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ST: For the naming conventions in EMBER, as well as the system of social stratification, I was inspired by the Juleo-Claudian era of Ancient Rome. With novel-writing, one is usually utterly alone, at least, until the book is picked up for publication. ST: I’ve been most surprised by how much effort goes into the publication of a work of fiction. A THE LOVELY BOOKS Web dedicada a informarte de las ultimas noticias de tus libros favoritos y sus adaptaciones al cine y la television. Si quieres que te mandemos un e-mail semanalmente con las ultimas noticias de la web, ?suscribete!
Como cualquier madre, Joey (Brie Larson) se dedica enteramente al cuidado de su hijo Jack (Jacob Tremblay), un nino de cinco anos, al que cria para que sea feliz y este seguro, haciendo las cosas tipicas como jugar o contar historias.
Varios dias despues de conocer revelaciones trascendentales, Tris debe escapar con Cuatro y los demas, y llevar a cabo un gran desafio: descubrir que hay al otro lado de la muralla. Como ya os comentamos ayer en twitter, el equipo de La Quinta Ola anuncio que hoy saldria otro trailer y aqui lo teneis. Hace apenas unas horitas Sony ha revelado 3 nuevos Stills de La Quinta Ola donde podemos ver a Cassie, Zombie, Evan, Sammy y el padre de Cassie y Sammy.

Parece que hemos pasado de no tener noticias a que nos las den todas de golpe, hace unos dias os hablabamos de que habia salido el primer trailer de la pelicula y hoy mismo han sacado el poster! The expanding Young Adult (YA) audience: More and more adults are reading YA books, as the audience for these stories expands. The year of dystopian fiction: With best-selling series like The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner, readers can’t seem to get enough of fiction that suggests the future may be worse than the present. A focus on popular characters – from all media: Kids love to read books about characters they know and recognize from books, movies and television shows.
Blackcliff was in large part inspired by the ancient Spartan agoge—the system the Spartans used to train their young boys into super soldiers. I’m listening to a ton of Little May right now—she has a very soulful voice and I’d love to see her get more popular. I am in awe of the team at Penguin Young Readers—so many people, so many man-hours, so much thought and care goes into each and every book. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby. Como sabreis, la adaptacion llega a nuestros cines el proximo 29 de enero, unas dos semanas despues que en USA.

Ya las hemos anadido a la galeria, podeis verlas en tamano completo clickando encima de la foto. Tenemos contacto con varias editoriales, las cuales puedes encontrar en nuestro sidebar bajo el título editoriales colaboradoras.
Titles centered around those popular characters (like Fancy Nancy, David Shannon’s “David,” or Toy Story characters) are top sellers. People often refer to news stories as “the first draft of history.” News articles are written swiftly, while the writer is on deadline.
The goal is to report the facts and make the story both objective and interesting to readers.
As a debut author, you don’t have an editor to hold you accountable, which means you have to be disciplined about organizing your time.
You are also often working with others—fellow reporters, editors, designers, photographers.

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