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Founded in 2006, Pulse 2.0 is a leading technology news website that covers startups, big tech, mobile tech, and gadgets. When you charge me for shipping a single book, and it gets consolidated with other orders, how does that effect the cost? Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. So far, he has sold over 350 million books, making him one of the best-selling children's authors in history.After graduating from Ohio State University in 1965, Bob headed to New York City to become a writer. But why is this so?In 1988 Alan Moore and Brian Bolland created a story that focused on The Joker, going into his origins and exploring his relationship with Batman.
But it is rewarding.The idea behind this story is The Joker has kidnapped Commissioner Gordon, with the intention of turning him insane.
Taking him to derelict carnival, full of demented freaks, The Joker attempts this through the use of violent imagery of a family member.

Many scary novels followed, including Beach House, Hit And Run, The Babysitter, and The Girlfriend. Can Batman save Gordon before it is too late?While this is a Batman story, the major focus is on The Joker as the reader sees flashbacks to his past. The reader gets to see his life as a married man attempting to become a comedian, but with little success. Through these flashbacks Moore has managed to find a way for readers to sympathise The Joker. You want him to get out of the situation he is in, but since you know how he turns out it makes his contrasting behaviour is all the more tragic. The story also explores his madness, with the reader having to decide for themselves as to if he has any motivation to his actions or if he is purely insane.Batman attempts to be the voice of reason in the story. Throughout the story Batman tries to reason with The Joker as he knows that if the two don’t reconcile one will eventually kill the other.

Bolland is able to capture horrific nature and madness in a way that will leave readers feeling unnerved. From the maddening carnival ride Commissioner Gordon is forced to take to the pure insanity on The Joker’s face, Bolland has created imagery that will stay with the reader long after they have finished the comic. Bolland created a lively bar full of interesting going-ons in the background, such as a drunk vomiting at the bar, but without detracting from the story. Exploring the Joker’s origin gives the reader a reason to sympathise with him, if only for a short moment.

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