missing on too many players. A college coach with no NFL experience would work against a potential candidate, but the team would not discount him. You must venture outside your comfort zone, both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The mountain people invaded the lowlanders one day, and as part of their plundering of the people, they kidnapped a baby of one of the lowlander families and took the infant with them back up into the mountains. They realized that she was coming down the mountain that they hadn’t figured out how to climb. That is get comfortable being uncomfortable.  This is what developing mental strength is all about.
Without measurable, specific goals for each important area of your life, these decisions, thoughts and actions become nothing more than a random exercise in futility. Stankovich, an expert in the field of athletic counseling and human performance, has authored hundreds of articles and been featured in numerous television programs, including several appearances on ESPN. Mara said he was not 100 percent sure Coughlin really wanted to remain the head coach of the Giants.
Coughlin did not fail, the organization has failed to put enough good players on the field. Stankovich and Advanced Human Performance Systems are proud to offer a selection of their materials streaming online.

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