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It’s easy to see why John Wayne?s Sherriff Chance has his eye on Dickinson’s dance hall queen in this 1959 Western. A review of real estate investment opportunities shows that some of the best opportunities may be headed South. The five other cities that fill-out the top ten rankings are first place winner, Las Vegas, Detroit (No. David Hicks, co-president of HomeVestors, noted that the list can be used by investors looking to expand or start their single family rentalportfolio. HomeVestors and Local Market Monitor estimate that approximately 14 percent of single-family homes in the U.S. All opinions expressed on USDR are those of the author and not necessarily those of US Daily Review. November 13, 2013 by EmanuelLevy Leave a Comment The stakes have never been higher for Katniss Everdeen.
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire follows on the heels of 2012’s blockbuster cinematic success, The Hunger Games – and takes the worldwide phenomenon sparked by Suzanne Collins’ best-selling books into a new chapter that deepens the story and propels it forward. Less than a year later, as the filmmakers returned to bring the second book of Collins’ trilogy to life on screen, they had no intention of resting on those considerable laurels.
With a story that thrusts Katniss into a second Hunger Games she never saw coming, the film took cast and crew into previously unexplored emotional and technical territory. As Katniss and her fellow Tribute, Peeta, go on a Victors’ Tour through Panem’s districts, and then are reaped for games creatively designed to be their destruction, the filmmakers saw an exciting opportunity to push the storytelling, and the characters, while staying true to what Collins set off in the global imagination. Lionsgate’s President of Production Erik Feig adds: “Catching Fire is a very different story from The Hunger Games. As Panem is slowly revealed to be on a collision course with change in Catching Fire, so too does Katniss stand at the boundary of the hesitant girl she was and the young woman she will become. The events of The Hunger Games took Katniss Everdeen to what she thought were her ultimate physical and emotional limits, and all she wanted in the aftermath was to finally be home with her family and best friend, Gale Hawthorne.

Now, when she is reaped a second time for the 75th Hunger Games, all of that takes Katniss to a new place in her mind and her soul. Returning in the role is Jennifer Lawrence, whose career has soared since The Hunger Games, and who recently won the Best Actress Oscar, among other awards, playing the complicated widow Tiffany Maxwell in David O.
Lawrence loved creating the character for the first time on screen and in Catching Fire, she took the sometimes selfless, often cunning young woman she has embodied through dark, confusing times and evolved her to a new level of strength and maturity. As a victor, Katniss had been promised a lifetime free of being reaped for the games ever again. Diving back into the depths of the role, Lawrence was acutely aware that Katniss is trying to come to terms with all that she has experienced and achieved, and just as much with newfound fame and its seeming ability to wreak havoc.
Katniss is also faced with an increasingly complex relationship with her fellow Tribute, Peeta Mellark, with whom she is now pegged as an item, replete with lavish wedding plans, in the Capitol’s PR blitz – despite her unrequited feelings for Gale back at home. These Games are also different for Katniss, in part because she is now a veteran who goes into them with her eyes wide open to the threats.
Like Katniss, Lawrence threw herself right back into intensive training for these even more physically demanding games, spending hours on the archery range and honing an array of free-running skills to new levels. The intense process of entering Katniss’ weighted soul and ever-intensifying dilemmas was supported throughout by director Francis Lawrence (no relation).
Francis Lawrence was in turn enthralled with Jennifer’s unwavering commitment to doing justice to Katniss in this new phase of her life.
The sultry actress wore lots of lacy undergarments designed by Margaret Best, the film’s costume designer. It seems it was only yesterday that Katniss was battling to outlast her tyrannized nation’s infamous gladiatorial competition. Critically acclaimed, the first film introduced audiences to the intriguing dystopian culture of Panem, where every year 12 oppressed districts send a teenage boy and girl to compete in a contest of sheer survival in the nation’s glittering Capitol.
They dove into a new phase of Panem’s history and Katniss’ ever more dizzying moral dilemmas with the same faithfulness to the narrative that has guided them from the start – and a desire to go the next step.

Katniss is thrust, literally, into a higher arena, and we see not only pressure mounting on her, but also the scope of her caring for others broadening.
As defiant and fiercely independent as ever, her journey in Catching Fire becomes about grappling with the dual nature of heroism – its burdens and its power. This time the battle terrain is also new and unchartered – as well as mind-boggling to Katniss. Academy Award® winner Jennifer Lawrence brought to life the story’s reluctant 16 year-old heroine, Katniss, as she persevered through impossible choices in the Hunger Games arena – revealing a passionate connection with her character. She is now a different person – a girl haunted by memories, by the continuing control of her life by the Capitol, by the persistent threats that remain to her loved ones. Each Quarter Quell – which every 25 years marks the Capitol’s triumphant defeat over the rebelling Districts – the games get special instructions, and this year they say that the competition will take place between former victors, a move Katniss suspects is aimed at her. The rankings also serve as a guide for investors in determining how much to pay for rentalproperty. Every day on this film she was surprising us, every day she was able to go a little further or bring another dimension to Katniss. Not only is she the Capitol’s celebrated “Girl on Fire” but she is becoming an inspirational symbol to some and a dangerous enemy to others. Throughout, it was fascinating to watch Jennifer, because playing Katniss is so natural for her.

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