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Tales of love and lust in contemporary gay culture, Best Gay Romance 2014 is a Valentine to readers and a wonderful reminder of how love can begin — at the grocery store, the gym, the library, or even on the world wide web. Here’s our top 10 picks for 2014?s best summer reads, including five recent fiction and non-fiction releases. If you plan on purchasing any of these books, you can support rukkle (at no extra cost to you) by using the Amazon affiliate links below.
A gay man attends his high school reunion in Savannah, where he’s pursued by the now-married former football star. He discovers a country at a crossroads between communism and capitalism, and a picturesque city overflowing with a vibrant, searching sense of possibility.
The trail went cold, but investigative journalist Griff Hadley has always thought there was more to the story — much more.
It seemed much more attainable and fulfilling than the alternative—coming out of the closet and making peace with the fact that he’d never have a family at all.
Twenty years later, Jerry is living with his long-term boyfriend, Drew, and they’re ready to take the plunge into parenthood. Purchase Mommy Man: How I Went From Mild Mannered Geek to Gay SuperDad by Jerry Mahoney on Amazon. Using mobile internet and GPS, men can find one another nearly anywhere, and many men are: Grindr, the most popular of hookup apps, has six million users and they spend over 90 minutes a day using the service. Beginning with the founding of the profession in the late 1920s and continuing into the post-September 11 era, Plane Queer examines the history of men who joined workplaces customarily identified as female-oriented. Purchase Plane Queer: Labor, Sexuality, and AIDS In The History Of Male Flight Attendants by Phil Tiemeyer on Amazon.
Inspired by the task of unpacking his library, the narrator returns to writing an autobiographical novel about the sudden appearance of his son, Joe, who at age nine shows up on the narrator’s doorstep for the first time.
The narrator, unnerved by the prospect of sharing his life with his extremely precocious child, is nonetheless moved by Joe’s arrival. We hope that our top 10 summer reads for 2014 provides some of the best gay books for you to read this year. Last week while America was busy inaugurating, Bloomsbury released the paperback of A Perfect Waiter. Charles Flowers has posted an updated list of titles publishers submitted to this year's Lambda Awards, and the good news is you have a lot of browsing to do in twenty-two categories of lgbt books. When you think of excellent, living British writers who happen to be lesbians, do you stop after Sarah Waters and Jeanette Winterson?
While I was lost in The New Yorker, Andy Towle was tracking down the Nashville Scene (via the National Post) for an interview with John Irving from November.
Now that the new year truly has begun, let's look ahead to some significant books of 2009. The very best and most useful year-end roundup of books is always the Guardian's survey of author favorites, both for new discoveries and for reconfirming literary soulmates.

Raphael Kadushin, the travel writer and book editor, has just published Big Trips, a new anthology of current travel writing by gay authors, five of whom read from their contributions last night in New York. Simon Sheppard(Kinkorama), Jay Quinn (Metes and Bounds), Lawrence Schimel (Boy Meets Boy), and Jim Gladstone (The Big Book of Misunderstanding) are just a few of the leading gay writers who present new stories of gay love and longing in this collection of passionately romantic original fiction.Nick Street is a writer and editor living in Los Angeles. If you live in the US, chances are pretty high that your lil one will meet a kid with one or more gay parents at some point.
Hopefully, parents will learn or re-learn the fundamentals of tolerance along with their kiddos.
Real romances with relatable characters, each of the stories in this collection represents a facet of the oh-so-human heart. Friedman investigates art, sexuality, love, and religion in seven unconventional and engrossing short stories. This means that whenever you buy a product on Amazon from a link here, I get a small percentage of its price. From beachfront bunking to cruising the ocean's waves, this year's edition of gay love stories explores the electric connection between men and men and the sultry sun that melts their hearts.
Instead, you can amuse yourself by looking at his West Village apartment, which he told the New York Times reminds him of a Doris Day movie. At 49, he combines such vast expertise and originality that he has permanently altered his profession, and he's done it by being gay.
During senior year at a New England boarding school, Ethan, a new student from California, is befriended by rich kid Todd and a predatory female teacher, Hannah.
Goes without saying release dates are subject to change, especially in the second half of the year.
In the preceding five years he had published his five groundbreaking novels, as well as three plays and dozens of poems, all of which were greatly esteemed by his European contemporaries despite his focus on petty thieves and his inclusion of gay sex.
The editors of the Los Angeles Times revealed their favorite titles of 2008, among them his remarkable second novel, The Book of Getting Even, about a young gay Southerner's attachments - erotic, fevered, platonic - to a sterling family of Eastern European intellectuals. Dale Chase’s “The Early Show” describes the tantalizing flirtation of two writers who share an eccentric habit of showing up early to Sunday matinees to enjoy the promising half-dark of the theater. When your tot comes home with questions about different types of families, or if you're a gay parent looking for some language to explain your home life to your child, these books are a great way to get the conversation started. He’s arrived a year too late to witness Czechoslovakia’s revolution, but he still hopes to find its spirit, somehow.
That helps support rukkle by offsetting a fraction of what it takes to maintain the site, and is very much appreciated. In 1995 he cast male dancers as the swans in Swan Lake and became a sensation throughout the world. Author of four collections of stories, a shortish retelling of the Iphis myth, a nonfiction book about reading, and three major novels, she has twice been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, twice shortlisted for the Orange Prize, and won a Whitbread [now Costa] Award. Do follow the links to read their specific praise [click the names for their opinions, click the titles to buy the books].

As news of his dire situation spread, rather than ostracizing Genet, the leading intellectuals rallied to his defense, and with a public push from Cocteau, Sartre, and Picasso, among others, Genet was pardoned by the French president.
Fortune's Maggot (1927), concerns a middle-aged gay clergyman who while doing missionary work in the South Seas falls in love with a native young man and loses his faith. Previous winners this decade have been Michael Ondaatje, Philip Roth, Orhan Pamuk, and Daniel Mendelsohn.
It is safe to say Harry Truman would not have done the same because at that point Genet's fiction was still banned in the United States.
If you've ever heard extraordinary Michael Klein or Dale Peck or Edmund White, you know how entertaining they are.
Lolly Willowes was the very first selection of the Book of the Month Club, and both novels were major successes in America and the United Kingdom. Frost’s “No More Mirages” is a tale of romantic destiny set in a dojo, an oasis of bamboo, white mats, and stone sculptures where an actor, bitter from his last break-up, finds himself drawn to a charismatic sensei. It would be a capital crime if FSG, Steerforth, and Bloomsbury didn't submit these books. The rigid establishment has embraced it, adding it to the standard A Level syllabus for dance majors in Britain. I haven't read it but I suspect, like so many literary novels, particularly those with gay themes, it had a hard time getting reviewed.
Genet never returned to prison after that, nor did he ever publish another novel, although he continued to write plays, poems, and a memoir, Un Captif Amoureux, published in 1986, the year after he died of throat cancer.
Klein earned the night's biggest laughs with his nevertheless serious essay about his unequal love affairs in Provincetown the summer of Hurricane Bob. And in Rob Rosen’s wonderfully funny “Nudie Blues,” a romance writer discovers a hole in his backyard fence and the hunky new neighbor behind it.
The only mainstream paper on Dolby's website is the San Francisco Chronicle, where his first novel The Trouble Boy was a best seller. White read about traveling with a hot mec in a small Moroccan town bordering the Sahara, Zagora (where I happened to be two years ago, hence my photos of it). Much has been made of her close, literary friendship with her New Yorker editor and author of the classic gay novel The Folded Leaf, William Maxwell, immortalized in a collection of their letters from 1938 to 1978. Less discussed is her greatest love, her partner of thirty-nine years, the poet Valentine Ackland. Acocella's fact piece on Bourne from March 12, 2007 remains the best profile of him, in part because she directly addresses the gay aspect. Although the two women died nine years apart, their ashes are buried together beneath a single stone in a churchyard in Chaldon Herring, Dorset.

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