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Please use this link when you shop at Amazon and NatGen will earn a % of your sale at no cost to you! The Green Earth Book Award is the nation’s first environmental stewardship book award for children and young adult books. Over 80 winning and honor books have been honored since 2005. We announced the shortlist for our 2016 National Green Earth Book Award, which honors authors whose books best convey the environmental stewardship message to children and young adults and inspire them to respect their natural world.
The list includes titles published in 2015 in five categories: Picture Book, Children’s Fiction, Children’s Nonfiction, Young Adult Fiction, and Young Adult Nonfiction. The Green Earth Book Award Committee is comprised of 25 volunteers representing authors, librarians, environmental professionals, and educators. The Nitty-Gritty Gardening Book: Fun Projects for All Seasons, by Kari Cornell and Jennifer S.
Book Synopsis:  On a mean street in a mean, broken city, a young girl tries to snatch an old woman’s bag.
Book Synopsis:  After the death of his mother and sister, Luc is left in the hands of a moneylender, Monsieur Tatagani. Book Synopsis:  This photojournalistic book follows three young female scientists living and working aboard a small research ship and details the researchers’ process of developing a hypothesis, collecting evidence, and designing experiments to learn more about the impact of the Garbage Patch on marine life. Book Synopsis:  This volume is a call to action that informs students about how they can evaluate environmental issues by using politics, psychology, history, and an understanding of economics and the media.
Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla, written by Katherine Applegate and illustrated by G.

Please use this link to do your Amazon shopping and NatGen will earn a percentage of your sale. State the problem that you were originally concerned with and explain why you selected the topic you did? Was your hypothesis right or wrong?  Can you make a new statement that you know to be true based on your research?
It is a good idea to have copies of your abstract available for visitors to take with them. The award continues to garner attention from the literary world as an esteemed award, bringing recognition to authors, but more importantly, providing the award-winning books to children. Winners will be announced on Earth Day, April 22, and awards will be bestowed at the annual Read Green Festival in the nation’s capital this fall.
But the frail old woman, holding with the strength of heroes, says the thief can’t have it without giving something in return:  the promise. One of many orphans forced to do Tatagani’s bidding, Luc has found a way to be useful and earn a few coins wiping glasses in a bar in Gabon. The book is replete with Crawley’s dynamic photos of both the scientists at work and the challenges of life aboard a tiny research boat.
This remarkable book offers young people the tools they need to become informed, responsible global citizens. 100 gallons This water use can easily be cut by as much as 30 percent if households took a few simple steps to use water more efficiently.

It is the beginning of a journey that will change the thieving girl’s life – and a chance to change the world for good. Themes of conquering fear and believing in oneself are woven throughout, along with an acknowledgment of humans’ environmental impact on the sea and its inhabitants. One night a man shows up with a monkey and a silver attache case, claiming to be a researcher sent by the National Geographic Society to study the chimpanzees in the interior. Newman successfully summarizes all of their complex research findings into straightforward and doable tips for minimizing environmental impact.
Thoughtful readers will appreciate this insightful, refreshing title’s broad scope, use of specific examples, and the many references to related books, documentaries, and online articles, lectures, and interviews.
A picture book that at first seems dystopic but is ultimately about the healing power of nature. An engaging and worthwhile read, this will surely make young readers think twice about their trash.
From this modest beginning comes a tale of survival and discovery for both humans and chimps. The plight of the endangered chimps is brought to the attention of readers, as are the challenges of socioeconomic status and geographic realities of Gabon.

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