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Mutants, monsters and warriors adorn our pick of the best covers of January 2014 as Best Comic Book Covers Ever returns. A very effective juxtaposition of Wonder Woman’s mythological roots and her current idiom. The covers for Three have all been very striking, and impressive in their ability to evoke the style and colors of ancient Greek pottery while presenting a more visceral modern aesthetic.
When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. When it comes to getting publicity for books, an author can’t put all his or her eggs in one basket.
Semifinalists – (Announced July 1, 2014) If your book passes the “pre-screening” round it will become a “Semifinalist”.
Finalists – (Announced September 1, 2014) The top five books in each category will become Finalists. Winners – (Announced October 1, 2014) The top book in each category will be named the winner and receive the prize package (listed below).
Posted in Best Kindle Book Award, Contests and tagged A Writer's Life, Contests, Indie Writers on April 2, 2014 by michaelwp. Margaret – I think I misread your comment and just realized it after I responded to another commenter. I think the reason this contest has this requirement is because the organization doesn’t have a huge staff.
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The aesthetic is well established by now — thick Mignola shadows splashed with violence and horror. He gets it all in there: the vertiginous height, the action, and the  revealing body language of the characters.
And while the biggest thing going on in my world right now is the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest, it would take a little bit of luck to go win it. In this round, KBR is looking for books with a compelling book description, but more importantly, books that “grab them from the beginning”. A maximum of 20 books per category will make it to this round where KBR reviewers will read the entire manuscript. When I tried to upload my manuscript using the same version I uploaded to Amazon for the Kindle edition, I keep getting a message that says it only accepts Mobi. Are you saying that you never created a .MOBI file to begin with and that you uploaded a Word or PDF to Amazon which took care of the conversion?
They can’t handle the volume of conversions they would need to do if people submitted various forms of documents. I will try your suggestion and email the guy who is running the contest (if I can figure out who that is). Anka and Fletcher have struck a great balance here, with a distinctive and versatile design that still leaves plenty of room for dynamic action. Every artist’s challenge is to honor the look while bringing something of themself, and Abluquerque can be relied on to do exactly that.
This is a beautifully textured image, overexposed in a way that captures the fleeting, liminal nature of the moment, and the figure is well placed to provide the appearance of movement.

Receive: [1 Monthly Email] + [Cover Reveals, Giveaways, New Novel Alerts] + [Provoke Not The Children excerpt]. Wes Craig has departed from all the obvious choices, and provided not just an overview of the cast, but a sense of their relationships. But I thought the entry cost was low enough, the prizes large enough, and a win something I could utilize well-enough in future marketing campaigns to warrant an entry.
Without seeing the file, I can’t really venture a guess as to why that would be if it works just fine on the Kindle.
I’m assuming you uploaded a Word file or PDF file to CreateSpace and Amazon did the conversion for you? I heard about it largely because I’m a huge fan of Hugh Howey (all the campaigning he does on behalf of self-published writers, that is. My suggestion would be to use a free program (well, you get a 30-day trial for free) of Scrivener. Find a couple YouTube videos and a few articles that explain the process, and then give yourself 10 hours over a weekend to fight through the frustrations. You can do it and it’s very liberating when you finally pull off a version that shows well on a Kindle.

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