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There are many options to choose from;however,  from what I have seen, it seems to be rather hard to find a “do-it-all” rifle. Of course, you can buy multiple rifles to fulfill all these different missions…there’s no better excuse to buy more guns! The SOCOM II, Which is basically the same rifle with a removable rail system up front, is out there too – but it’s heavier, and good luck finding one under the $2k mark. As I write this, I have a SOCOM 16 available for comparison’s sake, and holding the two side by side, I will tell you that the phenomenally better AR ergonomics and better weight distribution of the Windham Weaponry R18FSFSM-308 take the cake here. When you pick the rifle up, the first thing you notice is that the rifle feels a lot lighter than you think it will be. The Hogue over molded pistol grip is comfortable and its soft rubber composition is easy to muckle on to.
Looking further into the rifle yields some really cool discoveries that make this rifle even better. Windham Weaponry took great pains to make sure that their .308 platform AR-15s could fit into the aftermarket world as well.
This rifle comes with a standard mil-spec trigger, which basically means it’s not exactly match grade. But, if you consider that this rifle is, without too much trouble, a 2 MOA (minute of angle – 1” at 100 yards is 1 MOA) performer – and I KNOW it can do better if you feel like searching for the right load – that means at 200 yards it theoretically be shooting 4” groups, and at 300 yards, 6” groups. If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email. Subscribe to the FREE Survival Cache Newsletter and we'll send you a monthly email with new gear reviews, site news, survival tips, and more. Want high capacity and light weight?  No problem, here’s your perfect AR-15 or AK or 9mm carbine.  Want something to engage targets or shoot a mule deer at 400 yards? But what if I told you that there IS a rifle out there (just came out, as a matter of fact) that is as close to a have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too SHTF rifle as I’ve seen?
If that jumble of numbers and letters doesn’t mean much to you, let me give you the specifics. The wood-stocked M1A “Scout Squad” could be a more traditional, contender, but it has no modular rail system, and it’s over 40” long.

I’ll be honest; this was my first experience with the AR-10 platform and I was thinking the rifle would be weighted along the lines of an M1A, for some reason. The Midwest Industries-supplied 15” rail comes with one 2” long keymod-attached rail for accessory mounting (you can easily order more online), with a full-length picatinny rail running the length of the top of the fore end.
First off, you’ll notice that either side of the rear of the lower receiver has a small hole, about ?” or so in diameter and ?” deep. While the supplied trigger is a mil-spec trigger, I was told that AR-15 fire control group parts (trigger, disconnector, hammer, pins, and associated springs) are used and any standard aftermarket AR-15 parts will work in the .308 rifles from WW.
The barrel length gives a slight ballistic boost over the shorter barrel, yet is handier to maneuver in tight spaces or thick woods than the longer tubes.  It also cuts down on weight substantially over the longer offerings, and is arguably potentially more accurate due to enhanced rigidity. It was a pleasure to carry slung over my shoulder in the woods (even when dragging out a deer), and it totes nicely in vehicles. Oops, that AR-15 doesn’t work so well anymore.  How about this Remington 700 in .300 Winchester Magnum?  Oh, you want to retain the detachable magazine and semi-auto platform yet still hit large targets with authority at 400 yards? However, having had trigger time behind both of these platforms, I’d personally grab the AR-10 platform any day of the week over the SOCOM16 to head out the door with.
And these guys didn’t care if the barrel had gone through an expensive custom machining process: one flaw, it was rejected. It was pleasantly nimble at just under 8 ? lbs, and the weight distribution is fantastic, making for a very lively rifle that’s quick to the shoulder. The black anodized aluminum rail itself is easy to hold on to, even with gloves or if your hands are wet. So if you wanted to upgrade the trigger with one from Geissele or JP Enterprises, say, it will drop in. All the controls are the same as a standard AR-15, namely a thumb-actuated safety on the left side of the gun, as is the paddle-type bolt release lever.  The magazine release is forward and above the trigger on the right side of the gun, along with the ejection port (with dust cover) and forward assist. However, it was not gritty and the function was smooth and reliable – what you’d want for a battle rifle. Right away, the rifle again showed a propensity towards the heavier bullets, with a load of IMR-4985 under a Sierra Gameking 180-grain SP grouping 4 shots under an inch, with a 5th shot a called flyer due to jumping the trigger. We’ve got the hottest news about the city, lifestyle,Kenya’s most trusted source of local, national and world news.

The Magpul MOE fixed stock was an interesting choice that I didn’t think I would like, but after handling it, you realize that it’s really a pretty good selection for this rifle. The 18” barrel is fluted for increased rigidity, weight reduction, and improved barrel cooling, and it’s capped with a standard A2-type “birdcage” flash suppressor. As a bonus, the Midwest Industries rail has the sockets copycatted in as well, in the front and rear of the rail, at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, making for a total of 8 sling mounting positions. While the bolt and carrier are specially designed specifically for the WW .308 ARs, the gas key, gas key screws, and firing pin retaining spring are all common AR-15 parts. If I was going to use the rifle more as a long-range rifle, I’d consider dressing the trigger up some or buying an aftermarket unit. I was informed they chose this stock to make it more accessible in places where collapsible stocks are a no-no. This rifle is really a very well thought out combination that doesn’t need special aftermarket parts to make it useful or sexy – all that work has already been taken care of for you in this package. The Magpul stock also offers receptacles for their QD sling mounting systems as well as a slot for a sling attachment, bringing the grand total of attachment points to thirteen. As a nice bonus, the Magpul stock opens at the rear, enabling access to a really quite impressive storage compartment for whatever gear you’d like to stuff in there.
No need to buy aftermarket custom loops or mounts; this rifle has them all built-in and will accommodate single-point, or double-point slings. This is a consideration to take into account if you like to have a few spare parts kicking around, just in case. The rifle comes with a black nylon sling, but I mounted a Viking Tactics VTAC sling into the supplied swivels, and it was a dynamite combination. The difference between the lighter 150-grain loads and the 180s was noticeable, especially when shooting prone, but it was not uncomfortable in the least.
I have yet to try the polymer tipped bullets in the supplied Magpul magazine, but I suspect it will probably alleviate the problem.

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