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Anyone that spends anytime at all outside trekking around whether they are hunters, campers or hikers needs a quality well stocked wilderness first aid kit. You have to plan for long-term survival whenever you venture out and your medical kit must be up to the job. Survival experts will want to put their own kit together but you can start with an off the shelf kit and add to it. It is a topical antiseptic and is used to destroy bacteria around a wound to prevent it from entering wounds and abrasions. It is recommended that your survival medical kit is contained in its own pack and is readily accessible by all persons in your group or family.

Inventory often to check expiration dates and for missing items do not wait to replenish always have your kit fully stocked at all times. The off-the shelf kits are excellent for smaller hiking trips, and may be a great for home or office but for the most part they will not be adequate for longer term survival. Most first aid kits will have a few wipes but you should have an adequate supply so makes sure you pick up a bottle and extra wipes.
To go that extra mile, include your prescriptions (like anti-biotics) in your kit, or consider getting an suture kit for those detrimental emergency situations. These first aid kits and supplies cover every imaginable situation and can keep someone alive in case professional medical help is too far away.

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