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I had an Henry Repeating Arms version of the AR-7 (the originals were produced by Armalite).
If your unfamiliar with the AR-7, all the components pack inside of the butt stock of the weapon. Given a major natural disaster, terrorist attack, or even a cataclysmic financial implosion, what are the few things you would stake your life on in a grab-and-go bag? Personally, the first things I want to secure in a survival scenario are items to address my most immediate threats, namely the environment itself. A fixed blade knife, like this 5″ flat ground 1095 carbon steel RAT-3 from Ontario Knife Company, will most likely be your most important survival weapon.
Folding knives can make worthy low weight additions to any emergency kit, but I find a relatively small fixed blade in a quick-access sheath is optimum for survival situations.
SW Model 22a (here in camo) would make a great semi-automatic survival weapon in combination with a rifle also in .22 LR.
I really want a couple weapon options in case I meet up with some guys who want my shoes or sleeping bag.
When it comes to firearms and the light-fighting, traveling survivor, size and weight matter.
North American Arms are small and easy to conceal, and revolvers are known for their reliability. The downfall of that little revolver is that it’s not very fast to draw and shoot, especially when you have to cock the hammer first. A few years ago Henry Rifles came out with the US Survival rifle an upgrade of the AR7.  That gun is super light. Over the last year I have reviewed four distinctly different take-down firearms that can each fill a unique niche stuffed in different types of bug out bags ranging from big power, lightweight and ultra light design, and reliable utility.
Originally developed by Armalite, then poorly produced and riddled by problems when produced by Charter Arms and then Survival Arms, the AR-7 design has now been rescued by Henry Repeating Arms who has updated this historic design. Henry has worked hard to overcome the AR-7’s historical reliability issues caused by the previous manufacturers.
The Pack Rifle makes you immediately think of the James Bond Villain, the Man with the Golden Gun. The bottom line is that this is the most durable semi-auto .22 LR take-down rifle you can own with an optional 25-round magazine. The .22LR is an under-rated round and can take surprisingly large game with proper shot placement. The Mossberg JIC II is simply a pistol gripped Mossberg 500 series 6-shot pump action shotgun with an improved cylinder choke.

Pack a 50 round over the shoulder bandoleer ammo carrier packed with a variety of rounds, and you will have plenty of ammo for almost any situation. Put a Shrader valve stem on the screw on cap end, pump in a little air and dunk it in your flat checker tank.
This weapons presents some compromises for survivalists who desire its reliability and concealability in this prep. This is a great lightweight option for those that work around water or feel the need to have multi-round capability.
The single shot Pack Rifle is made a very light 15.5 oz with the help of aircraft aluminum, carbon fiber, and limited use of stainless steel in strategic areas. In addition to being insanely light, the Pack Rifle is a take-down design that stows in only 17” of space with very little bulk, which is perfect for packing.
The receiver section is stored in one side with plenty of room left even if a standard sized scope is attached.
The significant difference of the JIC II is a case that holds the shotgun in a disassembled state with barrel and pistol grip removed for carry compliance in almost any state.
For many, a 12 gauge pump action shotgun represents the pinnacle of a survival or defense firearm. If you’re in bear country or a potential defensive situation, I would pick the Mossberg JIC II in a heartbeat. Pop off the buttpad, pull out a magazine, the action, and barrel, and screw it all together. Henry has packed a heck of a lot of utility into a very light firearm, but it’s a unique design which feels more or less like a full-sized rifle and yet unnaturally light. A single shot?” But in the realities of an outdoor survival situation, there is no need to fend off a giant horde with an hour of sustained fire. The Pack Rifle shot from the bench is by far the most accurate of all the guns here, though not the easiest to shoot accurately.
It can be assembled and shot in less than two seconds because it can be assembled with a magazine loaded. The other consideration is that you will need to assure you are carrying a variety of birdshot, buckshot, BB, and slugs to get the versatility of the shotgun that it can deliver. If you’re into some lightweight hiking or hunting, the Pack Rifle would be the perfect option or even a ultralight backup to a carried shotgun or rifle.
It was developed to be used in their survival if they were shot down or had to punch out of the aircraft. You don't want to clear a malfunction when trying to defend yourself or miss out on a meal because of a jam.

In under a minute, you have a working, semi-auto 8-shot firearm all without the need for secondary storage and it floats which is a huge plus for the boaters. A simple red dot mounted on top would be perfect; however, that requires an optional scope mount. The newer JIC II series takes the concept a step further with a simple 5.11 cordura pack-based carry solution.
In the wild, a hunting target will rarely give you the opportunity for a second shot, so you might as well make it count with a single shot rifle. The barrel is a precision match grade button rifled Cro-Moly liner with a carbon fiber composite outer. However I was able to modify a small hex wrench to fit in the handle with the ammo, and the rifle does include a full set of hex wrenches. DONOT put dessicant in it, you know them little packages of white grainy material, because it will then attract water if you ever do get a leak. Another issue is that it requires rounded nosed projectiles versus the "flat front" projectiles commonly used in .22 ammunition. This is a backup survival rifle so light that it makes it easy to be packed on every outdoor trek. Again, this is a survival hunting gun that I keep in my BOB with the purpose of small game hunting, I would not depend on it for defense unless I had nothing else. I adjusted (flared) the slot where the magazine lock fits and solved of that issue.Then the next to last round would fail to feed. It seemed the last round was not being held down properly by the spring on the side of the magazine. I did manage to get both old 36 grain Federal HPs and newer 40 grain round nose CCIs to cycle equally well. I removed the spring and adjusted it to be a little more aggressive and the rifle now cycles as it should by hand. I will take it back to the range soon to test it under fire.I was pleasantly surprised with its good accuracy and hope to have lots of fun teaching the grandkids to shoot with it. After I am sure it will be reliable I plan to give it a camo treatment to make it look a little less like a toy.I have wanted one of these little rifles for decades and am happy to finally have one.

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