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We've spent our Summer feverishly turning the pages of some amazing beach reads, but now that we're entering into Fall – and with it, the start of another fashion season – we need to break out the big literary guns. A New York Times bestseller in 2015, Golden Son is the second book in the Red Rising trilogy from debut author Brown.
Multiple bestselling author Gaiman is no stranger to success, his award winning American Gods is one of the most talked about books of the decade, but still many readers have missed him. McAuley is part of the British boom in sci-fi that has focused on revisiting old classic styles and updating them. Cline had phenomenal success with 2011’s Ready Player One, a love note to classic gaming that defined modern geek culture. Durham shrugged off his literary historian’s coat with a flourish when he published the first of Acacia Trilogy novels in 2007. Classic sci-fi meets hard-boiled crime in Roberts’ soon-to-be classic Jack Glass (2012). MORE: Quiz: Can you say the 10 most commonly mispronounced character names from books correctly?
I asked my childhood friend and official book junkie Jen for recommendations for the summer and thought I’d share her response with you.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED the book!  It was probably one of the best stories I’ve read in the last 2 years.  I read this in one day flat- simply because it was that good!  Then, I read it a second time- because I couldn’t stop thinking about the story. It has everything a great book should have- great characters, comedy, tragedy, excitement, and my favorite- romance!   I have not read a lot of James Patterson books, but now I will definitely seek them out.  This newer release- and one you will want to own if you’re a book lover.  It’s been about a month since I read this, and just recalling the story- I am tempted to read it again this weekend! Everyone is talking about this book.  It was hard for me to get in to, but at about 100 pages, you’re hooked! My first thought when I saw this list was also that you have quite a few YA books on the list.

To prepare, we've compiled a reading list of the best fashion fiction — a mix of popular chick-lit titles, some undiscovered gems, and a historical classic or two — that will entice any book lover with a soft spot for designer drama. The series follows Darrow, a miner on Mars, who just happens to be humanity’s last chance of survival. The first book in the Ancillary series, Ancillary Justice (2013), earned her a clutch of awards, including the Arthur C.
His newest collection of short fiction, 2015’s Trigger Warning, returns to a tried and tested formula.
Clarke Award in 2004 and tells the story of a woman in a remote village in Central Asia who suddenly finds her brain connected to the internet. Both paint vivid and harrowing pictures of life after an ecological disaster that seems to be inevitable today.
A proponent of hard sci-fi, McAuley’s The Quiet War Series does this better than almost anyone else. He returned in July with a surprising thriller, a coming of age, space-fighting adventure which will thrill sci-fi fans and gamers alike. The fantasy sci-fi epic he produced is set in the Akaran Utopia, a world mired in corruption, slavery, drugs and deception.
The Cambridge University academic made his name in 2000 with his debut novel Salt and has since established himself as a prolific and popular author.The three-time Arthur C.
Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I saw The Fault in Our Stars on the list and had just finished it, so I figured I’d see what else you had. I too have fallen prey to the post-college reading exhaustion and am trying to get back into reading.

If you don’t know your Brandon Sanderson from your Brian Staveley, here are 11 authors you might be missing out on. The blend of sci-fi and fairy tale includes previously published pieces and new writing, but is an effective opening into Gaiman’s world. The final of the four books, Evening’s Empires, was published in 2013 and picks up 1,500 years after the first, as the descendants of warring colonists are picking out lives across the solar system. You'll find *simple* activities here that elevate everyday moments into family traditions and memorable adventures. Also great reads, though not fiction necessarily, are The Most Dangerous Animal of All and I Am Malala. They deal with diverse and difficult themes of death and love lost and moving on in tough situations, but it’s important to realize the protagonists are young and that young people also feel incredibly deeply. I have a terrible habit of always going back to old favorites and passing over new reads so I’m excited to check out some reader-approved titles!
Lock-in by John Scalzi is also fantastic, especially from the point of view of a severely disabled narrator living in a future world. I Am Malala makes you want to weep and The Most Dangerous Animal of All makes you wonder if we ever really know what type of people we’re related to.
I think these books should definitely be read by adults, but I also think the YA subcategory often gets marginalized–TFiOS, If I Stay, and Where She Went are just a few that show the depth and talent in YA and should therefore get that credit.

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