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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Towards the end of the 19th century Charles Booth, the maverick businessman and statistician who is not to be confused with the Salvation Army Booth, made his 'poverty maps' of London districts. Recent years have seen a good deal of interest in the squalid living conditions of our ancestors, and some of it comes perilously close to the 'going slumming' which was once a popular pastime for the upper classes.
Get a sneak peek inside four of the coolest chapter book series around in this special ebook sampler! HarperCollins Publishers is a proud supporter of First Book, a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to give children from low-income families the opportunity to read and own their own new books.
In 1894, twelve-year-old Matilda flees the city slums to find her unknown father and his farm. This story of a young girl who takes on the world of rural Australia in the 1890s in the lead-up to Federation kept me engaged until I finished it. Angus & Robertson Bookworld is one of Australia's oldest and most iconic bookstores and since 1886 has been dedicated to delivering quality entertainment to the Australian public. Tall and athletic, a soccer player who also dedicates a novel to how cute his little daughters are. Her Melissa Morris mysteries are loaded with sexual tension, seduction, and irritable bowel syndrome.
The thinking man’s crime fiction crumpet, the naughty ingenue of noir with a PhD in English and American literature. A lovely Glasgow accent and a nice authorial turn in disemboweling and other gruesomenesses.
An urbane expat at home in the fleshpots of Thailand like his hero Vincent Calvino, Chris has a decency and worldliness that’s in itself reminiscent of some of the great noir heroes. A former dominatrix, Christa has one of the most flesh-filled author pages on Facebook, often featuring her tattoos. Her 212 is an investigation of internet prurience (a bit like this list) with a thrilling conclusion. The thinking woman’s crime fiction crumpet (the thinking man is still busy thinking about Alafair and Megan). Matt ReesMatt Rees is an award-winning writer of international thrillers and historical crime fiction. Born in Wales, he worked in New York and Washington, before covering the Middle East as a journalist for 20 years. Chilean writer Isabel Allende is the author of 20 books, including The House of Spirits and City of the Beasts. The New York Times bestselling author is known for her unique style that blends historical reportage, memoir and literature.
Shading from red (prosperous) through pink, mauve, blue, purple and absolute black (poorest of all), Booth's street-colourings give us an instant picture, sometimes inaccurate but always meaningful, of life in what was then the largest and most populous city in the world. Today there has emerged a whole genre of social history which, though ready with sympathy and indignation, shows enormous condescension towards the smelly past and distances us by implication from those poor people who had to live in it.In her own carefully researched and much subtler book, Sarah Wise is well aware of this paradox. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
The primary goal of First Book is to work with existing literacy programs to distribute new books to children who, for economic reasons, have little or no access to books. Circumstances take Matilda in search of her farmer-father, a leading light in the burgeoning Union movement as the shearers' strikes of the early 90s and Australia's worst, prolonged drought grip the country.

Our range includes millions of books, CDs, DVDs, audio books, gifts, stationery, games, eBooks and eReaders with fast delivery Australia wide and FREE standard delivery on orders $80 and over. Living in the Middle East I’ve always found the fully covered lady mysterious and alluring.
Born to a British intelligence officer and an industrial chemist, tall, sophisticated, sweet, and cosmopolitan (married to a German.) The Valley of Unknowing is about a womanizer. The Silent Girl is a gripping story of secrets that haunt several lives, and what’s more sexy than a secret?
One of her books includes a corpse found in the tub, so Camilla posted a nice pic of herself in a bubble bath with shapely leg extended. Cool enough to have written novels specifically for reading on cellphones, iDracula and iFrankenstein. A Cambridge University student of Byzantine history (hence his Inspector Yashim novels) with the look of a rumpled English gent.
Comment to let me know if I overlooked the hunkiest mystery writer who ever scribbled his pen across your title page after a late night reading….
I also like what he does with the Authors Guild to stand up for authors in the face of various attempts to denude them of copyright over their works! Out here in Jerusalem I don’t always get to hear about new(ish) writers, so thanks for bringing Urban to my attention. The 'blackest streets' of this book are those Booth designated in a small slice of land just east of Shoreditch High Street - the Nichol, in local parlance, also immortalised as 'the Jago' in Arthur Morrison's celebrated East End novel. At the end she says: 'This has been a voyeuristic book about voyeurism - an examination of who went into the slum, and why. In this way, First Book effectively leverages the heroic efforts of local tutoring, mentoring, and family literacy organizations as they work to reach children who need help the most.
But tragedy strikes and she makes the decision to continue running the farm herself, with the help and guidance of some 'natives' - unheard of and unacceptable to the social mores of the time - and in opposition to the powerful, squatter-landowner and his arrogant sons on the neighbouring property.
Join over 240,000 Australians in Australia's fastest growing book loyalty program Citizenship for exclusive offers and FREE delivery on orders $60 and over. Also happens to have written the most explosive opening of any recent thriller in Trust No One. She’s like Patricia Cornwell without the private helicopter but with more atmosphere.
NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. What, if anything, did their various responses to late-19th century chronic poverty achieve?' Perhaps the question is too large, since all social advances are eventually marginalised by the greater movements of history. First Book distributes millions of books to hundreds of thousands of children nationwide each year.
As is usual with French's work, the story is thoroughly researched, based on a solid foundation of fact and events and is brilliant for providing an insight into a time and place that is critical to Australia's history but not always explored. But when you go to a reading by a thriller writer, the movies that’re developed from their books create an expectation that a male writer will be rugged and handsome like an action star and a female writer will be slinky and knowing like a thriller femme fatale. Rhoades, Rick Gualtieri, Peg Brantley, David Corbett, Nathan Singer,Charles Salzberg, Boyd Morrison, Lisa Unger, David Ellis. However, she has given us a wide-ranging study not only of familiar bug-infested garrets and whole-families-sharing-one-bed squalor, but of the many and various altruists' efforts at rescue.The book falls into two parts. The novel takes place in San Francisco, and centers on Amanda, a teen sleuth hooked on crime novels and a macabre online game called Ripper.

First we are familiarised with the territory of ramshackle alleys, with the petty trades, scams, crimes, gangs, incest, vagrancy, cruelties and loyalties it sheltered, and with the chronic failure of the Bethnal Green Vestry (the local authority) to cope. I recommend this book to everyone, especially teenagers or young adults that would like a good Australian read! Here’s the list of the 21 sexiest writers in crime fiction, the sexiest genre in all literature. When a rash of killings strikes the city and her mother disappears, Amanda takes it upon herself to investigate, and is drawn into a dangerous mystery. These self-interested small businessmen had not the skills, the status, the will nor the funding to tackle even the most acute poverty, let alone to put pressure on absentee landlords - some of them from great landed families - to do repairs.Not till the inauguration of the LCC in 1888 did any effective reforms take place, and by that time a whole tide of legislation to do with health and education and slum-clearance was flowing in the same direction.
But for several decades before that people had tried to do something about the blackest streets, and their efforts form the natural second part of this vivid account.There were the radicals and the anarchists. There were those who tried to get men in fierce competition for jobs to unionise; there were those who fermented strikes and those who made bombs. There were some, like Booth, who tried to analyse the causes of poverty scientifically; others such as William Morris who dreamed of prelapsarian craftsmanship. There were journalists who wrote shock-horror articles, and local magistrates with their personal views.But most of all there were Missions to the Slums. These were usually (though not invariably) religious, and represented a whole range of cults from sober non-conformity to the highest of Anglo-Catholicism. I was pleased to learn about 'Father' Jay, a charismatic, opinionated, muscular type who raised money to build his own church-cum-boxing club and was to figure, thinly disguised, in several works of fiction including Morrison's. But other well-known names flit across the pages, including Arnold Toynbee and the future Prime Minister Clement Attlee. Socialism, it seems, was born in him at the Stepney Boys Club, part of the 'outreach settlement' of Haileybury public school where he had been a pupil.The book ends with a rueful look at the fortress-like tenement blocks which replaced the worst streets of the Nichol but which were too heavily regulated and expensive for the underclass they had been supposed to re-house. And this brings me to one of my few criticisms: describing the streets in their state of terminal decline, with much emphasis on damp-sodden walls and stinking, labyrinthine courtyards, the author seems to suggest (as many commentators have done) that these building were slums-designate from the beginning.
Much of what became the Nichol was originally no worse built than many other parts of London.
A hundred years earlier these had been decent weavers' cottages on the edge of market gardens.And what of the Nichol poor 100 years later? The book ends with a brief allusion to present-day inequalities, which seems to miss the mark: families, like buildings, go through cycles.
When the demolitions came, the family moved away, and in her teens the bright, near-illiterate girl was scrubbing floors out in Essex. So I thought, I will take the genre, write a mystery that is faithful to the formula and to what the readers expect, but it is a joke. But I met a guy, very exotic to me a€” he was blonde with blue eyes a€” and I just had a fling that turned out to be love.
I moved to San Francisco to spend a week with him and get him out of my system; I'm still here 26 years later. There's no limit to the contract a€” 'In this universe and universes to be discovered' a€” I'm not making this up: This is in the contract.
And they also want the copyright of the characters, so I lose my characters, and if I want to repeat them in another book I have to pay them a royalty.

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