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CoverJunction is the place for creating, sharing and discovering the highest-quality Facebook Covers online. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. At last month’s New York Toy Fair 2014, Hasbro made a ton of upcoming products official that many collectors already knew to be in the pipeline from leaked retailer lists, including the Marvel Infinite Series 2 lineup of action figures! I’m not sure why Hasbro feels that the Marvel Universe Beta Ray Bill figure needs to be reissued as part of Marvel infinite Series 2, to be honest. Just as we saw at the 2014 Toy Fair International, the new Avengers Infinite Series 2 Beta Ray Bill action figure looks unchanged from its original release.
Unfortunately, I expect this Avengers Infinite Series Red She-Hulk to be another one-per-case figure, but I doubt she’ll be the total pain to find at retail as the Wasp figure will be. The Marvel Universe Yellowjacket figure makes its return as part of Avengers Infinite Series Wave 2 as well. Somebody at Hasbro finally had the epiphany that Hasbro could sell collectors who already have a ton of Thor action figures another one just by sculpting a new head, and thus the Marvel Infinite Series Wave 2 Thor figure was born. Steve Rogers is a pretty boring reissue to be sure, as he seems to be identical to the Marvel Universe Steve Rogers Super-Soldier release. The Marvel Infinite Series Steve Rogers should sell well in stores due to all of the hype from the Captain America The Winter Soldier movie.

I like the shiny silver and green paint that Hasbro used for Whirlwind, and now that Hasbro has sculpted that buzz-saw blade arms, I wonder if we might see the Daredevil Gladiator villain appear in the Marvel Infinite Series in the next year or so as well?
Now that you’ve seen the final packaged photos of all seven action figures that make up the Avengers Marvel Infinite Series 2 lineup, what do you think, Marvel collectors?
Can somebody please tell me what the deal is with hasbro not releasing product for pre order??? Disappointing that the YJ figure doesn’t include a mini (shrunk) version of himself this time around, like the Wasp. It looks like the horns on Beta Ray’s helmet have been scaled up a notch from the MU version but I could be wrong.
I have way too much hope this line will include more second and third rate characters… Whoever at Hasbro that makes these decisions needs a pay raise and a company G6. While we already knew they were coming before the 2014 Toy Fair, we got to see them for the first time last month. Though he’s appeared a few times recently in Kieron Gillen’s so-so run on the Marvel NOW!
For hardcore Marvel fans (and Transformers fans), the Marvel Infinite Series Death’s Head figure is easily the most exciting figure released thus far in the Marvel Universe 2014 scale. Aftermarket prices for the MU Beta Ray Bill are still pretty cheap, and the character doesn’t have any real relevancy to anything go on right now in the Marvel Universe comics or movies.

I thought that the Red She-Hulk comic book was underrated, and I actually like the look of this 4″ Red She-Hulk figure a lot more than I did her Marvel Legends Red She-Hulk counterpart. Though the original MU Yellowjacket action figure hasn’t been setting the world ablaze with its desirability, this edition is actually a repaint that looks vastly better than the gold Yellowjacket figure we got in the Marvel Universe line. I was shocked to learn that some people think that Whirlwind has a goofy-looking costume and character design, but thanks to his reputation as a long-time Avengers villain (and first-time Hasbro release in toy form!), I think Whirlwind will do just fine at retail. Will you be picked up any (or all!) of Marvel Infinite Series Wave 2 when it hits stores later this spring? I mean dang, the new star wars black series has yet to make even a peep as well as these new avengers infinite. Deaths Head and Whirlwind should be obvious pick ups for most collectors other than that the only thing else I see worth getting hear is that shiny silver pistol! And now Hasbro has sent out hi-res images of the series, giving our best look yet at Marvel Avengers Infinite Series Wave 2 Death’s Head, Whirlwind, Red She-Hulk and more!
The MU Steve Rogers action figure came with a black pistol, so this is like an all-new figure… from a certain point of view.

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