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Most people in the world are reactive in emergency situations – especially when it comes to SHTF disaster scenarios (Shit Hit The Fan) that result in TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It).
In this situation, something big happened to your region of the country and you have no choice but to leave town. The Special Forces and other organizations I’ve had the pleasure of working with are very good at executing effectively because the plan, then they drill it over and over and understand the military planning process. The other problem is that without an adequate COA analysis, you may not recognize WHEN you need to take action, and you definitely won’t know what other people on your team or in your family will be doing. First thing would be to pick up something that would be susceptible to an EMP but not tied into the power grid.
Now, since you set things up previously, you pull out something electronic that you’ve stored in a Faraday cage. So at this point, you should have an idea as to whether the things in your home work or not. Next thing you need to know is how widespread the EMP is so you’ll have to communicate with someone not in your immediate area somehow. Also consider that an EMP would develop massive power along any power lines or phone lines, which would most likely cause fires in the affected area. What, or who, you check into next will depend on your own circumstances, but at this point, you should have an idea what happened. Most likely, you won’t have everyone at home when it hits, so the next thing to do is try to establish comms.
Hopefully, you’ve set up an emergency communications plan with your family and team, well in advance, and trained with it. In a real situation, you may not be able to establish comms with every member within the time you can safely stay at home. In most cases, your primary rally point will be someone’s home but not in all cases, and for all you know, that home may not be there once you get there.
You should all have already planned your bug out routes to get to where you need to go, which makes it much easier.
You may also find that for whatever reason, you have to move to a new location that wasn’t planned. Essentially, you need to get to some rally point and wait for everyone to show up so you can figure out what to do next.
Quickly set up defenses (such as set up a few people on the perimeter) and then work on improving those defenses later. First thing to do once you have a hasty defense set up is to do your three inventories (read that article for more details). This is also when you should start monitoring frequencies across the spectrum and gain some intel on the situation. If everyone knows the general area where you’ll be, such as a town or a particular forest area, you can agree on very obvious locations to leave messages, such as the top of a very large hill or a unique building, etc.
Should you start the process of preparing to make a long journey to a possibly unaffected area? My goal is to help families to understand how to intelligently protect their family and their way of life against real threats, without all the end-of-the-world doomsday crap. If I wrapped my wind up weather radio inside a bag, insulated with aluminum foil, would this also act as a Faraday cage to protect it? I’m just getting into prepping , I would like to thank you for the info you give it has been very useful and easy to follow ! 4) commo : two Yaesu hand held ham radios , one yeasu base station , 2 types of antennas ( father in law is expert ham guy ) . Use these free clip art images for your collections, school projects, website art and more. Before 'Into Thin Air,' the firsthand report on the 1996 Everest disaster, became a best-selling book, it was an Outside story. Everest, which premiered last weekend at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas, is a 70-minute fever-dream version of the famous story. Elite mountain climbing may seem like an awkward subject for the stage, but it’s a fitting pairing. To transform the story into a libretto, the text upon which the action is based, the Dallas Opera tapped American songwriter and award-winning librettist Gene Scheer, whose 2010 Moby-Dick was one of the most successful operas of the past decade. When he finished the libretto, Scheer went over to Weathers’ house and sang it to him. There was also a chorus: a handful of singers dressed in white standing on the outer blocks. Survival School Intensive Women's Survival Program - Survival School Call Us Today! Home survival supplies may not keep you in the lap of luxury after a disaster or even guarantee typical creature comforts. Certain items always fly off the shelves before and during a disaster such as a blizzard or hurricane. Remember to label your items, organize them, familiarize your family with them and put them in a place where they can be accessed easily in case of a disaster. How will you communicate or stay informed if phone lines, Internet, and television are down and cell phone towers are jammed?
The first step in communication is knowing what has happened and what is being done to make the situation better.
Additionally, the supplies below will help to ensure that you have the vital information to keep connected to loved ones and make insurance claims. After disasters such as catastrophic earthquakes or terrorist incidents, keeping your family safe is a key element of survival planning. In the event the power goes out, it gets dark fast - in fact, so dark that you may not be able to navigate stairs or avoid obstacles. After a disaster, you may be subject to long periods in the sun for prolonged periods of time. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "good basic personal hygiene and hand washing are critical to help prevent the spread of illness and disease." Organic hygiene products are the best option for you and the environment.
After a disaster, the likelihood of you needing your over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription medication increases, and proper planning is the only way you know it will be there when you need it.
The stress of a disaster can cause problems that you may typically not have dealt with before such as headaches and upset stomachs. If power and gas are shut off after a disaster, portable cook stoves (don't forget the fuel) will be your and your neighbors' best friend.
If a disaster strikes your home, you will likely want to salvage belongings such as pictures and family heirlooms as well as attempt to save property.
Putting together a personal survival supply cache can help you and your family stay informed, remain self-reliant, stay connected, and, most importantly, remain safe.
Survival supplies will offer you peace of mind to know that you are prepared should a disaster strike locally. Emergency drinking water – When that block of ice melts, you now have a portable source of potable drinking water.
Hand washing station – You can easily makeshift a hand washing station by hanging a 2-liter soda bottle upside-down and unscrewing the cap ever-so-slightly such that a trickle of water escapes thereby allowing you to wash your hands and conserve water.
Water filter – Create your own biosand filter (video) in nearly any container, including a 2-liter soda bottle.

Self-watering container – Similar to grow buckets, you can make your own self-watering mini-grow bucket using a 2-liter soda bottle. Makeshift funnel – As with the above suggestion, cut the bottom off but remove the cap and you have a nice, free, funnel.
Makeshift pillow – I know this is stretching it a bit but you could rest a weary head atop an inflated soda bottle. Blogging about all things survival and emergency preparedness, including experiences with DIY projects and ideas, gear reviews, living frugally, cooking in unconventional ways, and more!
I lost a bet once in that someone bet me he could fill a paper cup with water, and I couldn’t burn the cup with a blow torch. Your first priorities are to get safe, fix your broken self, fix others, and get out of Dodge. They wargame what could happen, develop possible COAs (Courses Of Action), run through mock exercises in as-real a circumstance as possible each time, and then do AARs (After Action Reviews) to redefine mission parameters, gear, and necessary additional training.
The more you make a plan, practice the plan, and adjust the plan, the more easily you’ll be able to deal with emergency situations. Essentially, everyone needs to not only know what to do, they need to know under what circumstances they should be doing it.
A metal flashlight that contains just a bulb, batteries, and wire would probably survive with no problem. If the cage was constructed properly, it should protect your electronics against a decently-hard hit. If you want to save some cash, get the Baofeng UV-5R but expect to spend some time learning it because it’s pretty confusing.
The neighborhood may be rioting, the forest could be on fire, a roving band of baboons may have been given human-like intelligence by a mad scientist and started a commune there – all sorts of things. Try to leave some sort of message to later parties who arrive so that they notice it and understand the message. You might also add something underneath one of the stones such as a note or even more discreet, a symbol (anything blue meant you headed toward water in that direction, for example).
Hopefully you’ve already shaped the battlespace of your bug out location to make it easier but if not, you need to do it now.
If you’re in a decently-sized town, you can expect certain areas will riot very quickly. You’ll have to balance your need to communicate with your need for OPSEC and evasion.
As before, prior commo planning will allow you to leave more accurate messages to your team while not giving away the message (or hopefully that there even is a message).
Remember that a half-assed plan that everyone follows is much better than a good plan that people follow half-assed.
The biggest thing to keep in mind with that plan is that you can’t have anything conductive come in contact with the foil or the current could follow that path as well. Would be good if we could have some editing capabilities, but I LOVE the convert to PDF option too. For across town, a baofeng handheld ham radio programmed to hit the repeater towers is a decent choice but you have to get a license and have to work a while on figuring out how to use it. You just won’t have the opportunity to collect all the information and intelligence needed to make an informed plan, but you need a plan nonetheless.
4 Walky talkys radios for local security , one old 1940’s tube radio ( short wave) works great. Only thing I’d ask is what would you do if your neighborhood were quarantined or burned down? BTW IM FROM THE PHILIPPINES AND IM JUST STARTING TO PREPP AND THANKS FOR THE ADVICES APPRECIATE IT. But if I have to, I have a cart made ith 4 26 inch bike tires as I cant carry a heavy backpack like I could while in service(plus the spinal damage) so a cart for moving our BOB bags.
In a no-government scenario, shunning and then banishing work pretty well due to the social pressures and then eventuality of having to fend for themselves. If you can't find the clipart your looking for then please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will gladly help. The opera follows Rob Hall (played by Andrew Bidlack), an accomplished New Zealand mountaineer, and his client Doug Hansen (Craig Verm) as they make their way to the summit and attempt to descend through the blizzard. Over several days, Weathers told him the story of being left for dead in the blizzard and walking to camp on his own. At the premiere, the set was composed of about 50 four-foot-square white blocks, stacked and scattered around the stage. They sang poetic questions and recited the time as the climbers struggled, with the inevitable end closing in. However, survival supplies will help to increase your ability to stay alive and remain safe in the face of disaster. Many survival supplies will be in limited supply, if not wiped out completely once a disaster is imminent or has already occurred. Click the image above if you'd like to download a printable shopping list of the survival supplies recommended here. According to the National Weather Service, the NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards (NWR) broadcasts continuous weather information "24 hours a day, 7 days a week".
Be more prepared for the various threats that may present themselves after a disaster with the following supplies. Proper lighting helps you to stay safe from obstacles and be aware of unwelcome visitors, including people and animals.
Hypothermia, a condition in which the body's core temperature drops below that required for normal metabolism and body functions, can set in fast. Further, disasters like hurricanes provide the perfect nesting ground for hungry mosquitos.
Work with your doctor and pharmacist to ensure you can secure an extra 30 day supply of regular prescription medications for each family member to include in your survival kit. For instance, after an earthquake there are aftershocks that may make it unsafe for you to remain in your home. Often challenges such as collapsed roofs, downed tree limbs, and scattered building material present safety hazards to those starting cleanup efforts. Self-reliance empowers you to protect your family, manage the environmental factors such as cold and heat, and stay informed of disaster response operations. When faced with disaster, your ability to adapt and be self-reliant is the greatest variable that will directly affect your ability to keep you and your family safe. You can easily accomplish this by freezing water in 2-liter soda bottles creating a nice block of ice. I would suggest you clean the bottle first with soap and water and then simply fill it with tap water. Just pile the appropriate amounts of gravel, activated charcoal, and sand and you’ll have a viable makeshift water filter in no time! You could also cut it at an angle and turn that same water bottle into a makeshift scoop for grains or whatever you like.
Take a tour to better understand the many tools and resources you can find here as well as what to expect in the future. The neck of the bottle will take almost any size ammo so fill it up (or put in as many rounds as you wish to cache), run a little silicone around inside the cap as extra insurance and bury it.

What you need to do after reading this article is to backwards plan so you can get to this point. During an EMP that blasts across most of the country, the first thing you’ll notice will depend on what time of day it is. So how would you know that this is a widespread event and not just that a tree fell on a powerline? A plastic one that has a little micro-controller circuit in it would be much more likely to fry.
There’s a lot of real crap out there on the web about how to build these things though so do some thorough research. Hopefully you stored a ham radio in some kind of shielding (and not had it still attached to the radio). Otherwise, you’ll spend a great deal of time just randomly trying to find each other. It’s also not waterproof and requires a separate battery charger thing to charge the battery, which is inconvenient.
Make it something that is out of the ordinary, can’t be accidentally done, is unlikely to be changed or moved, and easy to notice without having to walk right up to it. This makes it easier to try to reacquire that same Tx (transmit) signal at a different location or know when they may transmit again. Your primary mission continues to be assembling the team, even if you have to divert resources to other missions such as collecting food or water. Please feel free to contribute your own ideas or experiences and help anyone who has questions. Put a couple layers of cardboard on the bottom and sides to insulate your electronics from the metal can.
Always gotta think about those who want what you have and don’t want to share (tin cans on fishing wire is one inexpensive but effective alarm system). As a lone wolf, I will have to follow a different plan, but I loved reading what you have to teach. Five months later, Outside published his firsthand report of the disaster, which was followed in 1997 by the award-winning book Into Thin Air. The two climbers perish, but not before Hall manages to make a final call to his pregnant wife, Jan (Sasha Cooke).
At the end of the opera, the names of all the climbers who’ve died on Everest were projected on the stage. For an opera that subtly emphasizes how critical every second can be, it was a fitting tribute. We know many of our working women out there don’t have time to take off for weeks at a time to train survival tactics, so we have designed a crash course of skills that will teach you how to keep your ass alive no matter what the world throws at you! Probably not, if you are like most people that rely on their smart phone contact list to keep track of numbers. NWR broadcasts information for all types of hazards including natural events such as earthquakes and avalanches, environmental accidents such as chemical releases or oil spills, and public safety issues such as a child abduction or 911 telephone outage. Conversely, extreme heat can cause hyperthermia, an elevated body temperature that occurs when a body produces or absorbs more heat than it dissipates. Before you get a sunburn, bitten by mosquitos, or have rodents move in, think about how you can protect yourself by considering the following items for your survival supply cache.
Keeping the right survival supplies on hand that reflect your baby's needs will help you to keep the baby healthy, properly fed, and as happy as possible. According to, "a full freezer will hold its temperature for about 48 hours (24 hours if half-full)". This can create a stressful situation if not prepared because crowded shelters may become your only option.
In fact, 2-liter soda bottles can be used in a variety of ways and I would imagine I’m only grazing the surface here.
Just be sure to fill it about 90% full to avoid bursting the soda bottle since water expands as it freezes. Well, you do have to wait a week or two for the biolayer to form but, hey, who’s counting? About 18 inches underground is about right in all but the very hottest and coldest of climates.
Let’s just go ahead and pretend that an EMP just hit, something like in this book (which is a really good book to get you thinking). Wrap the electronics you want to protect in aluminum foil being sure to use multiple folds and squeeze tightly to seal all seams. 2 Also, if Bugging In, I suggest having a backup hidden stash in case those who don’t share get in and take your stuff. The show also tracks Beck Weathers (Kevin Burdette), a client of Hall’s who survives the ordeal despite being left for dead twice. As difficult as the ordeal was, Weathers also credits the experience with saving his marriage and drawing him out of depression. It will prepare you for a wide array of circumstances and this training will give you the confidence to be more adventurous in your travels.
However, keeping survival supplies on hand like tents and blankets may allow you to remain close to home so that you can protect your property and remain relatively comfortable.
What they fail to miss is that sometimes the necessary assets to adequately deal with a situation aren’t readily available on a whim. Put the electronics in the metal trash can on top of the cardboard, put on the lid and then seal the space between the can and the lid with a couple strips of conductive tape making sure to leave no gaps. Knowledge is power, and we want to empower women to feel safe and confident no matter where they go. 3 And lastly, I’d be sure that those in your party are all educated with the weapons listed not just for self defense, but for hunting as well.
And he spoke with survivors from the other climbing teams, people who’d worked with Hall, and families of the deceased. The womens intensive program will primarily be an equipment based course and will only cover a handful of primitive techniques. The course is designed for women of all ages and is full of must have skills to ensure that you need to survive. You will learn enough in this weekend to provide for your very basic survival necessities to ensure that you get home safe and sound! We are going to show you what equipment you need to carry for your basic survival needs and then show you dozens of new ways to use it.
Laura survived in some of the most hostile jungles on the planet completely naked for over 21 days with only one survival tool and actually survived like a queen even though the episode made it look rougher than it was.
She also has hitch hiked all through central America and Mexico solo for extended periods, testing her survival skills along the way in the jungle. She has been a full time survival instructor for years and has traveled all over the US testing her skills in various environments.

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