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I am so excited to be joining with some of my friends over at Freebielicious in our summer book study. For those of  you who are unfamiliar with the Daily 5, it is a structure that you can implement in your classroom.
Three years ago, I read the first edition of the book and fell in love with one of the Sisters key points.
In the first chapter of the second edition the Sisters discuss how the Daily 5 has evolved over the last few years.
This means that you as a teacher gage your class and see if YOU (the teacher) are stopping your students when they are reading or writing OR if your students’ STAMINA is stopping the rotation. In fact, at the end of this school year, my class took a vote as to what their favorite parts of the day were and guess what was one of their favorites? In fact, creating a classroom community is so important to me, I created a packet all about being a friend {you can see that here} and I blogged about it here! Another key element that the Sisters believe in is giving your students the power to CHOOSE what they want to do.
Lastly, another KEY element in the Daily 5 is allowing your students the opportunity to get up and have a brain break. If you are interested in the daily 5 posters or choice cards you can download them for free by clicking on the cover below!

The book offers SO much more so make sure that you grab a copy of the second edition and join us next week as we tackle chapter 3- The 10 Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence.
One of my faves, that's lesser known (or lesser thought of at least), is Nana Upstairs, Nana Downstairs, so good. They stated that the way that students become better readers and writers was to provide them with the opportunity to practice reading and writing in your classroom DAILY. I was so happy to read this because as I found myself getting more into the Daily 5 I found that I did not have enough time during my language block to have my students going to 5 rotations every day.
If it is YOU stopping your students, then you can drop out a rotation and increase the amount of time that students are doing a particular task. When You Were a Baby by Linda Hayward and I of course love Little Critter books by Mercer Mayer.
Just looked at my bookshelf last night at home & found a ton of great books so when I saw this, I had to share!! I followed the structure that they presented in their book and was overjoyed with the results. I like this a lot because oftentimes when I was trying to fit in ALL 5 rotations, I was only allowing my students 10-12 minutes at each activity whereas most of the class had the ability to read and write for much longer than that. It means that during the rounds of Daily 5 in your classroom, your students can choose any of the 5 Daily 5 options.

As a teacher, I loved having ample amounts of uninterrupted, QUIET working time in my classroom where I could pull my Guided Reading groups. If you notice in the background of the picture I have a student quietly reading from his book box. I normally allow some semblance of choice, but my students don’t always get to choose between all 5 options in my classroom. The student in my guided reading group is completely focused on what we were working on, and the rest of the class was busy getting better at reading and writing! Rather, during the first round of Daily 5 in my classroom, my students can only choose between Read to Self and Work on Writing.
However, during the final rotation of the Daily 5 in my classroom, they can choose from all 5 of the choices. I personally do not mind if my students choose read to self or work on writing twice in one day– it is just more practice for them!

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