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Try out the horror novels and paranormal fiction at Ragz Books, with everything from paranormal romance to blood and guts horror available. Header art courtesy CanigliaAll text on this site copyright © Tim Lebbon, unless clearly stated otherwise. With the death of Glenn Frey last week, I dug out this 2-CD set of the Eagles greatest hits that came out in 2003. Cal Newport makes the case that productivity is suffering from too much distraction: cell phones, email, Twitter, Facebook, selfies, video games, etc. Back in 1959, Broadway veteran Moss Hart published Act One his story of how he got started in show business. Carrie by Stephen King.October is the month of terror and scary stories, it’s Halloween 31st.

A Salem, Massachusetts, woman who calls herself a witch priestess is taking a self-proclaimed warlock to court over accusations of harassment.
Margee Kerr says she has the best job in the world: She studies fear for a living, and loves to scare herself as part of her research. Check out our list of the best scary TV shows to make your Halloween 2014 a little bit creepier! The photographer Helen Havard has captured beautiful weddings pictures above the islands of French Polynesia with a drone.
Our paranormal fiction is geared towards both adult and teenage readers and provides a wide range of classic fiction and contemporary fiction for readers to enjoy.
To provide readers with high quality fiction, and to provide authors with support during their journey as writers.

Studies have shown that a person with a smart phone will check it 700 times a day on average.
If you have any interest in Broadway productions and how a play is developed, Act One reveals all the nitty-gritty details.

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