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COPOs are rare enough as they are, so to have one come up for sale is a narrow window to get hold of one of these future rarities. You only have to look back at prices of old COPO variants and the prices they fetch and it only takes a few short years for their value to skyrocket. This example is not only a rarity, it has from the factory drag racing pedigree and its all factory, nothing aftermarket.
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In this previously unreleased footage, filmed in the fall of 2002, Wright shared personal details about her struggle to maintain control of Ruthless Records after Eazy’s death. The film profiles veteran and emerging artists and executives including Ludacris, Daymond John, J Prince, Fat Joe, Donnie Simpson, Sway Calloway, Chivon Dean, Chuck Brown, James Brown and many others. Collier says, “Over the years, I had many people interested in this interview and many others in our archives.
She also offers first hand recollections about Eazy-E’s life, career, and impact on the music industry.

The movie premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, was broadcast on IFC, and is currently available on DVD and to stream on Netflix.

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