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Top Tank is an effective toilet preparation to sterilize clean and deodorise the bowl of any portable toilet. Aqua Kem BlueA┬« provides powerful deodorant action, helps dissolve the waste for pour-away and keeps the holding tank clean and prevents any gas build-up. Thetford Aqua Soft rapid dissolving toilet tissue is the perfect solution for Thetford toilets and also for other types of toilets in your caravan, motorhome or boat. The Elemental Pop-Up Pooper is an easy to use portable toilet that pops up and folds down in seconds. Perfect for your float or truck, camping, travelling, emergency kits and great for toilet training young children. The Thunder Down Under Portable Toilet is ideal for camping, float use or in emergency situations.Excellent when you are competing with young children in tow. The Thetford Porta Potti 165 is the affordable full size model portable toilet, with a bellows style pump.

At 1200psi, the Hydrastar Generation 5 HBA Series have one of the highest operating pressure ratings of any brand, giving better braking performance and decreased stopping distances. Choose from either Dacromet Coated or Stainless Steel vented rotors for greater heat dissipation and improved performance. Park brake facility: stub axles also available with a twin mount to fit a mechanical brake. All calipers are individually tested to ensure years of quality service, even in heavy salt water conditions.
CM hydraulic drum brakes are suitable for use on industrial and domestic trailers, horse floats and caravans and are an economic and efficient means of braking.
CMs newly designed and compact MagBrake3+ supersedes the MagBrake3 and delivers smooth initial braking with preset output and the popular Softstart feature, then under heavier braking applications extra proportional boost increases brake performance, thus improved safety. Note: The unit should always have a fuse in series with the positive (black) wire to protect against overload and reverse polarity.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Have drinking safe water available in transportable pouches anytime with Datrex Water Pouches. If we have learnt anything from Bear Grylls, it's that fire is your best friend when it comes to survival. Now there is an easy solution with Retro Disc Brake Kits that fit a lot of USA made trailers and are easy to install. Simply slip them into your emergency kit, back of your car, with your camping and outdoor gear or purchase in cases to have with your emergency food storage.

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