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If you like your summer reading to take you beyond the beaten path, librarian Nancy Pearl is here to help. Never heard of this company, but books look very interesting and just what I was looking for. Seattle-based Sasquatch Books is one of the country's leading independent publishers, known for its innovative and eclectic list of nonfiction books featuring authors such as Nancy Pearl, Lynda Barry, and Art Wolfe, and top-selling titles in food & wine, travel, and gardening. Event Registration has been temporarily closed while system maintenance is being performed.

TTY SERVICEFor instructions on how to use TTY Services, please go to the Washington Relay website. NPR's go-to books guru joins us once again to share "under the radar" reads a€” books she thinks deserve more attention than they've been getting. Pearl talks with NPR's Steve Inskeep about some of the titles she picked out for the summer reading season a€” several of which will make you reconsider the way you think about maps. When you read this book, your definition, your thinking about what a map is, is just totally expanding because of the kinds of things T.S.

He maps almost anything that you can think of a€” sound quality as it travels through the Montana countryside where he and his mother and father and older sister live. When I go back and think about this book, this is a book about fathers and sons, and this is a book about sons trying not to disappoint their fathers.

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