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The other day, I wrote a blog post about the return of the twins of Sweet Valley High, which will be chronicled in a new book by SVH author Francine Pascal in March of next year. Tribute: I'm Still Missing Michael JacksonMichael was the epitome of an icon, yet he still remains a enigma. Rob Letterman is the man Sony has picked, and the choice suggests they’ll be sticking with the tongue-in-cheek tone of the books.
I feel like we’re still a few years out from some of the deeper-cut 90s IPs ripening for the big screen (or rather, that the audiences are ready for them), but Goosebumps is an easy sell at any point.
Thanks all, first day was great, very positive and my head is filled with about 865 bit of information and areas of focus. That is, they're ditching the branding and editorial focus that's been the standard at the company since late 2011, that manifested in an infamous hard reboot of DC Comics continuity.
And in a move that will have many readers sighing with relief, they promise less crossovers and event tie-in comics. The co-publishers are unequivocal about their audience goals for the relaunch: it's not just about getting more readers, it's about making books that appeal to demographics who have not previously been on DC's radar. A large part of casting that net is going to be taking risks, and you can clearly see those risks, and the widening of that net, in the 24 books launching from DC in June. Risk is often baked into the creation of a new lineup of books, or, at least, it's understood at the editorial level that some of the lineup will be swiftly cancelled. Though they may be committed to taking risks themselves, DC is taking steps to eliminate it for readers, with an unprecedented release of material for every one of their June issues. This week, Sir Paul McCartneya€™s son James revealed he and three other Beatles offspring are considering forming the next generation of the Fab Four. 1 ZAK (46)Zak, who uses Ringoa€™s original surname Starkey, followed his father into a career as a successful rock drummer. 2 JASON (44)Jason, who was seven when Maureen and Ringo divorced, has struggled to cope with being the child of rock royalty. 3 FRANCESCA (43)Film director Francesca a€” or officially the Countess Francesca Gregorin a€” is Ringoa€™s step-daughter through his second wife, American actress Barbara Bach, whom he married in 1981. 4 LEE (41)After leaving the private King Alfred School in Hampstead, North London, without getting any qualifications, Ringoa€™s only natural daughter worked at Tower Records before briefly enrolling in drama school. 5 GIANNI (39)When Ringoa€™s stepson Gianni was born, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and the doctors misdiagnosed him with cerebral palsy. 1 HEATHER (49)The oldest child of the wide-ranging McCartney clan, Heather is Sir Paula€™s adopted daughter from her mother Linda Eastmana€™s first troubled marriage to American geologist Melville See. 2 MARY (42)Paul and Lindaa€™s first biological child, Mary inherited her mothera€™s talents and followed her into photography. 3 STELLA (40)Fashion designer Stella was appointed creative director of Paris fashion house Chloe in 1997, before setting up her own eponymous label in 2001.
4 JAMES (34)Maccaa€™s only son, James McCartney has inherited his fathera€™s looks and love of music. 5 ARLEN (19)Paula€™s stepson from his latest marriage to the American trucking heiress Nancy Shevell, Arlena€™s father is her former husband, New York based lawyer Bruce Blakeman.
DHANI (33) The only child of Harrison and his Mexican-born second wife Olivia Arias, Dhani grew up at Georgea€™s gothic estate Friar Park in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. 1 JULIAN (48)Johna€™s son with his first wife Cynthia Powell was five when his parents divorced.
2 KYOKO (49)Lennona€™s stepdaughter from Yokoa€™s second marriage to the American artist Tony Cox.
3 SEAN (36)The product of Johna€™s marriage to Yoko Ono, Sean was five when his father died.
Mr Bruin often adds art supplies, pens and erasers or cleverly positioning his own hand in the photos to bring his illustrations to life.The 31-year-old calls the technique a€?anamorphosisa€™ but has refused to give further details about how he creates the mind-boggling images.
Warner Bros.Harley Quinn used to be a therapist, but now Margo Robbie is taking her turn to lie on the couch in a new promo for Suicide Squad. Delivering passionate and comprehensive entertainment coverage to millions of users world-wide each month. Special screening of "Tyler Perry's The Family That Prey's" in New YorkSally Struthers arrives for a special screening of "Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys" at the AMC Loews Lincoln Center in New York on September 8, 2008. The first annual TV Land Awards have gone into the books with a bevy of classic TV stars getting a moment in the sun. Sally Ann Struthers (born July 28, 1948) is an American actress and spokeswoman, best-known for her roles as Gloria Stivic on All in the Family, for which she won two Emmy awards, and as Babette on Gilmore Girls. In Five Easy Pieces (1970) she was in a nude sex scene with Jack Nicholson, but achieved fame as Gloria Stivic on the 1970s sitcom, All in the Family. With a history of reliable reporting dating back to 1907, today's UPI is a credible source for the most important stories of the day, continually updatedA A - a one-stop site for U.S. We understand that most people work for a living, so we are focused on giving you informative articles that can help you juggle work, life, and everything in between. A massive hit, the book series pulled from classic horror and scifi tales and ground them up into easily digested kid’s prose. The New 52 has been criticized for its lack of diversity both on the page and behind it, plagued by creator changes as numerous writers and artists quit, citing far-too-regular clashes with restrictive editorial oversight. Marvel, which has seen a young Muslim woman from Jersey City fill the boots (metaphorically) left behind by the original Ms. Events and crossovers are proven to bump sales in the short term, but, they say, too many events can hamstring character development.
We're giving everybody some running room to really be able to establish themselves, and to build themselves solid series." Allowing individual titles the time to "build" a sense of direction, a supporting cast and an independent audience is the foundation of this new DC Universe. The direct market for comics, long assumed to be "monolithic" (ie., young white men) is growing swiftly beyond those bounds in a way that can no longer be ignored. The New 52 launched with a very clear focus on homogeneity of tone and art across titles: characters were aged down, happy romances were stripped out, Superman lost his trunks, and characters settled in for what were predominantly serious-all-the-time crime fighting books.

The month of May will see the release of forty nine contained 8-page stories, one for each series that the company will be publishing in June, and the goal is to get them into as many hands as possible so people can sample before buying. For any long-time superhero comics reader, reboot fatigue is a real thing, and DC's relaunch is no exception. They are among 15 children and step-children John, Paul, George and Ringo had by eight women.
In 1987, at the age of 19, he was fined A?125 for stealing a car radio.A  Two years later, he twice appeared in court on drugs charges.
Just a year after her mothera€™s death, Lee collapsed and was diagnosed with a brain tumour. In fact, he turned out to be quite healthy.As with his sister Francesca, his father Augusto shared custody with former Bond girl Miss Bach. Heather a€” not to be confused with Maccaa€™s second wife Heather Mills, from whom he acrimoniously divorced in 2008 a€” spent her early years growing up in Tucson, Arizona. She was chosen by Tony and Cherie Blair to take the official first portraits of their son, Leo, in 2000.
Always the most outspoken sibling, she branded her father a a€?tight bastarda€™ for sending his children to their local comprehensive school. This week, the singer and guitarist played a sold out gig at Liverpoola€™s Cavern Club, where The Beatles originally made their name.Naturally shy, he avoided the limelight for years, working as a painter and decorator in Brighton. Arlen, who currently attends the prestigious Rollins College inA  Florida, took on the role of giving away his mother at her London wedding to McCartney seven months ago. Japanese-born Yoko left Cox for Lennon in 1969, and two years later, at the height of a custody battle, Kyokoa€™s father kidnapped his eight-year-old daughter and vanished to Los Angeles.
He was educated at Manhattana€™s private Dalton School and the Swiss Institut Le Rosey a€” reputedly the worlda€™s most expensive school with annual fees of A?60,000. I also experimented with light and with the correct light it appeared the drawing came off the paper.'Bruin developed the technique by studying airbrushing at the Airbrush Academie in Lelystad, The Netherlands, and continued through his own company, JJK Airbrush. Airing during the ESPYs, New England Patriots' Rob Gronkowski takes on the role of the therapist, channelling his inner Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel, with Robbie opening up about the film and her fellow cast members.
6 (UPI) -- Sally Struthers' lawyer has pleaded no contest on the TV actress' behalf to a charge of driving to endanger, Maine court documents show. 14 (UPI) -- Actress Sally Struthers has been released on $160 bail after she was arrested for suspicion of operating a car under the influence, police in Maine said. 29 (UPI) -- Sally Struthers has replaced fellow 1970s TV icon Penny Marshall in the new stage comedy "Sheldon & Mrs. Producer Norman Lear found the actress dancing on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, a counterculture variety show whose writing staff included Rob Reiner. This site is for those of you who like to get the best out of both worlds-personally and professionally. It is exciting and unnerving, a great opportunity and a huge change.As this decision and huge transition has been the focus of my life for the past several weeks, I have wanted to blog about it, and didn't know what to write.
The first Nielsen poll of DC's comic-buying audience showed that the rebranding had mostly increased sales from folks already reading DC books rather than grabbing new readers, and in the intervening years companies like Marvel and Image climbed the sales rankings with unexpected hits decidedly outside of the New 52's standard superhero mold.
That something else is another line of new books to shake up DC Comics publishing, but with a significantly different audience goal, an emphasis on character over continuity and a commitment to taking risks.
Character development and getting readers attached to the leads of new titles is the name of the game. DiDio and Lee want to get back to a place where crossovers and events are rare enough to feel special. Continuity, he says, is something the readership is too concerned about, citing the lead up to the New 52, when DC editors were peppered with questions about what parts of the old universe were still canon. There are readers who are ready to buy DC books, and DiDio says it's absolutely up to DC to take the initiative to attract them. Those new 24will be given free reign to "shake things up a bit" and introduce new "flavors" to DC's lineup. But a mere four years ago, DC execs and editors were laughing off fans' questions about diversity in front of entire rooms at San Diego Comic Con, if they deigned to answer them at all. In April 2006, he joined Oasis as their drummer.When his mother Maureen was diagnosed with leukaemia, Zak donated bone marrow and blood platelets, but she died of the disease in December 1994. A drummer like his dad, albeit less successful than his older brother, he has worked with various indie bands, including his own group Musty Jack Sponge And The Exploding Nudists. She was brought up in Rome, where she was educated at the Sacred Heart school until the age of eight. Her father flew her to Boston for a life-saving operation and radiotherapy treatment.But in 2001, the tumour returned and she was again treated in American hospitals. Following the collapse of her parentsa€™ marriage in 1965, Linda brought her daughter to Britain and started dating McCartney. She has also had her work exhibited at the National Portrait gallery and regularly works for society magazines Harpera€™s Bazaar and Vanity Fair. She also had a famously fraught relationship with former stepmother Paula€™s second wife Heather Mills.
In the weeks after his mother Lindaa€™s death, he moved back in with his father and the two men were even said to have shared a bedroom as they grieved.
He makes rare public appearances with his mother and stepfather at various New York events, and he was spotted dancing with the couple at a Lady Gaga gig just last year.6 BEATRICE (8)Paula€™s youngest daughter from his short-lived and troubled marriage to the model Heather Mills, Beatrice is named after her maternal grandmother.
Like his father, hea€™s a guitarist, but has struggled to make a success of his career in music, despite appearing alongside the likes of Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney at a tribute concert for George at the Albert Hall a year after his death from cancer in 2001.Dhani, who shares his late fathera€™s looks and love of motor racing, formed a band, thenewno2, in 2006.
While in hiding, Cox signed them both up to a Christian cult called The Living Word Fellowship, also known as The Walk. He later dropped out of New Yorka€™s Columbia University.He also followed a career in music and released his first solo album, Into The Sun, in 1998. She explains that they're more than just bad guys, describing them as being really "friendly", and says that while they do bend the rules, it's only because they want to win, praising the Squad's teamwork.

40,000+ articles posted by thousands of contributors spanning the entire cultural spectrum. A Soviet-led bloc of 15 nations, as well as Iran, Libya, Albania and Bolivia, boycotted the Games. UPI also provides insightful reports on key topics of geopolitical importance, including energy and security.
It became known as UPI after a merger with the International News Service in 1958, which was founded in 1909 by William Randolph Hearst. He’s also got some writing projects in the pipeline that have not gone into production as of yet.
But the House of Ideas has shown other commitments to diversity on the page by bringing back Runaways, with all-female Avengers and X-Men teams and with taking chances on a host of lady-led ongoings featuring the likes of Storm, Elektra, Black Widow and She-Hulk.
And while I agree that comics suffer when storyline trumps previously established character development, I think it's perfectly understandable to want to know how there could be four Robins if the present of the DC Universe was retconned to be only five years from the first appearance of Superman, or, in the same case, under what circumstances Bruce Wayne and Ra's al Ghul's daughter Talia would have conceived a son half a decade before he became Batman. Ming Doyle, James Tynion, IV and Riley Rossmo are all revitalizing Hellblazer together. DiDio says "We're encouraging our readers to download them and make them available to their clientele," which I would guess means that digital versions will be available DRM free.
The fact that they're being this candid about deliberately reaching out to women and (as is implied by the new titles) LGBTQ readers and readers of color is incredibly heartening. At the age of 19, he married Sarah Menedikes, his sweetheart of three years, and they have a 26-year-old daughter, wannabe musician Tatia. Having ditched her plans for a career in music, she is now a make-up artist and has been known to dabble with fashion design.
He later worked for his fathera€™s firm and is now a businessman based in Los Angeles, where his mother and step-father Ringo also live. After marrying Linda in 1969, Paul took action to legally adopt Heather as his own daughter. Her first marriage to television director and producer Alistair Donald a€” by whom she has two children, Arthur, 13, and nine-year-old Elliot a€” ended after seven years in 2005.In June 2010, she secretly married her filmmaker boyfriend Simon Aboud at Marylebone Register Office (even her father was not told until afterwards). After she separated from Macca in 2006, Miss Mills claimed a€?jealousa€™ Stella had tried to wreck the marriage, even scratching Heathera€™s face off a family photo.A close friend of Kate Moss, Stella married publisher Alasdhair Willis in a chapel on the Isle of Bute in 2003. James, who lives in a A?1.5a€‰million North London flat, played guitar on two of his fathera€™s records, Flaming Pie and Driving Rain.
In February, Macca made a public announcement that he was finally giving up cannabis so that he could be a better father to her. Cox says he escaped from the sect in 1977 and then enrolled the young Kyoko at Walter Reed Junior High School in Hollywood.After Lennona€™s death, a teenage Kyoko sent her mother a telegram of condolence. Three years ago, he launched his band The Ghost Of A Sabre Tooth Tiger with his girlfriend, U.S. The video is accompanied by some clips from the movie, showing off the skills of Deadshot and El Diablo. Actress Candice Azzara had played the role of Gloria in a pilot episode, but was soon dropped. Image Comics has been so successful at producing the industry's biggest creator-owned series (like Bitch Planet and Saga) that last week they announced that they'll simply be increasing overall print runs in the future to make sure that stores aren't running out so often.
And a crazier lineup full of comedy as well as adventure, not to mention books for teens and maybe even kids is almost as exciting.
Ita€™s a total pain.a€™ Jason and his long-term partner, fashion designer Flora Evans, live in London and have three sons, Louie, 12, Sonny, nine, and two-year-old Rock. The remainder of Francescaa€™s childhood was blighted by the drink and drug addictions of the couple. Schooled by private tutors while following her parents around the world with McCartneya€™s band Wings, Heather was eventually enrolled in secondary school at Thomas Peacocke Comprehensive in Rye, East Sussex, staying close to the family home. It was the venue where her parents wed 41 years earlier and where Paul married Nancy Shevell last year. They have four children, their sons Miller, seven, and Beckett, four, as well as daughters Bailey, five, and Reiley, one.
He was not named in Johna€™s will, and it took 16 years and the threat of court action to persuade her to give him a share of Lennona€™s A?200a€‰million fortune.
But despite Yoko writing an open letter to her daughter, Kyoko did not agree to meet her mother again until 1997.
With just a few weeks until the film's release, it seems that marketing is going to really ramp up a notch or two, hence the NFL tie-in here. There will be ongoing titles for Bizarro, the Midnighter (a vanishingly rare example of a solo comic title for a gay male character), a team made entirely of Robins and a teenage girl who becomes president of the United States, in what is actually a throwback to a little known DC title from 1973.
Mother and daughter are now said to be close.Kyoko, who shuns publicity, is a teacher in America and married to a lawyer called Jim.
Previously he dated Mick Jaggera€™s daughter Elizabeth and Bijou Phillips, the daughter of John Phillips of Sixties group The Mamas And The Papas.
However, it is a pretty fun video, which is just another example of the tone of the film, which should have some real humour in it, and of how perfect the casting of Robbie as Harley Quinn is.
Later she travelled to Mexico and spent several months living among the native Huichol and Tarahumara tribes. Now divorced (as of January 19, 1983), they had one child together, Samantha Struthers Rader. On her return home, she took up pottery and was acclaimed by Wedgwood as a€?one of Britaina€™s most exciting new talentsa€™.Two years after losing her mother to breast cancer in April 1998, her natural father, who was said never to have got over his divorce from Linda, killed himself.

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