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The San-Francisco-based scheme to create a huge searchable catalogue of information about every book in the world already has more than 23 million books in its system and draws information from 19 major libraries. You can see more of these photos (and pictures of other teacher’s cozy classrooms) on the Classroom Tour pages. This classroom I was in had no windows and was really small, so setting up the room was a challenge. Also in this school, we weren’t allowed to hang anything on the walls because we had a fresh coat of paint (and this classroom had no windows, so it was starting to feel like an asylum), so I strung up yarn like a clothesline and clipped on paper cut-outs of clothes, which served as our word wall.
Putting bulletin board borders around the windows makes them seem larger and makes the room very inviting. Find even MORE info about setting up and decorating your classroom in The Cornerstone book and eBook!
There are TONS of other images on the site to give you ideas for creating a cozy classroom! Angela is a National Board Certified Teacher with 11 years of classroom experience and 7 years experience as an instructional coach.
Muy buen trabajo con tu aula de clases, realmente pareze que tienes mucha iniciativa propia.
We’ve invented a ceiling hanger that will assist teachers to hang items from their ceilings without leaving the floor. We’re interested in getting the word out quickly, so the first 10 visitors to your website who write me will win a free sample kit.
Re: token or bead system: why did you stick to the bead system and not go back to using the token system?
The bead gives visual like the marble in the jar but I know I can forget to give points or marbles out.
The token system seems really good but not sure if the children will cope without a visual. Pokemon is a media franchise spawned from a role-playing video game series developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo beginning in 1996. The Pokemon franchise began with a video game created by designer Satoshi Tajiri, who was inspired by his childhood insect collecting hobby.
Outside of hand-held games, Pokemon has appeared in console games for Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii and Wii U. In August 2013, a teaser for the game Pokken Tournament was first shown during a Pokemon Game Show event held in Japan.
Nintendo carefully translates the names of the various Pokemon creatures to retain nuances that reflect the different languages in which the game is translated. On January 10th, 2007, eleven years after its initial release, British news site The Independent[4] listed Pokemon as the 2nd best selling game franchise of all time after the Mario franchise. Pokemon also has a variety of shippers, people who favor relationships between certain characters, within it. Pokemon has spawned a huge number of memes, some of which are among the most well-known memes on the Internet.
Smugleaf was the name given to the grass-type Pokemon Snivy before the 5th Generation English names were revealed. Fuck Yeah Seaking is a photoshop meme which superimposes water-type Pokemon Seaking into pictures of natural disasters or horrific scenes, implying that the creature caused the destruction. Fake Pokemon Battles are a series of video and GIF animations parodying the cutscene sequence of a Pokemon battle.
Professor Oak is a recurring character who is well known for his knowledge about the creatures and is widely considered to be the best Pokemon expert in his field. Ash Pedreiro, also known as “Dat Ash”, is an advice animal image macro featuring an alternate universe artwork of Pokemon trainer Ash Catchum and lewd puns that are derived from the character names of Pokemon creatures. Brock Obama is a fictional hybrid character which combines the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama and Brock, one of the main trainer characters from the anime series Pokemon. Longchu (also named Pikaman) was inspired by a hacking method where people could change movesets of the characters in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros.
Diglett Underground is a series of parody images showing what is underneath the ground-type Pokemon Diglett, whose entire body is never shown throughout the series.
Pokeparents are advice animal-style image macros where each Pokemon represents a different role in the family. Pokepuns are an image macro series illustrating various puns and wordplay based on the character names.
Spirit Pokemon is a series of multi-pane comics that began on Tumblr in 2010 featuring a Pokemon trainer who finds himself or herself in some sort of predicament and conjures up a “spirit Pokemon” for help. Fakemon are non-canonical Pokemon character sprites and artwork created by fans of the franchise.
Pokegods refers to a copypasta inspired by the in-game bug that allowed a player to encounter the Pokemon Mew.
Espurr is a Pokemon which was released in the sixth generation of games, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. On January 7th, 2014, Tumblr blogger butt-berry[29] created the blog Handstand Abs Guy[30] to showcase a series of photoshopped GIFs in which characters from popular anime and cartoon series are shown molesting the muscular torso of a man in a handstand position against a wall, including numerous instances of Pokemon characters interacting with his chiseled abs in suggestive manners.
Throughout the month, Butt-berry continued to update the blog with GIFs featuring various characters from Pokemon, as well as Spongebob Squarepants and Adventure Time, which drew positive feedback from Tumblr’s fandom community. Search queries for “pokemon” have remained somewhat consistent over the years with increases in volume during spring and summer months, and dips during winter months.
They are also the most prized processions for a book lover and it is a great idea to display them in the most beautiful way. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! However, there are tips and tricks for arranging your space in a way that creates a comfortable, relaxed, and attractive environment. I HATE overhead florescent lights, so I filled my classroom with nearly a dozen lamps and left the window blinds all the way up.I used a cheapbeach blanket to createan inviting area for students to gather and for me to pull small groups to. You can check out the classroom arrangement ideas post to learn the method I use for determining a classroom layout. I used the borders to divide my whiteboard into sections for our daily schedule, behavior management system (team points), and teaching aides. I also had art and some tropical plants on top of the bookshelf, which served as a focal point when you walked into the room. My kids have made posters explaining how to solve math problems, displays of different geometric shapes in the classroom, a ‘quilt’ of their favorite books, etc.

A pretty poster is just taking up wall space unless it’s helping the kids learn, retain, and utilize their skills.
One retiring teacher I know set up a store in her room on the last teacher workday of the year.
I try to pick borders that don’t need to be changed- I have way too much to do to worry about having snowflakes up in May! As founder of Due Season Press and Educational Services, she has created printable curriculum resources, 4 books, 3 online courses, the Truth for Teachers podcast, and The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club. I teach in a private school and the class that I in in charge of is rather ackward in size. I used to be that teacher standing on desks to hang items and warm spaces and am now on a mission to stop teacher injury. Doing relief at the moment having moved interstate, so have time to try out on a daily basis. I like to use different systems just to experiment and see what works best for different groups of kids. Your website is chalk full of useful information that I will surely use in my own classroom oneday. I NEEEEEED to know about something you mentioned for behavioral management “team points” Could you please explain this in further detail or tell my where to find more info on that strategy! The title is a portmanteau formed by combining the Japanese words “Poketto Monsuta” (?????????), “Pocket Monsters” in English.
The first Pokemon video games were released on February 27th, 1996 in Japan for the Nintendo Gameboy titled Pocket Monsters Red and Pocket Monsters Green. There also have been several spin-off games from the standard RPG, including turn-based navigation game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon[23] and action RPG Pokemon Ranger.[24] As of October 2013, there have been six generations[7] of Pokemon released for various Nintendo platforms. The concept combines mechanics from games in the Pokemon franchise with those in the Tekken fighting game series. Each Pokemon’s name is meant to represent their properties, for example, Charizard has the word “char” in its name to indicate it is a Fire type. Probably the most well known of these is Pikachu,[12] an Electric type creature drawn to look like a mouse, who is regarded as the mascot of the franchise. According to a Nintendo press release,[2] the game series had sold over 200 million units by May 28th, 2010. The stories cover a range of subgenres in fanfiction, including Badfic examples like Pokemon: Attack of Mewtwo,[25][26] and creepypasta stories such as the Lavender Town Syndrome, Pokemon Creepy Black and Pokemon Lost Silver among others. One of the first Pokemon ships created was between the characters Jessie and James (shown below, left), which became known as Rocketshipping.[5] This term was coined on the Team Rocket Headquarters forum as early as 2007.
It would be impossible to list every single Pokemon-related meme, but the major ones are included here.
Snivy, along with Oshawott (who was dubbed “Wotter”) and Tepig (who was dubbed “Pignite”) were the three starter Pokemon in Black and White, released in North America in March 2011. Though it has been criticized as a largely forced meme, it eventually gained a solid fanbase and spawned a number of rhyming derivatives. It can also be seen as an advice animal-style image macro series with captions that often start out “Hey guys, did you hear…” followed by old news. The parodies typically involve substituting Pokemon characters with custom sprites of non-Pokemon characters, such as celebrities or politicians, and altering the in-game messages to fit the battle into context. Outside of the context of the game, the phrase is used to denote an action that works exceptionally well. Online, he is the subject of an image macro series which is used to point out the various illogical details about the video game’s world and the alleged mean behaviour of the character.
Throughout the series, he is always one step ahead of the player, appearing at the most inopportune moments to point out the player’s shortcomings. The nickname “Ash Pedreiro” originated from the Brazilian web, “pedreiro” being a Brazilian-Portugese slang term for construction workers who would often throw cheesy pick-up lines to strangers on the street.
The character is usually manifested in the form of photoshopped images with Brock’s head or face superimposed onto portrait images of Obama or President Obama’s face placed onto pictures of Brock.
The parodies will interpret what exactly is happening underneath the part of Diglett that is shown.
After meeting a Non-Playable Character (NPC) named Youngster Joey, he may contact the player at random through a personal phone device in the game known as the Pokegear. It is commonly associated with the catchphrase “My Pokemans, let me show you them.” or “Let me show you my Pokemans,” first used in a LOLcat image in 2007. Oftentimes, the summoned Pokemon brings comical relief rather than resolutions to the problem in hand.
Since Pokemon sprites are relatively small in size, modification of canonical Pokemon can be easily done. The belief originally stemmed from the fact that the Generation I and II games were remade in Generations III and IV respectively, so many believed that the Hoenn region games, which were Generation III, would be given remakes in Generation V. Showcasing your collection of books in such a way that it leaves an impression on the visitor yet remains easy to handle and clean up.
Your classroom is where you and your students will spend 30+ hours each week–why not take the time to make it a homey place where you can enjoy spending time? I have been in 8 classrooms in my life, and when I think back to how I have decorated them, there are ones I loved (BNFC) and those I tolerated (ANFC). In one school I created a cozy reading corner with them (I held parent conferences there, too) and in the another I had it as part of my whole-group rug area.
Check out the Bulletin Board Solutions page for more tips on solving wall space problems, whether you have too much or not enough. I also had a large fake palm tree and other synthetic plants (my principal requested that I limit the number of live plants in case there are allergies). This is another example of how plants can an excellent way to add some color and life to a room ANFC.
Hang up your text connections poster, tricks for remembering multiplication facts, directions for how to do long division, a calendar with important dates and events for your students clearly marked, the correct friendly letter writing format, and so on. In fact, I rarely display kids’ seasonal work, focusing on thematic displays or things that look good all year, such as “Our Best Work”. I have already given up hope to make the class presentable or felt that it was nearly impossible when I came across your article. I’ve used a points system that turned into cash for shop once a fortnight or bank and save but it did get complicated.
We had small classroom last year but over the summer they knocked out the center wall and made all elementary classrooms twice the size. The games and other media surrounding it revolve around the capturing different types of these creatures, the titular Pokemon, and using them in battle.

The game proved to be radically popular, and a third Japanese edition known as Blue Version was released on October 15th, 1996. On August 26th, the game was officially announced and a trailer was released on YouTube (shown below). The characters’ names have become so well known by Pokemon players that a study[3] conducted in Britain in 2002 found that children were able to identify Pokemon creatures better than local wildlife. Pokemon has also appeared in many real life places: Between 2005 and 2006 a traveling Pokemon theme park was open in Japan and Taiwan,[10] Nippon Airways has ten jets[8] painted with Pokemon designs, and the Nintendo World[9] shop in New York City has an entire floor dedicated to Pokemon, including an area where people can play together and receive special items.
While the official Facebook fan page[14] for the franchise only has 1.5 million likes, a static interest page for the Pokemon anime[15] has over 3 million. Later, the theorized relationship between main characters Ash and Misty (shown below, right) was given the name Pokeshipping.
It later was incorporated into a copypasta story that was shared on 4chan, where the phrase evolved into use as a way for 4chan users to identify themselves outside of the imageboard.
Due to its snide facial expression, Smugleaf became associated with trolling, similar to “U Mad?” and “Problem?”.
A ROM hack of the game Pokemon FireRed Version called Pokemon: Tentaquil Edition was created in which Tentaquil was the starter Pokemon.
When the movement set of Ganondorf is transferred to Pikachu, the result creates a Pikachu with long limbs. An abbreviation for “Missing Number”, these Pokemon are used as error handlers by game developer Game Freak.
The techniques can range from simple re-colorings, “splicing” new sprites by combining parts of older sprites, or creating new ones altogether from scratch. It became a common trolling practice to fool people into performing impossible tasks so they could encounter another one of these creatures.
The eyes have been considered creepy and reminiscent of an emotionally-scarred war veteran.
People began looking for minuscule details in the Generation V games that could be evidence for a remake, like Half-Life 3 Confirmed. Back in the good old days, teachers could use curtains, rugs, carpets, couches, lamps, hang things from the ceiling, and cover every square inch of wall with beautiful children’s work.
Students who listened and participated in the lessons were given the extreme honor of sitting on the couch while I taught! I have never experienced a problem with having live plants in my classroom, and I encourage you to use them wherever possible.
I have to admit the main reason why I alwys had new plants is because I have a black thumb and everything kept dying.
Use what you have, what your school provides, and what other teachers are willing to share to make your classroom beautiful.
It’s more meaningful to the kids, and tells visitors more about what’s happening in your classroom. There were tons of resource books, none of which she wanted to lug home to store in her garage!
When I do hang seasonal work, I try to do it at least a month before the occasion to get the maximum usage out of it. Outside of the original games, Pokemon has been used in anime, manga, trading cards, toys, films and books among other things. Blue Version was repackaged and translated for international release as Red and Blue, reaching the United States on September 30th, 1998.
Bulbagarden keeps a list[27] of coined terms for hundreds of ships within the franchise, between people, Pokemon or both. Shortly after this was released, a hack of Pokemon Emerald Version featured Tentaquil as well. There are five forms of the glitch character, which only appears when the game attempts to access data for a nonexistent Pokemon species. As later games were released, new versions of the copypasta spread, asserting the legendary Pokemon Arceus[28] created the others.
They’re one of the cheapest ways to brighten up your classroom and make it feel more home-y!
Pokemon Yellow was later developed specifically for the Game Boy Color the next year, in order to take advantage of the handheld’s improved graphics to make the game appear closer to the anime.
On the Wii, the games My Pokemon Ranch (2008), Pokemon Rumble (2009) and PokePark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure (2009) were released. It’s like my Rattata is in the top percentage of Rattata.” Online, the phrase has turned into a trolling technique, often used to mock someone who is considered the best at something. I hope to share classroom decoration ideas that will help you regardless of the quality of space you have.
For those of you still fortunate enough to be able to make your room feel like home, here are some of my BNFC touches that I miss the most. You can get cute little peonies and other small flowers for around a dollar, and place them on top of bookshelves, tables, etc. I asked parents to send in new plants periodically throughout the year but I could only make 2 last more than a few months.
I have frogs, planets, calendars, paintbrushes, designs, plain colors, and other themes not associated with any particular time of year. I do have some beach chairs in my current classroom, and while they’re not as attractive, they are an effective motivator for the kids. I had to leave my plants behind when I moved to the next school, much to the delight of my former coworkers. Also, remember that your border does not have to correlate with the stuff that’s on the board, as long as the colors and styles complement one another. A train bulletin board does not have to have a train border: a plain blue one will work just fine. Not covering the entire height of the wall, each and every book placed here in this wall to wall book shelf can be accessed easily. The flower vases and tit bits displayed on top of the bookshelf add a friendly touch and the jute mat and beautiful candles in the room make the environment extremely inviting for a reader!

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