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Relatively Interesting The Cambodian Stegosaurus: Proof That Humans And Dinosaurs Coexisted? Deep within the Cambodian jungle lie the magnificent ruins left by the Khmer empire, including the temple of Angkhor. One particular relief displays a number of animals:  what appears to be a monkey, a deer, buffalo, parrots, various swans, a gecko lizard, and… a stegosaurus! Hold the phone: if an artist was able to carve a stegosaurus, the he must have seen one with his own eyes, and therefore, this is amazing evidence that humans and dinosaurs actually coexisted!
It may be true that a 13 year old who sees the carving would jump to the conclusion that it is a stegosaurus, likely because of the “plates” on the spine of the creature and because stegosaurus is one of the most recognizable dinosaurs, along with T-Rex, Apatosaurus, Velociraptor, and Triceratops. The creature in the relief, except for the “plates” (which we can’t even prove are plates – they could be decoration behind the animal, since many of the other animals have similar decorations) doesn’t really looks like a stegosaurus. As many other bloggers on the Web point out, the carving looks like a chameleon, which are incredibly fascinating reptiles. At least three species are native to Cambodia, so there is a decent chance that the artist would have been exposed to them. A quick invocation of Occam’s Razor once again provides us with a simple solution: it’s not a stegosaurus, it’s some other native animal to Cambodia. And besides, if you’re still on the fence: the carving could be a fake, created in recent history.
Most ViewsMost Comments25 GIFs that explain how things work 38 Ways to Win an Argument: The Art of Being Right 10 Climate Change Myths Debunked Has NASA's Curiosity Rover found photo evidence of life on Mars? Senator Ahmed Sani Yariman has lambasted his critics over his stand on the issue of early marriage.
I am sure that Holder has placed him on the no fly list to protect America from these pedo monsters. Dr Patrick Okolie, an Abuja based, general medical practitioner, has advised parents, who still practice early child marriage, to have a change of heart, as it could endanger the child’s whole life.
Okolie in Abuja on Tuesday said that early child marriage exposed young girls to Vesico Vagina Fistula (VVF).
According to the doctors, VVF is an abnormal fistulous tract extending between the bladder and the vagina that allows the continuous involuntary discharge of urine into the vaginal vault.
He said the condition was one of the two common obstetric fistulas that were found in the developing world like Nigeria. Her baby died and Amina, of the semi-nomadic Fulani people, was left with a terrible injury that caused her to leak urine constantly. When a mother’s labor becomes obstructed and the baby’s head presses against mother’s pelvic bones, it can cut off blood supply to the soft tissue in between.

In all the years she hid, Amina never knew that her condition was treatable, or that her plight was shared by an estimated 400,000 to 800,000 Nigerian women and more than 2 million women worldwide. A woman normally needs her husband’s or perhaps mother-in-law’s permission to go to hospital — a decision-making convolution that causes further delays in an emergency. One morning during GlobalPost’s visit to the Jahun hospital, a baby died in the womb because the doctors were unable to find her husband in time to get his permission for a C-section.
This is why it was SO important that we win the battle over here of the definition of marriage. Moses had his experience with God then 1,000 years later or so the race of Ishmael and Esau had their supernatural experience, presumably with Satan. Their men are brutes, thugs, bullies and deserving to be taken out and thrashed to within inches of their lives; this is not a value that is espoused by western men, because a real man would not feel the need to validate himself by beating up any woman. Western Liberals and the moral elect, with their Politically Correct values, who insist that they’re just misunderstood and should be shown tolerance and understanding, are either fools living in fools paradise, or rather just indifferent to the plight of women in the middle east. Somehow they would rather make them a special interest case instead, and subject them to the racism of lowered expectations, feeling that these savages must be judged by a lower standard, rather than the main standard we all live by. I can not help but wonder if this form of moral pontification of theirs, is not influenced by the lame stream media, academia, and politicians trying to pander to the mosque vote, not an individual vote per person, but rather by a voting bloc, dictated by one of their leaders. These countries are in the big global world and expect to be accepted for their SAVAGE -terrorist ways? Thanks for the info, I have also heard there is a higher percentage of cervical cancer in from girls beginning sexual activity at early ages. And according to prcticing Muslims, Muhammad is "the perfect model." According to Islamic law, this devout Muslim Senator is quite correct. In a statement by the Senator, he said; “Nigeria has many uncountable problems and none of them is early marriage. Posts using foul language, as well as abusive, hateful, libelous and genocidal posts, will be deleted if seen. Ashamed of her condition, she spent the next 16 years a virtual recluse at her parents’ home, interacting only with her immediate family of nine people. In Amina’s case, the tissue died, leaving a hole between her bladder and vagina, known as a fistula. I wondoer how many moslems support marriage to girls regardless of their personal feelings in the matter? You really got to wonder about a people who would deny a human being the dignity and respect that we as all humans deserve, and to subjugate women and little girls and treat them with a status that is lower than the family dog, this is both a culture, tribe, race and religion that has so overtly shown themselves to be worthy of the utmost contempt. Somehow the act of honor killing, genital mutilation, gross forms of abuse, and child marriages, doesn’t resonate with them.

If you spend enough time on searching, you can find a better match than the one in the image to the right. It is an extraordinary leap to assume that one carving of a barely identifiable creature is a stegosaurus, and an even bigger leap to then suggest that dinosaurs coexisted with humans, thus “proving” Creationism and a young Earth. However, if a comment remains on the site, it in no way constitutes an endorsement by Pamela Geller of the sentiments contained therein.
More than a decade after the Millennium Development Goals put maternal health under the spotlight, fistula remains a symptom and a symbol of poor obstetric care and the low status of women. Half of rural Nigerian women marry before 18 — a contributor to the incidence of fistula and maternal death. She also suffered a ruptured uterus and needed a double tubal ligation, meaning she will never again be able to have children. But, unfortunately, one anomaly does not disprove a massive convergence of evidence to suggest that dinosaurs (all dinosaurs) went extinct about 65 million years ago and never, ever, coexisted with humans.
I believed in Civil Rights, unlike most in the south in the 80’s, and I despised the democratic KKK that terrorized families. We knew there were children in our community needing stable homes and we chose to share our home with them. It had nothing to do with skin color, it was because they were children that needed a loving home. I guess you cannot dig deep enough to thank us for doing something you don’t have the guts to do yourself. We want to help, we have love to give, and this is one way we can do it while helping to decrease the homeless child population in our community. All of the children have been pre-teen to teenage, mostly boys, and have had a lot of baggage, but we just have them bring it in so we can help them sort it out! Our grown children love that we continue to open our home to children in need, and we don’t take skin color into consideration, ever! We have been truly blessed by adoption and fostering and I’m so thankful that you posted!
Like you, I am an adoptive parent and a current foster parent, hoping to adopt the 16 year old we have had in our home for a year.

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