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In an Election that Pits Inspiration Against Evil, How Should We Treat Political Dissenters? With the publication of Ben Marcus’ New American Stories, this summer will offer plenty of new thinking about the short story form. Fairy tales, whether or not we choose to acknowledge them, are hugely important to some of our most ingenious writers of contemporary fiction, including authors like Kelly Link and Robert Coover. A novel about unlearning the nonsense that comes along with motherhood and childbirth, Abert’s debut is also the story of a (for once) credible friendship.

Still, you can enjoy Mislaid — it really is by some measure the funniest novel of the year — even if you don’t appreciate, like I do, Zink’s joshing of US journalists, which has already become a pastime for her. Now we have several hundred more, some of which are featured in this collection, gathered and recorded by the Grimms’ favorite folklorist.
Written in perfectly clipped sentences, it’s a first-rate example of the novel-as-rant. From high-comedic novels that challenge race, class, and gender lines to short stories that lunge at the borders of literary form, from re-imaginations of literary classics set among immigrant communities to reinventions of autobiography — in a few short months, the fiction of 2015 has thrived on iconoclasm.

Found in municipal archive in German, von Schonwerth’s tales include all the favorites: Mermen, turnip princesses, and more. Funny, mean, brusque, but always alive, After Birth evokes a radical past and points to a better future for American fiction.

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