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A week away from Christmas and I already opened my first present to myself this holiday season… the December Loot Crate!
A lot of December Loot Crates were sold because people were hankering for this Loot Crate Exclusive Pop! While I am not an active collector of comic books, I do love me a good exclusive variant cover, and this one is pretty sweet. Another Marvel offering (pictured here with a mini candy cane and December Loot Crate button), this air freshener is vanilla scented. What’s the only way to guarantee that you get each month’s crate filled with awesome exclusives and other stuff?

Considering I followed Loot Crate’s wishes and did not post until the date they asked (feel free to be upset with them for choosing the date), I would love to know where something wrong took place.
Enter your email address to subscribe to my blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. While not a strong exclusive, I like the fact that there are different ones that can be gotten… makes the collector in me want to catch them all. Featuring the cast of the Simpsons for their 25th Anniversary, I will put one of these suckers to the test when I take it on vacation with me to Walt Disney World next month. He also runs the Vinylmation Kingdom Custom Swaps and is the Press Reporter for such events like the NY Toy Fair and New York Comic Con.

Additionally, he is also an amateur puppeteer, avid movie goer, and carries his camera around wherever he goes.

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