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Share to Twitter2016 is already looking to be a big year for movies, but will they be good? Staring Chole Grace Mortez (Cassie Sullivan), Nick Robinson (Ben Parish), Maika Monroe (Ringer), and more.2. The image of the slouched, tired "dogface" comes in part from the pen of cartoonist Bill Mauldin. We honor them because they slogged through mud and took care of their buddies in a conflict that a€” despite their fierce dedication a€” they didn't relish.
Since writing is an art and not everyone possesses equal talent, a submission editor must be wowed. There was Fault in Our Stars which is great but really a movie you only need to see once or twice. Shadowhunters (TV Show January 2016)Staring Katherine McNamara (Clary Fray), Dominic Sherwood (Jace Wayland), Alberto Rosende (Simon Lewis), and many more.5.
This image of the slouched, tired "dogface" comes in part from the pen of cartoonist Bill Mauldin.
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It made me believe Insurgent would live up to the hype, which it did not I will explain more below.
I thought the movie was inspiring and how there is always two sides to every story, just not in the way we think.

The solders' stand-ins, Mauldin's everyman heroes, were a couple of long-suffering, wisecracking infantrymen named Willie and Joe. Their sense of battle was that it was a terrifying ordeal and a numbers game ("I'm beginnin' to feel like a fugitive from th' law of averages," Willie once says to Joe). I thought it was well done, though I would have changed a few things here and there but overall I am happy with the outcome.
The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies was the last movie for The Hobbit book and I thought it was incredible, however next time I would change it into one or two movies not three. On at least one occasion during the war, the engraved plates were made from the zinc lining of caskets. The first one actually completed was also released last year, but I did not think it was extraordinary has everyone was hoping. That gravity and humanity is among the things that hit you most about these panels: Even when every vestige of civility and society has been stripped away, Willie and Joe remain good and decent men. On the other hand I do not think anyone will ever live up to our expectations on any "The Giver" films. Since the book is so descriptive, emotional, and different, I do not think anyone will be able to capture the actual story of the book. I agree I am not a huge fan of these kinds of films, but I thought this one actually was well done. If I Stay was a movie I love the book was great and the movie just made me love the book even more.

Many more TV Shows were also based of books as well like Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars, Under the Dome, Orange is the New Black, and many more. Pretty Little Liars on the other hand is getting too long and kind of pathetic, I have not read the books and I do not plan too. I already read The Lying Game books by Sara Shepard and I know they are pretty much identical to the Pretty Little Liars TV Show. Under the Dome I also have not read, but I think the TV show is a little exaggerated, but lets be real no Steven King book never is not out of the ordinary.
There are plenty more books I have not read which were released into films last year, so yet I cannot comment on them.
However I have heard multiple times that 2014 was the year for books becoming movies.2015 did not start off very well with Insurgent I found it was NOTHING like the book, and am still disappointed to this day by the movie. For example one of my friends read The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks and thought the movie did not live up to the book what so ever. Sorry for my little rant, but for you guys to know how well 2014 did and how poorly 2015 started off.

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