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Years ago, near the beginning of my writing career, I took a course in Middle English Romance and fell in love. The point is that we use outer space to allow us to set up rules that echo the conditions in different periods in our history.
If you want to echo the era when you could cross oceans, but it took years and was dangerous enough that only a few people ever took the return voyage, then you allow near-lightspeed space travel, where the effects of relativity make it so the voyagers only lose a few months of their life but everyone back home has lived through decades and many have died.
What about the era when steamships plied the Atlantic and Pacific, but communication was instantaneous through the transoceanic cables that carried telegraph messages from continent to continent?
If you want it to be like today, then you have faster-than-light (FTL) spaceships that take several hours for a voyage and cost enough money that you don't want to do it every week (unless you're rich or your employer is paying for it). Finally, if you want to have the kind of story where the fairies capture someone and spirit him away to their magical realm, then you use instantaneous "beam" travel, where you stand in a particular place, get scanned and disassembled, and then get reassembled in the remote location. Only in the subgenre of "hard science fiction" do you actually care much about space travel itself, the nuts and bolts of how you move around, the nature of stars and other objects, and the laws of physics.
The original three volumes are a systematic retelling of Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, but it'll never feel like you're reading a tome.

Mike Resnick's Santiago is a sort of Western in space—rather like the television show Firefly, only written earlier. This story of a legendary hero who has always just left town before you got there cost me a night's sleep when I first read it, and still delights me, page after page, when I read it again.
David Farland's Golden Queen trilogy—The Golden Queen, Beyond the Gate, and Lords of the Seventh Swarm—is now available in a single volume: Worlds of the Golden Queen. Farland's gift is to make his characters deep and truthful, their relationships compelling, complicated, and real. Larry Niven's Ringworld really is one of those books that cares about astronomy, the rules of physics, and how the machines all work. But I wouldn't put it on my list of Five Space Novels because space travel isn't at the heart of the actual story the way it is with the other books on my list. And there are other books that definitely are space novels that keep bobbing up in my memory and demanding a place on this list:Arthur C.
In this newly revised, bestselling backlist title, beginning readers and budding astronomers are launched on a wild trip to visit the now eight planets in our solar system (per the International Astronomical Union’s 2006 decision to downgrade Pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet), along with the Cat in the Hat, Thing One, Thing Two, Dick, and Sally.

Clarke's enigmatic Rendezvous with Rama, with aliens that visit us without even saying hello.Ursula K.
I was first hooked on his writing when I read 'Ender's Game' & 'The Voice of the Dead' - but in Spanish!
Le Guin's Rocannon's World and, really, all her Hainish novels, where she explores the nature of humanity as her characters hop from world to world. I discovered the 'Homecoming' series a couple of years ago & have now read the whole series I think.

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