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Bmw 2-series coupe receives 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engine, Bmw has introduced a series of improvements for the 2-series coupe model. In this sequel to "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing", life is changing for 12-year-old Peter and 4-year-old Fudge. They are moving from New York City to Princeton, NJ, and the Hatcher family is having a new baby.

After moving to Princeton, Peter makes friends with Alex Santo, a boy who lives across the street. Just as life is looking up, Peter enters sixth grade in the same school Fudge starts kindergarten. This chapter book in the genre of realistic fiction is fast-paced, very funny, and has characters that kids can easily relate to.
Konigsburg depicts four sixth graders and their middle school teacher on their journey to win an Academic Bowl. Main character Peter, a fourth grader, has a two-year-old brother named Fudge, who gets into a lot of trouble.
The tale about Ramona starts with her first day of kindergarten, the greatest day of her life.
Ramona loves her school and her teacher, Miss Binney, but somehow Ramona gets into a lot of trouble.
Children grade 2 and up can look back to their kindergarten year and enjoy this humorous story.

The main character of the chapter book is Ramona Quimby, who at age 8 is entering third grade. Ramona tries very hard to be nice to Howie's little sister Willa Jean, but Willa's grandma always blames Ramona when Willa makes a little fuss. Ramona is pretty upset when the egg she cracks on her head following a school fad is raw and not hard-boiled. Main characters in the chapter book, two children named Paul and Maureen, set their eyes on Phantom, the wildest horse on Assateague Island. After twists and turns, the two children bring the wild mare and her colt Misty to their home on Chincoteague Island. After third grader Henry Huggins finds a stray dog at a drugstore, hilarious adventures follow, such as winning top prize in a dog show when Henry has mistakenly put pink powder on Ribsy.

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