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It is amazing that the recent Hollywood movies, even after the gigantic technological progress, succeeded to keep alive their long traditional root. The American romantic fantasy film Cinderella is directed by Kenneth Branagh and is based on the modern version of Cinderella created by a French author Charles Perrault. Though there has not been a genre defining or cult movie so far in this year, the worldwide box office success and positive reviews for most Hollywood movies made 2015 a productive year for the industry so far. When a bulldog, a Golden Retriever and a cat are left at a ranch, they assume their owners have abandoned them and decide to embark on the long trek home. A family of five is stranded on an uncharted island when their ship is hijacked by pirates. Money and crazy never mix, as proven by John Hammond (Richard Attenborough), an eccentric billionaire who decides it would be a swell idea to create a theme park populated with real, live dinosaurs. Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) is the ideal FedEx employee, priding himself on his anal retentive adherence to strict schedules, but all that goes out the window when his plane crashes in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and he washes up on an uninhabited island. Let's just say you go out for a hike one day, when – whoopsie-doodle -- you trip and fall down a crevasse, only to find your arm horribly trapped between a rock and a hard place. Four friends decide to escape their boring work lives for a weekend of rafting in the remote Georgia wilderness, but they get more than fresh air and a tan when they find themselves lost in the backwoods, hunted by inbred maniacs. Even if you're some tough named "Dutch" -- an elite ex-military op whose handshake could pulverize a "sunnofabitch" -- leading a rescue mission through the jungles of Guatemala is no cake walk. Alive tells the real-life story of a Uruguayan rugby team on a flight that crashed between Argentina and Chile in 1972.
Before January 15th 2011 this series of posts contained the Top 50 Horror Movies of the Decade, it is now the Top 100 Horror Movies of the Decade.
AUDITION totally freaked me out with that scene and now most films try to replicate but just make it torture porn where that scene was something very different. Thanks Tasha, I am glad you read this entry and hope that you read the other entries for my top 100 Horror Movies of the Decade. Thanks Matt, I’m glad that you not only checked out the list but are checking out the films as well. Superb list, been looking for a comprehensive list that doesn’t stick to just Hollywood pulp.
It was not amazing but I did enjoy it and felt that it provided good horror in an unconventional format given the antagonist was a plant.
A wordless Ukrainian drama, a sexually explosive coming-of-age tale, 1950s lesbian love, Leonardo DiCaprio vs. Some of the most striking films this year came from unlikely places and from directors few had heard of even a year ago, and I don't believe a single one was even partially shot at a Hollywood studio, which is sad.
The number of films that seem to come out of nowhere continues to increase, as does the virtuosity of young filmmakers. The toughest film to talk any normal person into seeing this year — a brutal look at violent robbers and pimps at a Ukrainian boarding school for the deaf, anyone?
Coming out at a moment of fraught immigration headlines, this wondrous adaptation of Colm Toibin's marvelous novel is, by contrast, the ultimate feel-good immigration story, set, of course, 65 years ago.
Watching this scorching film on a double bill with The Tribe could land you in a rest home for a year. It took long enough, but when George Miller finally got around to making this long-awaited fourth installment of his trademark creation, he really delivered the goods.
Of the numerous excellent documentaries this year, Ethan Hawke's look at an octogenarian classical musical guru is the most prosaic and unassuming, but also the most profound. There have been too many good movies this year showing equal potential for critical acclamation and box office revenue. The movie is also survival challenge for George Miller for his fourth film of Mad Max franchise where Tom Hardy replaces Mel Gibson in the title role as 'Mad' Max Rockatansky for the first time.

Carey's performance was critically praised and even compared with the 1967 adaptation starring Julie Christie. The story revolves around the avengers who had to fight together to save the world defeating Ultron which is an artificial and mechanical brainpower intending human destruction. The film starring Lily James as Ella as Cinderella, Cate Blanchett as the wicked stepmother and Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother garnered positive reviews and praise for their performance, visuals, direction, and particularly for portraying authentic spirit of the original Disney Classic. He has no food, no shelter, no trendy Canada Goose parka to keep him warm -- and he's also being stalked by wolves who think he's Puppy Chow.
They encounter rapids, angry bears, mountain lions, and a heartbreaking separation, but that doesn't stop them from coming together to rescue a little girl lost in the woods. But it turns out dinosaurs cloned from millennia-old DNA are just as angry and hungry as the original ones, and they soon start treating park employees and visitors like walking Happy Meals. Chuck makes like Robinson Crusoe and becomes adept at building fires, constructing shelter and collecting food (along with Oscar nominations). There are the harsh natural elements to contend with, the threat of guerilla forces lurking in the bush, and a high chance of contracting a nasty case of the runs. The plane, which was carrying 45 people, went down in the Andes Mountains, leaving the survivors to face harsh threats including sub-zero temperatures, a lack of medical supplies, avalanches and scarce food.
I appreciate you spreading the word, and I’m glad you also look for the non-Hollywood horror out there. I keep looking for horror lists of the decade but can only find top tens or the most part whereas you have gone to the effort of doing 100. I am glad you enjoyed my effort, and it is a never-ending effort given I shall keep updating the list if I come across films worthy of inclusion.
People pushed by adverse circumstances or societal breakdown to the very brink of survival was a common theme of many notable films this year, even if they did not explicitly refer to specific events taking place in contemporary times. Startlingly, four of the 10 on my list are feature directorial debuts (if we may chalk Anomalisa up to Duke Johnson rather than to Charlie Kaufman for this purpose), one is by a woman, two certainly cost well over $100 million, while seven or eight had price tags of $10 million or far less. But it put this crusty part-Irishman through the emotional wringer more than any film has in decades.
Leonardo DiCaprio plays a hunter stranded in the wild after being ripped apart by a grizzly bear just as winter approaches.
Everyone says they want edgy, but perhaps this coming-of-age story about a teen who gets her sentimental education from her mother's boyfriend in 1970s San Francisco really did make viewers uncomfortable.
It's got a vision, gob-smacking action, amazing faces and as much creative detail as you would see in an afternoon at the Louvre. Hawke wisely stands back, the better to allow his subject to emerge as he expresses the distilled wisdom of a lifetime as it bears upon the artistic enterprise and, in a grander sense, on how to live a life. Watching this and Brooklyn together would be enough to make anyone want to go back to mid-century New York and stay there.
We have had different types of movies with unique statements, technical brilliance, performances and directorial skills. The film, written and directed by Joss Whedon is a sequel of The Avengers released in 2012. James has been adapted for the film directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson starring Dakota Johnson as a literature student of Washington State University named as Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dornan as a business magnet named Christian Grey.
Grossing over $521 million worldwide Cinderella is one of the best Hollywood productions this year.
A former river guide, Gail's a lady who knows the land like the contents of her Academy Awards' cabinet. It just goes to show you that not even a butt full of porcupine quills can't stop you if you have friendship on your side (not to mention the voice talents of Michael J. It also turns out that dinosaurs can open doors (who knew?), making it harder to escape them.

He ends up stranded for four years with no one to talk but a volleyball emblazoned with his bloody handprint. He cries for help, he vlogs, he chips at the rock with his pocket-tool, he vlogs some more. The film taught us that sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to survive, even if that means eating the dude who sat next to you on a flight. Ironically, the only films among my 10 best that can remotely be described as uplifting are those infused with a sense of life in 1950s New York City.
An action-lover's dream would be for ex-physician Miller to invent a life-prolonging elixir so he could bring out a new Mad Max once a decade for ages to come. The primary theme of the film is survival including vengeance, solidarity, and home coming.
This time the film received positive reviews and garnered over $1.1 billion worldwide business.
She knows all the best fishing spots, all the best hot springs, all the best ways to avoid getting smashed against the rocks. And then, finally, he follows through with the one survival skill you never learned in Brownies: your arm is way easier to cut through than solid red-rock. Inarritu and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki make it all as frighteningly and palpably vivid as possible with thrillingly immersive visuals. It has to pass a long way of battle but yet home has been portrayed as a central motivation to the protagonist.
Though the film got mixed reviews but its Box office success broke many records and grossed over $569 million worldwide. If we've learned anything from outdoor adventure movies, it's that Hollywood stars are extraordinarily hearty. She even knows the best ways to placate her whiny 10-year-old and city-slicker husband while they're adrift on their outdoor adventure. With a little gumption -- and much Disney whimsy -- the Swiss Family Robinson perseveres, surviving both the elements and (racially stereotyped) pirate invaders.
Your guide to what you should never ever, ever do, even if your one goal in life is to tragically perish on the tundra.
The film got praise from the critics for its acting, screenplay, action sequences, stunts, direction and made huge business throughout the world. Whether faced with threat of starvation, lethal predators -- or a lethal "Predator" -- they've got what it takes. Knowledge is what keeps Gail safe in the Idaho wilds -- and yet, she and her family are quick to trust a couple of guys they know nothing about (Kevin Bacon and John C.
That they also managed to "imagineer" a new Disneyland attraction in the process is just gravy. Reilly), seemingly fun-loving dudes who befriend her young son – and soon prove more dangerous than any "x-treme" sport. There's another dude in the jungle who's a born survivor, though -- one who's a blood-thirsty extra-terrestrial, a creature who hunts '80s action stars for sport, and sees the world a lot like your Microsoft Kinect does. He is the Predator -- and it'll take more than a few one-liners and Hollywood explosions for Dutch and his crew to make it out of the jungle alive.

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