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Such is the transformative power of the stories we humans tell to one another – and why it’s fun to come up with a list of our all time favorite books!  I urge each one of you to come up with your own list and share it with your friends.  Better yet, post it here as a comment on this site. Okay, I said no particular order, but if I had to pick a single all time favorite, this would be it.  Faulkner’s my favorite author, and this is my favorite Faulkner. This is the first “real book” I can remember reading cover to cover as a young boy and it established my lifelong literary habit. I read this book for fun while in college.  It really got my wheels turning about the big moral questions, existentialism, Christianity, pride and redemption. I’ve read this book so recently it is placed among the Top Ten very cautiously.  It’s a beautifully written, entirely life affirming story all told through the mind of a man drifting in and out of consciousness on his death bed. Next week I’ll post about Iron John – the book that gave me the courage to escape my career in corporate America – plus the other non-fiction books that round out my Top 10.

There are a number of different ways to dice that question, but for the sake of this exercise, I will define a favorite book as one that I not only greatly enjoyed but one that made a profound and lasting impact on my life. It also established a life-long pattern (for better and more often than not for worse) of getting some of my best work done while avoiding the pile of work that MUST be done.  You could say in a not so indirect way that Crime and Punishment is the whole reason for this nutty book blog of mine! I don’t really care how the book may or may not stack up in the lofty literary annals.  If a book grabbed me, if it made me see the world in a new and different light, it will be up for consideration.
The story taught me about friendship and loyalty and prepared my young mind for the hard truths about mortality. It could very well be the book that becomes one of the key guides for this latest stage of my life with my career winding down and with two grandchildren  – sort of like what Charlotte’s Web was to my childhood, Lord of the Flies and Huck Finn were to my adolescence, Crime and Punishment and Absalom! It doesn’t need to have ever appeared on a college syllabus or to be on anybody else’s Top Ten list and I couldn’t care a hoot if it was written by a Pulitzer Prize winning author or by Elmer Fudd.

I rate books by the size of the goose bumps they raised, the brightness of the insights they sparked or the distance they inspired me to travel.
Hmm … Tortured and weirdly off color metaphors aside, sharing your deepest thoughts and learning from one another is important.

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