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Established in India in 2002, EMDI Institute of Media & Communication was launched in Dubai in 2004 as a Professional Training Centre in the Dubai Knowledge Village. EMDI has over 200 relevant professionals to call upon to teach and lecture to students, passing on their industry experience and training.
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Your contact information will be forwarded to the course provider who will contact you with further information.When you enter your personal information via our website we will include you in our e-newsletter. Since their debut in the training industry, their main goal has been to add value to customers' performances, at an individual, team and operational levels. Training experts at Orbital offer exceptional customer responsiveness in order to reduce costs and waste, save space and free up cash resources that, in turn, increase productivity and performance. All training courses delivered by Orbital can be run on an in house basis and tailored to your needs. For groups of 10 or more delegates , Orbital Training & Consulting can deliver training and workshops onsite at your location. The course programmes delivered by Orbital take a problem-solving approach and aim at the quick identification of the root cause of problems.
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All inclusive -Flights, accommodation and food catered for along with transfers from airport. The course is 14 days in duration and is a combination of classroom and practical exercises. If you pass the course you will obtain an NVQ award in Close Protection Operations from our awarding body, HABC. Most of the training companies today are just focusing on making money so just teach the basics and then show students the door, which in return has made the industry flooded with officers just having licence without any experience or skills. In order to achieve this, some people are offering their services for free, while some other training institutes still see this chance of getting more money and they supply less experienced security officers. After 3 years, SIA used the manned guarding model and applied it for Close Protection Officers Training. The training guidelines set by the UK Security Industry Authority includes competencies like threat and risk assessment, surveillance awareness, operational planning, law and legislation, interpersonal skills, close protection team work, reconnaissance, close protection foot techniques, route selection, use of close protection vehicle techniques, search awareness, incidents and dilemmas, venue based security and communication and conflict management skills.

The best companies in the region look to us to develop their people, and shape future performance.
In the Olympics the margin of victory between Gold and NO medal is extremely small, 0.71 seconds! If you are a decision maker, you are invited to evaluate first hand whether our solutions would work for your team by experiencing it as our guest at no charge!
If you want to know more about our services and short courses, contact us today and talk with one of our consultants. Whether you are looking to find out more about the work we do, how we can help transform your business or just be part of one of our upcoming workshops, we are happy to answer all your queries. Enter your email address to sign-up and receive the PROTRAINING Newsletter with updates, exclusive news, invitations to events and more.
Excellent infrastructure committed to excel the career of aspiring individuals having the skills of professional to help in meeting the objectives.
Superb environment, dedicated team of professors contributing towards the excellence in the management studies. For every course that is offered at EMDI, there is a huge potential for employment and entrepreneurship – where freelance professionals are often sought after for their services. Trainers and consultants at Orbital have real practical experience from a wide range of industries and have trained all over the world for many companies and cultures – their experience will be passed on to you! Their training and consulting approach brings real benefits to you and your business, as the tools and techniques you learn during the course will then kick-start your project post event and give you rapid results. If you're looking for a bespoke course, they will tailor it to meet your objectives and business needs. The trainers demonstrate how to eliminate problems in the shortest possible time and how to effectively communicate solutions and monitor results for continuous improvement. It is an intensive course and all sections of the course must be completed as well as a stringent assessment process in order to pass. This coupled with a First Aid At Work Qualification which we can also provide will allow you to apply to the Security Industry Authority for a Front Line Close Protection License.
Though in the beginning this was considered to be expensive, however its benefits soon started becoming apparent. They had industry experts to develop the training course, and once the candidate passes the course, he or she needs to prove they have no criminal record to apply for a licence.

Sharpen your technical competencies and strengthen the aspects of your business that will benefit you the most – partner with PROTRAINING today and experience one of the leading training institutes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi! In our short courses, participants play an active role as they interact with each other and their environment to develop new skills and harness the individual strengths of each participant. PROTRAINING will be delighted to explore any questions you may have, and see how we may offer advice or support. A realistic down to earth training program will be really helpful to create good background of the upcoming professionals.
These techniques show clients how to work towards reducing safety incidents, reducing defects and costs, but increasing productivity, quality and profits.
Selection of institute and trainer is really very important as it impacts the level of Close Protection Officers entering the market. This is particularly true in the UAE, where there is no shortage of new ventures emerging to take the market by storm. PROTRAINING offers short courses specifically designed to equip and empower individuals who want to unleash their potential and maximise their opportunities.
Or join us at one of our training centers in UAE to be part of our monthly showcases, and experience our training first hand. Our institutes’ solutions are specifically integrated to help grow you and your team by developing better strategies, behaviour, and performance. Through this method, PROTRAINING corporate training Dubai centers are able to accelerate learning and improve retention of information relevant to the workplace.
Perfect Exposure, Perfect Environment and most of all perfect MENTORS will take the Students a way lap ahead in their lives. I am excited to see how IPS is training young professionals of our country in such nice manner.

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